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Thanks! I do get email all the time from people who remember playing the game as kids. Ed and I weren’t much older when me made it, a few years out of college at most.

Thanks! Yep, I've started monster classes. They track the player differently, but all play cards the same.

Should be pretty simple to have animals stay on lower card values and have other monsters, playe more like "house" dealers.

I want to do little playing cards that have monster stats on them. So a RAT's hit count is capped at 14 or something. I think i also need to move to an HP system so you have more life to play with...

All great suggestions!

Got it. This new version should force an attack if a monster tries to move to a spot the rogue occupies. 

Added the WSAD keys for control as well until I figure out the issue :)

Thanks for the note. I'm working on some updates and hope to flesh it out to basic rogue-like gameplay...


Posted a new version. Fixed a missing file that was making the game think it was the demo version. Give it a shot again...

Ha! Yeah, we probably should have included a tutorial on how to play BlackJack :) 

Very cool. Like the look and feel a lot.

I've been thinking of a few different things. 

First would be moving to an HP system--give the hero 10HP and monsters a lower HP. That would give you a head start in the beginning for sure.

Second, I could have them play poorly... take a random number of cards, don't take enough cards, stack the deck with low cards, etc. Bosses could play better--or even cheat.

Third, in true rogue-like fashion, I could give the monsters a chance to successfully attack, so even if they win, they may not do damage.

Open to ideas as well :)

Good idea. A draw should end with no damage. 

If I had another day or so, I would have done a couple enemy classes and had easy/hard/boss monsters and had them pursue you, but alas it was a jam.

Great feedback though, I may clean the project up and re-release with some more features. 

This is a game jam game, so it's a bit unfinished... I'll post bug fixes though.

Yeah. I had the monsters chase you down,  but then you die in like 6 battles on average. The game needs some sort of difficulty curve.

Pretty nifty.  Controls were solid and it had a good aesthetic.



An update just under the wire. Fixes a few things and adds progression as you descend into the dungeons.


Updated with a little more polish...

The gold font is a little messed up... I'll try to fix before the cutoff tomorrow AM.

I am so sorry. Somehow I missed this comment... Let me look into what’s going on. Maybe there’s an an issue with the build... if it doesn’t work, happy to refund whatever you paid for this “pay what you want” game. 

Hey. I’m just now seeing this, I don’t know what is going on, but I will look into it. The files for the game are all there, so it’s got to be another issue. 

Typically what we do is post our starting template on GitHub, so anyone who wants to use our blank project can feel free. Also serves as a nice "baseline" for what got finished during the jam.

Here's our template for the CoronaSDK...

These are great!

Thanks! We have an update for it that we need to get ported over to itch... 

Yep... It's the whole thing. The graphics/music on the original CD-ROM were uncompressed, so it shrunk nicely.

Super interesting!


Will do!

It could... I have a few other platforms ahead of that on the list. 

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People, we were so late getting this version of the game up, but it's here, now.


Great addition to the PICO-8!



I would totally recommend downloading it before you donate anything to make sure it works with your setup. This game hasn't be re-compiled since 2004  :)

Good to know... I think there's tablet or two around the office, I'll try one out and see if I can reproduce. Glad we got it figured out.

You can also control the mouse pointer in the weapons workbench with the joystick... Do you have a joystick plugged in that might be active? It feels like this could be the culprit. The mouse works everywhere else right?

If not, I'm sure I can put in an option to ignore all joystick input. In the mean time, happy to refund your purchase until we figure it out.

V ersion 1.1.1 is now the live branch! Enjoy!

This should all be fixed!