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Thanks for checking our game and giving your suggestions! Idea about truck in the middle sounds good but I am thinking probably it would be nicer to have the cars change lanes occasionally to tackle this issue. Anyway thanks for pointing this out again, I didn't understand it correctly when others mentioned previously :).

Truly unique and nice artstyle. I had fun playing it all the way through. You should definitely work this through and release it as a complete game, add different enemies, traps, mechanics. Nicely done!

My main goal was to make a working game with my friend :). We had loads of ideas on how to improve the gameplay but due to my beginner level in game programming there was only time for the basics. Thanks so much for checking it out and the nice words!

Challenging gameplay and tight controls. Nicely polished: music, randomly generated levels from what I can tell. Uses godot! :) Awesome job!

Nice aesthetics and original design. It gets much easier if you just move them around a column, managed to get score of about 1800 and could have done more.


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I really loved the gameplay mechanic, it is original and a great use of the theme. Also  the levels I managed to complete were nicely designed.

Thanks for the review!

That looks great, I'll check if we can use it. Thanks for the tip!

I will be using Godot also and my plan is to do a 3d game since my friend is mainly a 3d artist. It is the first time I am doing 3d, just toying till now,  but Godot seems friendly enough so I hope I will be able to make a simple game. Good luck to all!