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Hey! Thanks!


You did. Excellent work.

That made my day. Thanks for posting!

Wow. Solid entry. Lots to love here... Would make a great mobile "chill" game. Keep it up! 

Looks great!


Yep. One of the hard spots in a 7-day challenge, not enough play testing! I'm sure we'll do a post-jam version fixing some of those issues. 

Masks, helmets and tanks all decrease your O2 use and blue power up refill your O2 meter. It’s the rough equivalent of food in a Roguelike game. 

Great entry! I would like to see more puzzle-y items like doors, one way tiles, etc. if you continue with it.

Thanks again. Yeah, Shift + # drops something from your inventory. We wanted to play with a limited inventory idea and I think that worked in the sense of really making decisions on what you roll with. 



Yep. 16 Wins the game... Not too many people get there.

Our engine is getting a Linux port and we'll push a Linux version when that's complete.

Thanks. From a little mobile Baseball game I'm working on. Also picked up your Tomorow Night font. Great work as well.

That was fast. Fixed for me... Looks great in-game BTW.

Hi! Great font, but the default line height seems to be off which makes my engine unhappy. 

Wow that's great. Yeah, I could not find the original. It was a combination of FruityLoops and ACID Pro and it's probably on a CD somewhere.

Thanks for the memories!

Thanks! I didn’t know itch did a feature. Bummer on the link, but I think people will find it. 

Thanks! I wanted something visually simple where I could focus on the game vs. graphic content.

Those are texture artifacts from being increased in size. I have to re-process the textures to fix. When I get a free moment I will do just that. Thanks for the screenshot!


You are probably right. Will take a look.

5th track on this...

Music is by Juhani Junkala... some music of his here

Ahh... I see what you mean. Hard to explain, but you "walk" the grid from each direction-- N S E & W and count how many items are the same. if you get to three, then you mark all of them to be deleted.

Maybe read this...

(1 edit)

Um? Do you mean this.... ?

Thanks. I think I spent a little too much time on the visuals and should have worked on the base game play a bit more.


Thanks! working on updates as I type this.

Yeah. It was a bad idea to drop that I’m at the last minute.  You are right, music or ambient would have been a better choice. 

Thanks! Yours is great too.

Very nice. Lot's of polish and the descriptions of the items were very well done. Love the use of the 1-bit tiles to build basically a UI

Nice job! I liked the use of the RPG set and the custom lighting.

Nice! Good use of the assets and solid entry.

Nice entry. Liked the idea of different curses having effects... Couldn't really tell if they were stacked like Rogue Legacy or not. Also liked the big maps, but would have liked to see more decorations and "mario jump" on monsters to kill them--but hey, it's juts 48 hours. 

Good work!

Lovely! Best looking Kenney Jam  game I've played so far.

What a wild ride. Love the fact you did a character generator.

Gameplay was solid for sure. Good job!

Funny concept. Took me a bit to realize how the 1-player concept worked. I'd suggest speeding up the steps, but otherwise solid entry!