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To much of it is taught to you by text. Nice vissiols though.

You know I also made a sidescroller that uses only one button and man you did such a better job. It's a pretty difficult thin to accomplish but you did it pretty well.

This was an absolutely lovely game! You know it's good when the only thing wrong with it is that there isn't a description for it.

Your welcome! I look forward to seeing you in future  game jams.

Awesome! Wasn't able to beat a single level but awesome!

I think the controls hold the game back a bit as they make the game harder than it should be but over all very creative and interesting, I loved seeing what you could come up with.

This is so fickin' cool I love every thing about this.

Easily my favorite game from ludum dare 44 by far!

It's really cute! But so stressful!