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Thank you for feedback! Sometimes aiming doesn't work correct, so that's why it could be harder than expected. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to fix it before the deadline. I am also satisfied with my menu screen. The best menu screen I've done in my games so far :D

Awesome art and aesthetics, reminds me of FNAF. Well done!

That was really creepy! Good job creating art and atmosphere!

Going through the went is a little hard, maybe some decorations in each vent room might help to distinguish them.

The art and story here are amazing. Well done! 

LOL, the ending is so unexpected. I love this game, it's so cute and funny! Good job!

Nice storytelling, I like the art and speed up feature! Well done!

After finding a satellite I was haunted by insects and for some reasons my character couldn't move, but could aim and shoot. After I killed all the insects (those were completely harmless), I still couldn't move, but the game was not over. Are there any bugs I've encountered?

It should be very fun to play with friends! Good job!

Also, consider adding "How to Play" section on the game's page, because it's not that obvious what is going on here.

Art and atmosphere here is really cool and it feels even better with the soundtrack. Also good job with the animations.

There is a lot of shooting, but it's not challenging enough, so at some point shooting monsters feels like something annoying. I think the game needs something to spice up fighting, like different types of monsters, new aiming mechanics or limited ammo.

I like color changing feature, it's like character customization, but you customize the whole game instead :D.

Overall, the game has very good aesthetics and sound design. I really enjoyed playing it!

Nice screamer, very terrifying. Does this monster appears completely random or is there a way to spot him before he actually gets you?

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Nice work! Lot's of endings, but a little bit short. I love the character design, a cute girl that turns out to be a horrible monster is a good decision for a horror VN.

It reminds me of Super Meat Boy. Fast, hardcore, lot's of deaths.

Also, there is a nice work with shaders and post-processing. I am not good in this kind of games, but I think making the learning curve just a little bit smoother will be a good idea. The first 3-4 levels are easy and just introducing the mechanics, but then the game becomes incredibly hard all of a sudden. It may be just my personal issue, since, as I've mentioned before, I am not good in this kind of games.

Overall, it's very fun to play, and looks really polished. Well done!

It is really funny! Love the original soundtrack and voice acting. The ridiculous story made me laugh a few times.

I think the movement speed could be a bit faster. There were a few times when I was a little bit confused about what to do next (for example, I didn't notice that I can take the ladder and go up to the loft) and at those times I really wished my character could move faster.

Also, a some interaction mechanics can make it a little more immersive. There was a kitchen full of objects and the first thing I've tried to do was interacting with radio, stove, toaster, etc. Something like a sound effect or a dialog box saying: "The radio is playing smth." would be enough. Overall, it's a very fun game and I would like to see its sequel. Good job!

Thank you for your feedback! Yeah, aiming and physics certainly need more work. I have also thought about the case where the head lands too close to the enemy and came up with the idea of giving the character's head a special ability of rolling back that can be activated by player after N amount of time. There also can be some cool mechanics with this feature (like boomerang attacks). Unfortunately, it was just a few hours before the deadline, so I couldn't implement it.

Nice game! It's fun to play. I didn't find out how to beat it though. Nothing happens even after I collect all the gems. Also, thank you for using my assets and crediting me.

Had so much fun playing it. Reminds me of Troll Mario. Also, visuals are good, smart use of assets

Well done! Camera movements are too buggy and when police get me, my car flies to space. Visuals are great, I also like the concept

It was so much fun playing it. I really like this old school sprite shooter visuals. It was also pretty challenging. Why did you use this particular aiming system, rather then using conventional fps controls? It feels a little bit hard to get used to.

It looks nice for something done for 7 hours. Controls seem to be not responsive enough, maybe because of the camera angle, but movements are very smooth. Good job

Thank you for reply. There is only one ending. It was quite challenging, because it's the first time I do story writing and I am not a native speaker. I am glad to see that someone had fun playing it!

I like this game, art and music are done really nice! The first boss a little too tough

Really wanted to play this one, since I saw it in WIP. Art looks awesome, the game is fun

Thanks. Yeah, give it a try. It designed the way you can beat it only after a couple of tries

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Thank you for your post. Actually, I thought that the map is too small

It is so cute and funny! Love this game

Looks nice. Love this game's art style

I had so much fun playing it! Youtube level is a bit tough. Very creative idea!

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Cool hardcore game! I love the teaser

This game is so hardcore! I feel that punching should have a longer distance

I absolutely love this art style. Homing missiles are cool. I think the game needs more audio

I like it! Movements are very smooth

I like this gameplay, reminds me of Hotline Miami. It would be nice to add some sounds

I really enjoy playing it. Slow motion and effects make magic. Also the game is very addictive

Got Fallout vibes, really like this interface

I got stuck on "What should I look up?"

Looks awesome! I like your GUI design, got this feeling, when you run a game and know that it is going to be great just by looking at the main menu.

Awesome concept for a puzzle game! Will you continue working on it after this jam?

Game looks really well polished, also addictive. I like this simple, but nice-looking graphics. I think adding a short tutorial level will be a good idea, since it took me a few levels to finally notice, that I also can shoot my own servers