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could you specify me in what episode - part that bug occurs?

oh... do you play demo version or premium ver?

That must be a bug, try download the latest version :)

D is for dream and N is for nigthmare 👀

Thanks!! To get the first flower on ep15D , when you're at bus station after talking with Miss Coffee, just wait a few seconds (don't take the bus)

Thanks for your words! <3 Well about the message , it will be on the game once is finished :)

Nice save time asset! 

One detail, when player collides with walls/objects and moves towards to it the camera trembles , would it be possible to fix that in a future update? :)


Sure :)

Thanks! <3

In 3 or 4 weeks :)


On episode 14D, after talking with Sabrine you have to wait a few seconds without leaving her room.

In a few minutes will be available :)

cool! :D

This Saturday May 28th  :D

Thanks! ✨

Thanks for the opinion :)  I'm glad you enjoy the game ✨

Cool! :D

Special codes unlock some filters and dark mode, these codes can be purchases on the discord server. If you have the premium version you already have all the special content unlocked :)


Thanks! I hope you complete ep 1 ^^

Thanks so much! New episodes will be release in 2 weeks.

Thanks!  Ep 3 will be release in 2 weeks :D

Thanks for the feedback!! I'll add better instructions in future updates. About the save data , the game save your progress automatically.

The new episodes will be added in 2 weeks :D

Thanks !!✨✨

Thanks so much ✨✨ new episodes will be added in 2 weeks :D

Thanks so much✨ that's good to read ^^

Thanks✨, episode 2 will be added in 2 weeks  :3

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Thanks✨, new episodes will be added in 2 weeks :D

Thanks ✨

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks! New episodes will come soon :)

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoy the game :3

thanks!! New episodes will come soon :D

Muchas gracias por las palabras ^^ Me alegra mucho que le haya disfrutado del juego ✨✨

Nice, thanks for play the game :D

thanks! nice gameplay :D

Aun no se puede :c en unos meses ya estará.