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Another interesting game, The concept was really cool, but made me wish there was some kind of other interaction along the way, perhaps the ability to swing from their tongue like the old Ninja Ropes in Worms or something. I did find myself getting stuck in the walls quite a lot and at one point I think i nearly fell out of the level, but managed to quickly catch myself in time. ha.. But all in all, a nice little game, Well done :D

If you've got a minute, would you mind checking out our entry?

Hello AEtharr!
We thought about using that swing mechanic but we wanted to stick (pun indeed) to due to time restriction we stuck to our original plan. 
The last hour of the jam we tried to push a fix for that bug, but we end up making him float everywhere ... and we rolled back to the current state.
Glad you had a good time...even with Chamo being bugged!
Definetly giving your game a try :D
Thank you for your words AEtharr!