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Ah, good catch, I will fix that! The "" is the most recent, as well as web build that you can play in browser.

Thanks for the feedback! That is definitely a doable fix haha, I could see how it gets irritating fast. I would love to look into more audio since the track we have right now gets pretty repetitive. 

Thanks again! And will do ; )

Heh, well I am at least glad we were able to improve what you had feedback on! ( :

Thanks to everybody who played and rated our game! : D  It's amazing that we got so many ratings throughout the week but the comments we have gotten have been super useful for making improvements thus far. We'll be posting a build tomorrow with some improvements that we made considering all of the feedback we have gotten. Again, thanks so much!

Wow, this game is so lovely. I really loved the palette and style of the whole thing, such a clever take on the theme. 

Very cool, I really love the take on the theme as well, such a good idea! The music was really cool, had a lot of fun trying over and over. I will say that there could be a little more feedback for when you hit a spike, at first I was a little confused at why I was starting over.  Really great job!

So impressive and an amazing take on the theme. It was really fun getting to the end and I'd love to see more of this!

This game is so juicy, very satisfying to play! Nice job. 

Nice job! The movement felt really good and the difficulty pacing is well done.

wow! Just played yours and it was really quite similar, though I think they have pretty different play styles. Your game is so satisfying to play, getting multiple enemies at once feels real cool. Awesome work! 

Thank you so much! and we are a team of two, Nic worked on programming and effects (such as the particles that come from the shard) and I (Brieyh'leai) worked on the pixel art, sound, and level design ( :

Hey, yes working on a post jam version right now! We want to include more levels since we didn't have a lot of time for that in the jam, and also working on tweaking some things we have gotten feedback on.

Also I think a level editor is such a fun idea, we talked about it a little bit since we would likely be creating one soon for ourselves anyways, but we'll have to see if we have time to create something like that ( : 

Hey, thank you so much for all of the feedback! It's good to see your thoughts laid out this way. These are all really good points, and we've actually been talking already about how we can work on some of the things you've pointed out. 

Be Near

hahaha, thank you so much for playing! : D

Hey thanks so much for making this! I'm glad you enjoyed it ( :

Thanks for being so sweet! haha, I'm actually really happy to hear that you notice my art progress, I feel like with each jam I've been getting a bit better : D Always look forward to these vids, great work!!

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this, and we do get a lot of Overcooked comparisons, but that's expected haha. What a great video : D

ahhh!! So cool, thanks for taking the time to play and make this video : D glad you enjoyed it!

hello! can you describe where you are running into the problem?

it's a shame there's no aged cheddar in the game haha

Hey! Thanks so much for making this vid!! ( : I'm glad you found this bug, that's pretty broken haha. We will work to fix it soon!

Sick guitar sounds, fun little game. I've always thought rhythm games were difficult to make but y'all pulled it off, the syncing seems perfect, nice job!

Great job, the herding mechanic works well!

we can try!!