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Thanks! I didn’t know itch did a feature. Bummer on the link, but I think people will find it. 

Thanks! I wanted something visually simple where I could focus on the game vs. graphic content.

Those are texture artifacts from being increased in size. I have to re-process the textures to fix. When I get a free moment I will do just that. Thanks for the screenshot!


You are probably right. Will take a look.

5th track on this...

Music is by Juhani Junkala... some music of his here

Ahh... I see what you mean. Hard to explain, but you "walk" the grid from each direction-- N S E & W and count how many items are the same. if you get to three, then you mark all of them to be deleted.

Maybe read this...

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Um? Do you mean this.... ?

Thanks. I think I spent a little too much time on the visuals and should have worked on the base game play a bit more.


Thanks! working on updates as I type this.

Yeah. It was a bad idea to drop that I’m at the last minute.  You are right, music or ambient would have been a better choice. 

Thanks! Yours is great too.

Very nice. Lot's of polish and the descriptions of the items were very well done. Love the use of the 1-bit tiles to build basically a UI

Nice job! I liked the use of the RPG set and the custom lighting.

Nice! Good use of the assets and solid entry.

Nice entry. Liked the idea of different curses having effects... Couldn't really tell if they were stacked like Rogue Legacy or not. Also liked the big maps, but would have liked to see more decorations and "mario jump" on monsters to kill them--but hey, it's juts 48 hours. 

Good work!

Lovely! Best looking Kenney Jam  game I've played so far.

What a wild ride. Love the fact you did a character generator.

Gameplay was solid for sure. Good job!

Funny concept. Took me a bit to realize how the 1-player concept worked. I'd suggest speeding up the steps, but otherwise solid entry!

Good job. I love the 1-bit assets and the multiple attributes from curses was a fun addition.  The only suggestion I have is doing some more decorations with all the tiles in the set to make the levels feel more alive. 

I had the code for matches > 3 but ran out of time to implement. I was going to have "coins" that dropped down when you matched and more that three would have dropped extra coins.  Oh well!

What good idea. A dash would have been awesome!

Nice job. Good spin on the "frustration game angle." I laughed out loud like 4 times.

That's a really good idea for a Rogue like, kinda like Altered Beast meets Rogue.  It would have been fun to have a rock, paper, scissors  concept where Snakes beat Scorpions and Scorpions beat Zombies and Zombies beat snakes  so you had to  plan you transition based on  what you had to fight.

Nice job!

Very nice! I love games where the controls are hampered in some way, makes things "frustratingly fun."  I would have put the controls on screen, I ended up having to exit and re-read the entry page, but all in all, good idea, small scope and fun gameplay. 

Awesome! Amazing looking given the time. I like how you pulled the assets together, also +1 for gamepad support. I see you have a good base for a puzzler going here.

Nice entry! I was also a bit confused on the scrolling (I was trying to use the mouse wheel and it was painfully slow) but once I got it figured out, it made total sense. Very nifty way to do level progression and tell the story.

Good job!

Nice entry! I was also a bit confused on the scrolling (I was trying to use the mouse wheel and it was painfully slow) but once I got it figured out, it made total sense. Very nifty way to do level progression and tell the story.

Good job!

Thanks! The engine I use is Solar2D and it's been around for a while (formerly CoronaSDK) so it's build just for 2D (and mainly mobile), so file sizes are pretty reasonable. I have a "framework" that I start from for jams called ponyblitz that has the basics setup for loading maps, gamepad and keyboard controls, scene management, etc. It's open source and after every jam I update it with anything new I needed for that jam--so the more jams I do, the better the framework.

I had all the code ready for bonuses and just ran out of time to do anything with it. I was going to make extra items fall that you had to pick up to claim, but alas It didn't happen.

I thought I had fixed that stacking error, oh well.

Thanks again for your kind words!


Thanks. I probably shouldn’t have spent the time adding the CRT effect—and shouldn’t have been the default option.  Or maybe tweaked it down a little bit... thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks! Yeah, I really didn’t get a chance to play it as thoroughly as I wanted. I did jump ahead to level 15 and it gets a bit faster, but I should have doubled the speed where a new line comes in. Maybe I’ll do some post jam tweaking...

I did write a bunch of notes on things I wanted to put in that I didn’t have time to do. Any ideas are more than welcome. 

Thanks! It turned out better than I imagined.

Yes, yes it does. Love that game. 


Thanks! There’s a dialog that explains the ‘z’ key, but I mainly had it in to test dying, that’s why that icon was there. 

Thanks! In retrospect I wasted time putting that CRT effect in.

Thanks! Didn’t get around to putting a pause in.