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Thank you! 

Played your game will rate when I am done with my queue. I really liked it, great idea and a good story, reminds me of the golden era of experimental flash puzzlers :)  (I could not pick up the skateboard and do what the hints suggest the game ended when I returned the bunny)

Browser version available here: :)

Great game, so hard! 

I wish it had controls that wouldn't give me carpal tunnel :b  A trail for the past path of the green dot would be a nice addition. Good and fun idea.

Thanks for playing, and the feedback is on point, some brief way of reminding the player of the controls would have helped, and like Rexus said, making initial levels that teach you better . Anyone reading this post check MatheusCunegato's game it's incredible, will for sure suck you in.

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A lot of content and a pretty game with a great atmosphere, I was impressed. I could not make it super far, I am not good at these types of games. I wasn't sure when I was being hit and how I needed to hit enemies with the weak swords specially, sometimes I though I exchanged hits and a pack of enemies would take 3 hearts at once. But it's understandable to want to have a hard game, I am sure a lot of people will love it!

Reviewed and left a comment, cheers.

Top quality game! congrats. Unique concept and great execution, I like how the running speed is integrated in the design and how you run faster while carrying the turret. Also beautiful art. If you can check and rate our game, definitely rougher around the edges :)

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Good game with high production values and a fitting atmosphere. Echoing that the command system can get a bit tedious, it was also not clear for me how it fit to the theme. If you wanna exercise your spatial reasoning play this, definitely a brain game.

Reviewed your game! thanks for playing

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Fun and hard game! Also looks great. Only criticism is I with it had mouse interpolation. Clever combo mechanic to get around constraints while adhering to the theme.  Love how the music speeds down in sync with the gameplay!

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We were thinking alike with the mechanics! Felt great to shoot a bunch of enemies with one shot and it's a clever mechanic rewarding combos with bullets. Your game kept me on edge all the time, took me like 20 minutes to beat the level with enemies on elevated platforms. My only feedback is that I wish the FPS controller had some interpolation, it gave me a bit of motion sickness. Good and fun game, it also looks great!

Thank you :)

Big ups for this one!

Another dev of our game here. Best 1d game I've played so far, great design that becomes head-twisting in the hard levels. Very simple concept and you really squeezed the possibilities, also felt like a full web game.  Wouldn't be out of place as a (good) hacking minigame in a AAA title.

A true achievement!

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Played yours impressive for a short jam like this! great ambiance and animations, and the concept is interesting. Was a little bit confused by the responsiveness of the controls sometimes I felt like picking up the torch was not working. I think there was a cool down but it would be useful to make it visible to the player.  

Good job :)

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Wow really impressive as a whole, and mind-blowing that you did this in two days! I can totally see it as a full-fledged game with more levels. I really liked it, very nice presentation and a fun core mechanic that fits the theme and is well integrated in the game world (I skipped one level by shooting the shard up). Also echoing everyone, beautiful art! My only critique is the control scheme.

If you could play and rate our game we would very much appreciate it :) It's a top-down shooter puzzler where you can absorb different bullet types and use them to defeat enemies, based on their weaknesses. And all levels can be beat with one shot!

So hard! Fun and a very interesting level progression "lives remaining" system.

Would highly appreciate if you could play and rate our game! More of a puzzler with top-down shooter mechanics, where you absorb different types of bullets. All enemies and yourself can bounce back certain types and are weak against others. Try beating every level with just one shot.

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Really cool and unique idea. Impressive for 2 days!

I couldn't make it very far, I'm probably bad, but it would've helped to have some sort of locking mechanism to the ball when you're close enough to it and become a flipper. I couldn't go through the "tunnel" at the left near the beginning. Wish there was a reset button too.

Check and rate our game if you can :) It's a puzzler top-down shooter where you absorb and shoot back enemy bullets, there are strengths and weaknesses among the different enemies (and yourself after absorbing something). Try to beat every level with one shot!

Really well executed.  You went for the route of a lot of constraints and made a great game, congrats!

A couple of things I noticed as constructive feedback; the power-up marks are a little hard to see and differentiate, perhaps using brighter colors would help. When changing the flow of time it would maybe make sense for obstacles to disappear completely if you can walk over them, I got mixed signals. In the last level you don't seem to need the ghost power up :b  

Would appreciate it if you could check out and rate our game, a top-down-shooter/puzzler hybrid where you can absorb only one bullet shot by an enemy of a specific type, and shoot it back. Bullets can bounce on walls and other enemies of a particular type so all levels can be beat with one shot  ;-)

Good twist on a runner style game. I really like how the music is integrated, the dash sound and how the music stops when you lose and how the losing sound fits the end of the main theme. It feels great and looks great.

Be great if you could check out and rate our game. It involves a jelly knight that can absorb one bullet of different types in a puzzle-top-down-shooter where all levels can be beat with only one shot :)