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Mac 1.1 build is coming soon!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, just put it in big picture mode before you launch.

If you have Steam installed (which I know may be a dirty word here)  it will use the  Big Picture mode resolution, so you can just set it once.  Our engine doesn't support resolution switching, but we'll put in a feature request.

Thanks! We will give it a watch. 

Thanks! He pushed a bunch of people to the game.,..

That's right, SKIPCHASER is leaving Early Access June 4th, after about 16 months and 40+ public builds. The second Release Candidate is currently in public beta and we will spend the upcoming weekend playing and bug fixing for a Tuesday launch.

The price will remain at $4.99 USD (or local equivalent) and has 10 missions spanning 60+ levels. Our best guess at gameplay is probably 7 to 8 hours before the missions start recycling.


It's all good. We watched and laughed, and watched some more. 

Thanks for the feedback! We're working on some updates that will make it more accessible...

Thanks so much!

Awesome play! Thanks!

Awesome. Thanks so much... We tweeted a link!

Makes sense... Doing it now!

Awesome stuff as usual.

Perfect as usual. Love the use of dithering and vector elements....

I do development sometimes on my Macbook Air and it runs fine at the native 1280x720 screen resolution at 60FPS. If you hook it into a 4k monitor it will lag, but at lower resolutions it's fine.

We even had a build running on a iPad Air at GDC with a bluetooth controller. :)

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We wrapped the #LudumDare38 game jam a couple of weeks ago and are back at SKIPCHASER Update #5. Almost half-way to the full release. Act 1 polish and the stat of Act 2 content is on the way, as well as a few new features including the Armor Workbench...

No promises on how much of this will get pulled into the next release, but we're excited to keep the ball rolling. We also getting a decent ammount of feedback on what we can be doing better, so keep the bug/feature reports coming.

If you can't wait for this next release, check out our free jam game Flat Earths for a little multiplayer action!

The fine folks at Stumpt gave us a 4 player death-o-gasm playthrough... starts at 15:53...

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Randomise User gave us a jolly good playing...

Great concept! I really dig everything about this game.

You should post your LD entry page on here :)

yes. this bots have.

Not much to say. Oh wait, we added a whole new mechanic called "skipping." It's a bullet-time effect that allows you to teleport into a local space nearby the player. You can hold the "skip" as long as you want to plan your next course of action.

Also, as usual we've added more content...

  • Updated particle systems
  • Skip transition effect
  • Auto-frameskipping for slower systems
  • DOOM-like face damage in HUD
  • Weapon re-balancing
  • Ability to stun enemies
  • ...and much, much more

Have fun, and as always feedback in the forums helps us make the game better.

I did the colors, and gameplay is very smooth!

Some great ideas there....

Want some gameplay video?

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Hey, y'all! We fixed the "Winner" screen that wasn't updating after multiple rounds and fixed the character select screen order, so you get the player you picked. Ooopsie. (Another ooopsie, we broke the clock... That's fixed now too.)

If you are reviewing us for the Ludum Dare Jam, just pretend that the end screen is still way messed up.

SKIPCHASER community · Created a new topic Gameplay Video
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Gameplay video via Lacry

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Why Early Access?

"Development of Skipchaser has been an open process from the beginning. From our initial "game jam" release, to our internal beta and now Early Access we've relied on player input to build a game worth playing."

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

"Our plan is to to do 12 rounds of early access updates--each two weeks in length. This should put our Early Access period at 6 months total. We have the funding to sustain this level of development."

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

"The Early Access version has the basic features we want in the game, however we want to expand those features and add more content, such as:"

  • Act 2 and 3 will continue the storyline
  • More missions and random variety
  • More gun and armor pieces and recipes
  • More enemy types and bosses
  • Local co-op
  • Additional dialog and cutscenes
  • Subtitle localization

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

"Currently, we feel the game has many hours of gameplay and is both enjoyable and (relatively) bug free."

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

"We may gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features, but it will not be significantly more than our launch price."

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

"Our hope is to find players who love twin stick shooters and action RPGs and suck all the feedback we can out of them."

I did not get finished..., but I did post where I ended up and for 4 hours I'm pretty happy. Everything (art, design) was done in the same time frame as the development. I did have a little help from one of our devs (Scott) who looked for card art and added them to the card template. Even f i took my art time out, there was no way I was getting to anything "game like..."

I also did a timelapse so you could see where I spent my time. The timer got paused (accidentally) in the middle but I pushed it forward after we got back from lunch :)

And here's the source. There's a decent drag-drop to a slot module in there.

Oh well, it was a good exercise for sure...

No worries! Glad people like it.

I'm a big fan of showing not telling. When I was looking for a game designer job a few years back, I turned my portfolio into an adventure game and ended up getting more response than I expected.

I still ended up staying indie, but it was a good experince.

Endless Sk8boarder is a skateboard-themed endless runner prototype featuring skateboarding physics, rails, pickups, procedurally-generated terrain, parallax backgrounds, Tiled import of UI screens, a score counter, and more.


It's free with full source code for use with the (also free) Corona SDK.

Last Level Press 's Let's Play of Wasteland Golf!

A Let's Play of the new updates!

Awesome update! For those of you wanting is see some of these features in action, checkout 1-800-Monsters. You can even explore the resources in here and actually edit these maps.

Thanks to everyone who submitted bugs that were keeping dialog from showing on the PC and causing jittery scrolling on the Mac. Not only does this make this game better, but it helps our core framework which makes all of our games more stable.