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Thanks for the feedback. Platform speed turned out to be much slower on web browsers than I expected and couldn't easily be fixed. Definitely needed more than 48 hours to come up with more levels and fix some issues.

Trust me, I wish they would move faster too. Some WebGL thing I was not expecting. If I were to release a desktop version, they would move about 3 times as fast for most people.

Thanks for playing the game!

This is great! I think there are a lot of ways you can make puzzling levels. A timer would really help improve this game.

Nice game. It can get tense when you know a cat is nearby. Or you get a jump scare if you didn't! Some of those creepy tiles were a nice touch too.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback.

You are right, command type keys should have never been included. As for the other keys, they are currently set in 'fields' for example rotating left is randomly controlled by only these 6 keys: Q, W, E, A, S, D. which are all in the same area on a QWERTY keyboard. This may still be too many.

At first. ALL of the keys were randomized indiscriminately and it was a MESS!

Excellent game! Very difficult. I could see spending hours at this if the difficulty more slowly ramped up and the controls were a little more predictable (I was never sure how far a house would go).

Maybe short little mobile style levels were the timer counts down and you must have a certain number of houses left at the end to pass.

Great art and presentation. It was fun to play,

The concept has potential but there wasn't enough feedback telling me that I moved a shape to the correct or incorrect truck. Not totally sure but it seems like it is possible to fail trucks through no fault of your own. There is a long lag after the tucks leave and before new ones arrive.

Could certainly see this a fun little mobile time killer.

Saw this on Mark's live stream. Too bad he didn't even try to avoid picking up the sword! It's a really fun concept. I wish the game was longer.

This game might most match the theme of the Jam. Very interesting concept. I wish I had a second player so I wouldn't have to watch both characters myself.

Great concept. I would suggest including a timer to encourage people to speed up during the trials.

Very well put together game!

Took a lot time to get my head wrapped around steering the car with the wheel controlled by the mouse. Great concept. Perfect for the Jam's theme!

This is the best game I've played so far. It fits the theme perfectly while still being intuitive. Tiny obstacles become big problems trying to navigate the levels.

Very interesting concept.

Took for for ever to realize that the arrow in the corner was a compass!

I agree with you. I had a whole tutorial planned out on paper. No way would I have had time to implement that.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

I love the idea of programming actions into an object as it moves through a space. But I'm a bit confused on when the commands are executed. I landed on a platform and added a velocity command to the right and it didn't move. Then I restarted and alternated spheres and cubes and the program ended when it was about halfway down.

That's what I was going for!

Thanks for the feedback and playing my game.

Thanks, I will. It was even worse before I removed the Alt keys! I should probably remove all of the 'command' type keys entirely.

One feature that I really wanted to implement was a warning the moment before the controls change with a preview of the new keys coming up.

Thanks for the feedback and playing my game!

Really enjoyed the game. Hitting my head on the corner of a platform while trying to outrun a giant laser was a bit too punishing, though.

Keep us posted! I'll try to play test as much as I'm able. I look forward to One Platform's success.

That was great! I'm impressed with all of the puzzle elements tat continued to be added.

This is the first time any one has made something like this for me. I can't describe how happy I am

This might be the best adherence to the Jam theme. I love couch coop and would play this on a console with anyone willing to try it.

Can you fanart this

another jam favorite

I thought the sign was telling me to go the the bottom edge of the screen

I'm missing out on a lot of content judging by the screenshots. I can walk around mostly blank screens with either a sword or nut until those guys rush me.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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I'll download it!

EDIT: Anyway, its a game about a sniper kitty that controls only one bullet with their mind.

The idea of hiding the collectibles and enemies in different views that force you to hide the actual environment is intriguing.

I got a similar error but I was able to ignore it and start the game

Needs a little warning where and when a chair is about to spawn in

Thanks for playing and giving a detailed critique. I pretty much agree with everything you said. Especially coloring the rotating platforms to make it obvious what will move.

If this game were to ever be brought to to a production level, it would need a complete overhaul. Detailed feedback like this would help point the game in the right direction.

Got addicted to this for a while. Good polish. Like BobGames1215 said, feels very satisfying.

One of my favorite games of the jam

Glad to hear it!

Got stuck on a level where a 2 showed up and couldn't close the game. I see how this can get quite challenging very quickly.

I did it! Loved the motivational messages! This game is challenging without being frustrating.