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Fantastic little puzzle game. Its interesting to see a music-based puzzle game that has nothing to do with hitting beats in time. Took me a moment to understand the core mechanic, but once I did, I managed to get through the rest of the game, only struggling a little bit, and thats because I'm bad at puzzle games.

I think it succeeded with what you were aiming to do, and did it really well and kept on the theme, however I believe the game could do with a more in depth tutorial to help explain the central mechanic.

The only thing I would suggest adding is the ability to replay the tune without needing to take a guess, as that would really cut down on idle time which you can experience just because you're thinking about the solution too hard, and forget the tune.

Great game, would absolutely play a full release

Visually and audibly I really liked this game. It had a lot of promise going in because stylistically, it really caught my eye and drew me in with its concept. The humour on the death pages was great too, even if it wasnt the main focus.

Unfortunately, the game is plagued with bugs, including a lack of i-frames, complete invincibility and infinite (but powerless) skulls after a death, the ability to lose your skull in a room you're locked out of, your skull being able to get trapped in a corner when it grows, and a door that allows you to simply walk out of the level on occasion spawns, easily letting you walk out of bounds.

I really liked the idea, being a kind of binding of isaac game that focused more on dodging, however once the shooting had mostly been stripped out of the concept, it wasnt really replaced with anything, meaning that gameplay was either slow to the point of waiting to win, or impossible as your skull would get stuck in an infinite bounce loop while you get surrounded by enemies who then hit you to death with no i-frames or ability to escape.

This could actually be a fun full release, but it unfortunately needs a lot of work

An interesting idea, but unfortunately the execution didn't quite make it through. I found myself completely guessing whether it was the correct target, because the instructions were vague and the attacks were not varied enough to figure out the puzzle without trial and error.

The concept of a puzzle/bullet hell is an interesting one, but I'm not convinced it worked here. Maybe if the puzzle elements were more exaggerated and the instructions made clearer, then it might show a better example of what you're going for.

I've seen a great deal of "Throw a thing and go pick it up" games in this jam, and I can honestly say this is one of the better ones because it tries to make a game outside of that single mechanic, with additional roguelike elements really made the game feel unique. 

I do think that design-wise the game is not quite there yet, but with a few additions here and there in things such as graphical, sound, and content quality, this could easily make it to a full release as an arena style twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements.

Such content could include extra levels, characters, abilities, multiplayer, enemies, level hazards, etc.

This game could really benefit from moving away from the jam format and being allowed to flourish on its own.

I definitely shouldn't have tried to play this a 1:30am, because my brain didn't want to engage with some of these puzzles. Regardless, they were very well put together, and the stylistic choices made for the art and sound design were strangely nostalgic and also fit the objective quite well.

There were some obvious animations missing, however I can tell they were not intentional ommissions, just a victim of the 48 hour dev cycle.

The puzzles were very well designed, and the the theme of only being able to make one shot, did show through quite well, but adherence to the theme, could have been slightly better.

Really engaging game, found myself continually trying to beat the levels even though it became apparent very quickly that I was not good at it.

The key issue this game runs into is one of clarity. It is not completely clear as to what you are supposed to do, and how you are supposed to do it. You can see a bunch of spells on the controls menu, but the game never teaches you how and when best to use them. It is also not completely clear when you're about to run out of mana. I have been told that you can pick up potions for more mana, however I never felt the need to do so, as I would not have any idea how much I already had, and instead opted to try and finish the levels before running out, versus looking for potions.

A great idea for a concept, but needs a little more attention to detail from an outsiders perspective (i.e. someone who doesn't know how to play, or is playing for the first time).

This game is already incredible, however it becomes outstanding when you consider that it was made in only 48 hours. It has an extremely fine levels of polish, the art style is amazing, the sound design is amazing, and I think its fair to say that its the best game I've played thus far in this jam.

The only issues I ran into were the following:

If I threw the shard onto spikes (or just did a bad throw) I would have no way to recall it, meaning I'd have to do a bad teleport and maybe even take a death due to how randomly the shard moves after a hit.

On one occasion, I had to restart the level because I spammed teleport too quickly by accident and got locked in a throwing animation unable to teleport.

When I played the browser version (chrome) the game had lag and colour issues. everything was red and the game moved slowly, however this could easily be because of my pc.

And finally, one extremely minor issue, is that I accidentally hit quit instead of retry after a death because there was no "are you sure yes/no" option, however because of the state saving that did not hinder my experience (which is also an incredibly uncommon feature of jam games).

Also, while I appreciate that there was a time limit for actual content creation, there does need to be more levels. I would be more than happy to pay for a full release of this game and would love to see the kinds of things you are able to add on to the mechanics displayed here.

The concept alone of this game was intriguing to say the least kind of reminded me of the blind mudokons from the abe's oddessy/exodus games, with a truly original twist, in allowing you to design your own prompts to make the player character move.

I really enjoyed this and would love to see further expansion of this design in a full release because the potential is really high for this kind of idea.

If I have to pick out a flaw in the design, it would be that the character will lock into decisions once they've been made and wont allow you to change your mind if you make a mistake. More than once, I accidentally said "Yes" instead of my input for "No", so I naturally waited there to see if the character would prompt to say "Is something wrong, shall I ask the question again", however he never did, forcing me to make him run to his death. Nor does he respond to random or wrong inputs which could also be used to indicate a problem.

Game was overall great, and while I am sad there wasn't more levels to play, I also understand that 48 hours is a short time limit for a single person/small team.

As someone who is absolutely awful at platformers (especially action or puzzle platformers) I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It required some skill, without being frustrating when I inevitably failed multiple times.

Visually I loved the style, however I would have liked the paint trails you leave behind to remain permanently, however if that is not the case for technical reasons, I'd understand, its really a small issue.

I can definitely see this being a great mobile game with a greater variety of levels, or maybe even a casual multiplayer experience on a more family friendly home console like the switch.

I totally got the relaxing themes at play being evoked by the Bob Ross aesthetic, and as such had an all around enjoyable experience, which I wanted to play more of.

Game was certainly entertaining, if extremely weird. Not just just in art style, but in objective too. 

I feel like I got the win screen, however I honestly am not sure. its not incredibly clear if I won or not, however I'm also pretty certain that wasn't really the goal here, where the objective wasnt really to win, just to enjoy the ride.

Certain aspects of the game do need to be ireoned out. Moving is difficult, screen transitions are slow and collision is extremely janky. Its definitely not clear what your objective is, but that kind of adds to the charm.

On balance I actually enjoyed this game, but I fear that I may never close my eyes again in fear that I will see these character's faces on the the inside of my eyelids forever.

Game was extremely fun and incredibly well polished (despite the war flashbacks it gave me to actual life security measures and automatic updates)

Had a lot of fun with it, however due to how intentionally short the game is, it could probably have benefitted from more "security minigames" that you may experience at random in subsequent playthroughs so you aren't always doing the same puzzles every time. Having variations on the same games was great, but more variety would have me playing this multiple times.

Note: Game lagged a lot when I attempted to play in browser version (chrome) however that may be down to my pc. (I also thought that this might have been intentional at first due to the older pc aesthetic which made the whole thig accidentally quite entertaining)

Game had an interesting concept, although I can't help but feel like the true intention behind the design wasn't fully realised. I feel like this game would work far better as a kind of rhythm game where you are forced to move or shift the platform to the beat. It honestly does look like that's what you were going for (especially considering the on screen prompts), but maybe ran out of time to fully implement.

If this game was able to be fully realised, I believe it has great potential, however it needs more time worked on it to be fully realised to what it could be. Great effort, all the same.

While I'd love to say I'm above fart humour, one fact remains true, farts are hilarious!

The game itself was incredibly entertaining, with a somewhat almost janky style which really endeared me the the project. It was simple and incredibly easy to understand and because I'm secretly a 4 year old, I constantly laughed throughout.

I have no idea if the audio was intentionally performed in that style or if its a serious best effort, but either way, it strongly complimented the gameplay and visual style in a way that frankly made this game a perfect few minutes experience.

One minor thing that could potentially be changed, is that the audience, performer and environment has zero reaction to a failed attempt. The player character does react (in an amazing way I might add), but it would be nice to see other reactions from around the room, so that it didn't seem like the player existed in a bubble.

This is probably one of the best and most polished games I have played so far in this jam. Stylistically it is incredibly interesting, evoking dark themes that really enhance the experience. Thematically alone I would love to see this as a full release.

The game is mechanically strong, while still being simple enough to understand very quickly. The only drawback I can think of, is that due to the isometric view, I found myself accidentally pushing the wrong direction on occasion, however that is a nitpick and is easily adjusted to.

This game was incredibly fun and I was sad to see there were such a limited number of levels, however due to the time constraints of the jam, this is not surprising and I do not hold it against you.

NOTE: This game could seriously benefit from a seizure warning due to the flashing effects (I often found my eyes twitching at them when played in full screen)

Weirdly cute visually and audibly and the gameplay was fun too, if a little strange. No major glitches aside from lagging issues when I played the browser version on chrome (although that might have been my pc).

Not entirely sure how it fit the theme of the jam as while I do understand that the "snots" only live for 1 minute, this time was reset every time you found a mate, meaning that idea didn't come across particularly clearly. I still had a lot of fun and thought it was adorable though.

I can see where the concept was going and I enjoyed the idea, however I feel that the implementation needed a bit of polish. I enjoyed how you introduced the gravity of planets into the mix to add puzzle elements, however how the gravity affected the ship was never particularly clear and I found myself relying heavily on trial and error to get through levels.

I dislike dating sim games, however I found myself entertained by the humorous concept and implementation. This game would definitely benefit from more options and maybe less restrictive emoji inputs as it really feels limiting, for seemingly no good reason.

I understand the idea behind how it fits the theme, however I would not have gotten it if I didn't know what the jam theme was beforehand. The game was fun in a quirky, weird way and entertained me more than I thought it would.

While I can see the idea at play here, I'm afraid it didn't translate very well with the finished product. The game was also missing a necessary level of polish as I found myself getting stuck on corners and ledges a lot. It was difficult to see the coin colours in the areas of low lighting, and the sliding physics were difficult to handle even when walking on normal ground.

Some of the models look nice, and there is room for this kind of aesthetic in this kind of game, however I don't believe it fit the theme very well.

Very fun game, polish issues aside, it was very fun and satisfying to throw the axe and have it bounce around. I was constantly trying to make sure it bounced directly back to me and as such felt quite engaged throughout.

With more development time, I can tell this could easily be expanded into a full release, but as it stands now, it is a fun and engaging jam game.

It would be nice to see a melee attack option as well, considering thats the primary use of an axe, with throwing as an optional risk/reward. It must also be mentioned that the game is missing a lot of polish, but that can mostly be blamed by the time limit of the jam.

Extremely high quality game. would play it for hours if I wasn't awful at it (desperately tried to get on the high score board but was not able to).

Extremely well polished for such a small amount of time. Music and visuals were on point for the type of gameplay that you were attempting to create. The mechanic is interesting and a good variation of other similar pre existing mechanics.

Would work amazingly well as a mobile title, I would definitely download a full release.

Great game, could honestly see myself sinking some time into it on a train or something as a mobile title, however, I don't really believe it matches the theme very well. The only time I can really see the "Only One" theme shining through is in the split second before you lose, which doesn't seem particularly relevant.

Stylistically I really enjoyed the visuals and audio, I feel like it really matched what you were going for and should be commended on that. The gameplay was solid and a little stressful (which is a good thing) and really causes you to keep up a hectic fast pace.

Sidenote: I had trouble running it on my pc. The web version (chrome) lagged a lot to the point of it being unplayable, and the downloaded version functioned perfectly fine, but the UI constantly hovered in the middle of the screen (however it was not distracting to the point of believing it was an intentional choice at first).

Great submission, would support a full release.

Game was legitimately fun and funny. Got a few genuine laughs and the music was great. Visually it probably could have benefited from a little more polish, but the style was good. The terrain tended to look like it had been copy/pasted a lot and as such didn't look very natural.

The theming was excellent, rather than focusing on a single mechanic, you tied the theme directly into the gameplay, which was certainly interesting from a jam tester's perspective.

Great game, good fun.

Amazing game, wished there was more levels and would definitely support a full release. The visuals, sounds and ideas involved were amazing, interesting, and fit the theme very well. Unfortunately, I don't believe the theme was adhered to very well, because of the active encouragement going against it. I.e When it encourages you to save as many people as possible (the 3/3 etc counters), or the ability to split individual people off from the group.

Nonetheless, honestly great game.

That was certainly an interesting experience.

The game caught me off guard with the different and off collar looking visuals and writing and got a few genuine laughs out of me, however while I was playing, I couldn't help but think of the reasons why RPGs usually have more than one stat.

Good effort, but needed a little more time at the design stage in my opinion.

There was some really good ideas at play here, but it unfortunately needed a lot more polish. A lot of little things somewhat ruin the gameplay experience, such as the enemy seemingly camping your arrow drop when you get hit.

I don't want to seem unfair, because I do see potential here and it definitely adheres to the theme, however it is difficult to comment on too much because it is clearly unfinished


Great visual and sound style, interesting idea behind the implementation of "only one", being the only one input at a time.

One downside is beyond the means of showing where to jump, coins felt a little unnecessary (to the point where they weren't even tracked). However, they did feel satisfying to collect, so having them serve a purpose beyond that would really enhance the gameplay. Movement also seemed a little slow and heavy, but that is easily gotten used to over the course of the game.

Had a lot of fun, played to the end, and was willing to play more.

Very interesting idea, interesting (while minimalistic) visuals, and an enjoyable active puzzle experience.

Very difficult (by design), and very engaging, however the solutions often spike heavily in difficulty and are not always immediately clear. Difficulty is fine, obfuscated results are fine, but having both (in an uneven difficulty curve), sours the gameplay experience a little on occasion.

"Autoaim" took a little while to get used to, but once used to it, was easy enough to handle.

I completely suck at puzzle platformers, but I can see the ideas at play here even though I couldn't make it past level 3. Music was a little intense, but that's not necessarily bad.

Game mechanic was not immediately obvious, but easy to understand once I figured it out.

Enjoyed the game a lot, but the visuals needed a little more work. Nothing massive, just something to break up the block colour backgrounds.

Found that I was using the arrow as a melee weapon, because if you missed (or even hit) at range, you would take a lot of hits before being able to get the arrow back.