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Yeah, sorry about that. I need to recompile with an updated Android SDK, I'd also like to switch it to a single IAP for noAds and full game like our other titles. No date as of right now, I'm somewhat busy with my day job :) 

Thanks! You are the rosebud of reviewers 

Using lua it seems only the final ruleset is exported. I'm making somewhat complicated rules before then that would be good to have in the final export since my map generator only exports 0 or 1. 

Sorry, it would be hard to uncouple the mobile version from the libraries it uses for displaying ads and IAP for buying it. I'll think about this for future releases though!

I'd download it first and try it. It does run on my Win11 setup, but it's pretty old code.


Thanks for the high praise!

happy to help… adding

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Maybe try these steps:

Apple has changed their signing policy after we released this game, so you may have to turn off some settings to get it to run :(

Apple has changed their signing policy after we released this game, so you may have to turn off some settings to get it to run :(

Hey thanks! Not much changed code-wise... Windows then, windows now. :) 

Yeah, there's a tutorial part that covers it, but sometimes you can blow past it :)  

Just tap on the dice to swap weapons

Nice game, could work really well on mobile.

You are the second BK person on this board. Glad you found us and hope you like it!

Thanks! Glad it's bringing back some memories!

I had totally forgotten that we did a deal with “The King.” I have one of those Burger King CD-ROMs somewhere. I should post a bunch of pictures. 

Very cute! Nice work

Hey! Thanks!


You did. Excellent work.

That made my day. Thanks for posting!

Wow. Solid entry. Lots to love here... Would make a great mobile "chill" game. Keep it up! 

Looks great!


Yep. One of the hard spots in a 7-day challenge, not enough play testing! I'm sure we'll do a post-jam version fixing some of those issues. 

Masks, helmets and tanks all decrease your O2 use and blue power up refill your O2 meter. It’s the rough equivalent of food in a Roguelike game. 

Great entry! I would like to see more puzzle-y items like doors, one way tiles, etc. if you continue with it.

Thanks again. Yeah, Shift + # drops something from your inventory. We wanted to play with a limited inventory idea and I think that worked in the sense of really making decisions on what you roll with. 



Yep. 16 Wins the game... Not too many people get there.

Our engine is getting a Linux port and we'll push a Linux version when that's complete.

Thanks. From a little mobile Baseball game I'm working on. Also picked up your Tomorow Night font. Great work as well.

That was fast. Fixed for me... Looks great in-game BTW.

Hi! Great font, but the default line height seems to be off which makes my engine unhappy. 

Wow that's great. Yeah, I could not find the original. It was a combination of FruityLoops and ACID Pro and it's probably on a CD somewhere.

Thanks for the memories!

Thanks! I didn’t know itch did a feature. Bummer on the link, but I think people will find it. 

Thanks! I wanted something visually simple where I could focus on the game vs. graphic content.