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I got lost in the forest whilst working on the list. I guess I live there now.

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Without playing Vampire Survivors, you've managed to capture a lot of what makes that game so playable, including the upgrade system. A few runs to earn enough for the first upgrade works for me, wouldn't want to get all the upgrades too easily, then there'd be nothing to strive for. Replayable and a lot of potential, well done!

Although your SFX are, of course, VERY LOUD.

It sure has, no worries, it just remains hidden until the deadline and then all the submissions get revealed at the same time. Looking forward to playing them!

Hi jammers (Jamoweeners?),

Yesterday, we had a new entrant to the jam who immediately submitted a game. After further investigation, this game has also been submitted to a further 50 other jams (and counting). Whilst not explicitly breaking any rules, we have made the decision to remove this submission from our jam, as we feel it wasn't really submitted in the spirit of the jam.

When making a game for a jam, it is your game, you own it and may do whatever you wish with it (including submitting it to other jams). You may even be so proud of it that you submit it to 50 different jams! However, we are a small (growing) community, and although we have prizes and vote on a winner, the whole idea behind the jam is to have fun and take part in the community, play each others games and just generally have a good time.

Going forward, we will amend our rules to cover such a scenario as this, which we will be referring to as a spam entry. We are also open to discussion on this topic, both here and in the discord, if anyone feels this is unfair or wants to challenge this decision.

In the meantime, there are still     2 days left! Good luck with your games, we can't wait to play them!

Hated every minute of it, 5 stars

Hated every minute of it, 5 stars

Agree on the tutorial aspect needed, but  a really cool concept, feels pretty unique

Great wee idea, loved the concept, would happily play more

Tricky little platformer, managed to get all the way to the third world before I realised I could jump on enemies :P  

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Thank you! I need to start making notes because I had that same thought too but clean forgot about it when I was working on it

Loved it. The randomly generated shopping list each round = replayability.  The layout of the shop is perfect,  so many awkward angles and obstacles that  shots are never as simple as they should be. Camera could do with a bit of love, but that'd be my only gripe. Awesome job!

Enjoyed the hacking levels most...  SPACE needs to be the jump key, I kept switching instead of jumping. Good effort!

Really like the look of the models, especially the tree, they look like toys I could just reach out and pick up. Could have maybe done with a bit  more variation in the level, was never certain I was heading the right direction, but that's nit-picking.

As tricky as the platformers of old, I eventually managed the climb home. I miss pogs. Good job, my dude!

My brain tells me to take it slowly and go for precision but my heart tells me to launch that trolley full speed down the aisle... this is how I go shopping to this day.  The trolley handles in an infuriatingly accurate way, but finally getting to the checkout I struck the same victory pose as the kid. Good work!

True to the old arcade games, this  is pretty damn hard, owing to pixel perfect jumps requiring precision and timing. Glorious art across the board, those old games didn't look half as good as this.

Simple concept but super addictive

Cool twist on the moon lander-style mechanic, good job!

Impressive stuff, some cool ideas here

I was terrible at it, but I enjoyed the grappling and was determined to get it finished... and then was shamed by the leaderboard :P
Also, I hated each of the enemies in a different way. Really good job, guys!

Lovely game,  particularly liked the   transition between gravity pulls

Nice touch with the wine glass, had me totally confused for a moment.

(I downloaded the, and when it runs it's in a tiny window, same size as your screenshots)

Really well done, fun to play and well polished