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Be Near

hahaha, thank you so much for playing! : D

Hey thanks so much for making this! I'm glad you enjoyed it ( :

Thanks for being so sweet! haha, I'm actually really happy to hear that you notice my art progress, I feel like with each jam I've been getting a bit better : D Always look forward to these vids, great work!!

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this, and we do get a lot of Overcooked comparisons, but that's expected haha. What a great video : D

ahhh!! So cool, thanks for taking the time to play and make this video : D glad you enjoyed it!

hello! can you describe where you are running into the problem?

it's a shame there's no aged cheddar in the game haha

Hey! Thanks so much for making this vid!! ( : I'm glad you found this bug, that's pretty broken haha. We will work to fix it soon!

Sick guitar sounds, fun little game. I've always thought rhythm games were difficult to make but y'all pulled it off, the syncing seems perfect, nice job!

Great job, the herding mechanic works well!

we can try!!