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Submitted by Kroporo — 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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This, was, AWESOME! I spent a little bit there not really understanding what to die. I was sizing, by size, not by characteristic. Once I figured it out it changed everything. What an awesome concept!


Nerdy me approves this game! :'D Also oddly relaxing!


Very nice! Love how clean and polished it feels, and the different twists on how things can be sorted are pretty creative and interesting.

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Ordinarily I love sound puzzles, but I have to agree with other comments on the volume sort.  The quieter half were sortable, but the louder half seemed impossible to distinguish.  Because of what the sound was (intensely pitched and somewhat abrupt), I wasn't willing to turn the volume any higher to try to sort them better... so each time I had to quit at that one.  (The first time, that was my first puzzle T_T thus the second try... :D ) Oh but in general it was fun.  ^_^


Co-dev here. Indeed had we realized in time that the volume ones were likely normalized by Unity, making the higher volumes indistinguishable, we would've held off the gimmick from the final build.

We might end up releasing a fixed version with better variety on the gimmicks as well, if people are interested.

I'm glad you still enjoyed it! :)


Great concept - clean, simple, love the changes from height & colour to sound. I don't think I could play it forever - but the time I spent with it was relaxing and fun :)


very unique idea, and quite relaxing and fun to "play" / experience.  I would have enjoyed more variety in terms of properties to sort, but overall it's surprisingly enjoyable to put things in order :)


Glad you liked it!
We did have a few more ideas to add, and who knows? It might happen someday


This is one of those games that allows you to switch off and enjoy playing it. I found the volume one too subtle and wasn't able to finish it. The visual, simplistic style is beautiful and the premise is simple to understand. 
I think that having maybe a music note or a colour change when you click the blocks on the musical sorting puzzles would be very useful, as currently people who have hearing difficulties, or people who have a lot of noise in the background etc will be very stuck on those audio puzzles. 


We thought the volume one was too hard ourself. It should have been a linear transition, but we're guessing that it got normalized or something.

Thought about doing something to help people with disabilities, since pretty much all of the gimmicks can get impossible.
One way around this was to add a list of checkboxes to allow people to turn certain stuff off as they want. But we ultimately didn't have enough time to make this work due to some unfortunate RL timesinks during the jam.

Probably bringing out one patch after the rating deadline.


1D array?Creative use of the theme. How do things like this come into people's head? Would not have thought of it in a million years even as a programmer.

Deleted 284 days ago

Yeah, gotta admit that it isn't as "in your face" as all the "One Life" or "One Bullet" entries, but I do think that the theme is represented just as well with sorting one dimensional arrays. Cheers!

Deleted 284 days ago
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Really good idea. Took me a minute to figure out the pitch one, but the volume one is far too hard.


Fully agree! We would have changed it if we didn't notice it 1 hour before the deadline x.x


I really enjoyed it. Seed: 897175012 was totally impossible for me. I spent like 6 minutes on it and quit lol