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thx for playing the game and feedback. I'm still surprised how you can play so many jam games :D

+ Good use of theme

+ Some complexity and yet quickly understandable gameplay

+ Full sounds and music

- Quite unpolished, controls are hard to deal with, especially when camera is moving

+ Very well polished and playable game for a jam

+ Has pretty solid gameplay

- Not too much in terms innovation/theme

+ Nice put together graphics

+ Multiplayer

+ Interesting take on theme

- Not much in terms of functionality

+ Simple controls and gameplay

+ Has some depth

+ Fits theme well

- Controls seem a bit limited

- Not too polished, has some bugs and glitches

+ Movement is smooth

+ Multiple assets are combined with some humor

- Hard to see what is intractable

- Has bunch of bugs

+ Nice idea

+ Easy to understand gameplay

- Pretty short and not much in terms gameplay features

+ Good use of theme

+ Beautiful environment

+ Pretty polished, only few bugs

+ Solid UX

- Quite short and not much depth

+ Interesting Idea

+ Memes

+ Good use of graphics

- Unpolished, bunch of bugs

- Hard to figure out and use controls

+ Very nice game feel effects and sound

+ Pretty polished and beautiful

- Not too innovative

- Controls seem a bit clunky/punishing

+ Original idea (as far as I know) and interesting concept

+ No major bugs

+ Pretty challenging

+ Fits the theme well

- Confusing main menu

+ Has addition of something like achievements

+ good use of theme

- Not too innovative gameplay wise at least at the first level

I might give this game another try later, main issue is that first level is a bit hard and long, but there are lots of jam games that needs to be played

+ Well put together graphics, effects, sounds and general game feel.

+ Pretty well polished, all gameplay mechanics are intuitive and very few bugs

+ Theme utilized well. Combining unlikely things that work well together

+ Overall simple roguelike with all basic ingredients

+ Procedural cave generation as far as it looks

- Rather Repetitive gameplay, not much depth

- Combat is quite heavy on rng

- No progression or end goal besides score

Warning: I didn't fix some bugs, hopefully nobody will notice them :)

Very nice base mechanic, with some powerups could make a cool mobile title.

Really nice and beautiful, there's quite a lot of content for 72 hours and it's not just some clone, It's quite original. Would love to get some "skip to next wave" button, as 20 seconds is quite a lot for waiting first waves.

Cool graphics, very fitting to the theme. Gameplay wise I feel like dragging character back only makes player hold forward button.

Cool concept and nice graphics. Sometimes It seemed that game was trying to frustrate me as there are some bugs, especially in controlling ghosts. Great game, could use some bugfixes

hm.. Could use 32 bit version.

I didn't quite understand what's happening, but whole experience was funny.

Couldn't play, no button works at main menu.

Yeah, made it to the end this time. Nice game.

Interesting and theme fitting game overall. I'd like to see some indication when you successfully score the point.

Gameplay wise it's pretty basic, however art and the use of it is very lovely.

Didn't quite understand how what gives you good score and what bad, but overall quite fun

I liked how you can throw enemies and that they interract with such things as spikes, however when 13 guys are left I reach a point where I can't jump high enough to get futhurer.

Interesting game and very creative approach to limited art assets. Gamefeel was quite well done too. I liked the primary assets more tho :D

Reminds me of "Upgrade the game" on on android.

Thanks, difficulty is something I should work on.

Thanks. I will post controls here as I didn't put them in the game.


- Hold LMB or space to jump down on car. Release to jump up.

- After destroying chopper, you can do additional jump in the sky.

- Black choppers kill you unless you reached "Unstoppable" by destroying 3 white choppers while in the air.

A light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year. Considering your car is traveling with the speed of light, it should take 1 year of playing it to reach the score of 1 light year.

Thanks, while that's not the way to beat a level, it's still expected behavior if you spam buttons :D

Overall nice game. Idea with laser is both original and funny. It's very nice that there are lots of internal dialogues explaining story. Some bugs present. If I had to criticize this game, I would say that you're pretty often ending up in situations where you have to just press one direction key like 20 times.

Thanks for feedback, I reduced difficulty by improving aim a bit.

Simple yet interesting, pixelated, "summery". What else do you need in Summer Pixel Jam? Using same beach image as in game jam page.

Well done sir!

10/10 would recommend to stoned friend.

PS. you don't need .pdb files in the archive. Remove them to make it much lighter.

Simple and interesting gameplay with increasing difficulty already makes a great game, but you went even further by creating "horrorish" environment, thinking about small gameplay details (Like platforms, that are reachable from ground) and even leaving player with option to fight or run (Well, running seems to be the only option past 1000 score, but occasional shooting is still needed.).

All that was achieved with just rectangles (rectangular parallelepipeds to be precise) in the timeframe of one month and I would play this over many AAA titles. Hence it shows the true power of indie.

Overall: I liked it.

Thanks for feedback. Yeah, I'm always having problem with curve :| , but at least goal of setting was achieved :D

Thanks, fixed.