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I see the concept there, you should keep expanding on this idea as it looks really cool!

Thanks a lot for playing! Unfortunately, i have had some issues with the audio sliders as they were a last minute addition. But thanks a ton, and i'm glad you liked it!

Thanks! The inspiration for the road path did come from frogger.

Thanks so much for playing!

Great puzzle game! I liked the levels a lot! Very good submission.

I couldn't move across the level after a little bit, and the jumps always had me getting stuck. Other than that it looks good.

There should have been a better explanation of what to do, I had no clue.

Very fun and rewarding clicker game! Nice job!

Fun game, I like the concept and the assets you used. Good job!

Very cool! I like the sword combat, the visuals, and the music. Keep up the good work!

Awesome game! I really like the shooting and the difficulty. I made it to wave five, but could never get past it (because I suck). Great work, I hope this game gets more attention!

Thanks a ton! I was thinking about doing that already, but you've given me even more motivation to do so! I'm glad you enjoyed.

Dialogue is far more cursed than anything else

Really cool effect and awesome game!

Awesome game! I loved the dialogue and the interesting idea of mixing assets. Great work!

As the other people are saying, I would rather the controls be relative to the camera. Cool game though!

Very cool! The only issue I had is that the jump was very small, but that is personal preference. Great game for the time you had!

I like it a lot, but unfortunately it crashed after a few minutes. Otherwise great game!

Nice, really enjoyable and polished! I love the sounds you used.

Nice game, assets, and I really liked the car controls, but I agree with jp00p! I wish there were more cursey elements. But great job, I really enjoyed it.

Cool concept, but I couldnt really figure out the goal or what to do.

Really cool concept, visuals, and execution!

So awesome! I love the mechanic that is similar to baba is you, it makes for an awesome puzzle game. Good job!

Nice work! I like the visuals in this game as well as the gameplay itself. The only thing I would change is the attack range to kill the zombies (I feel it's too big). Other than that amazing game!

Cool concept, but i kept getting switched back within like 3 seconds of becoming a ghost. But, for the time you had, it is pretty good.

Really neat idea and gameplay! The turn based movement worked perfectly

Pretty cool


I think i'm gonna include that in a post jam updoot

ogga bogga

cool game

Need i say more?

Really really fun! It was awesome having like 100 catapults all at max speed destroying every enemy. Awesome work, especially for the time you had!

vewy good spewling

Nice game, challenging and fun! I really liked the difficulty of the last jump. Good job!

Really awesome idea, and was great for the most part. I think maybe there should have been a timer on when you could fire cannons, but its fun either way. Unfortunately, my game crashed after a little bit, but maybe i did something i wasnt supposed to. Anyway, great game and definitely worth a play!

Pretty cool game, it's fun to try and stay alive as long as possible. Nice work.

Very nice game, with smooth and responsive controls. I also liked the story a lot, and the dialogue was very well done. The platforming was also a perfect mix of challenging and fun. Amazing work!

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Really awesome game, and looks great as well. Pretty unique and really fun. Awesome work!

Really awesome idea and execution. I really like all the levels and how the mechanics turned out. Great work!