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I do see the idea you had to make it so the shots were linked with your enemies, but I don't feel like it really worked on a level you wanted it to. Its a real shame because I do see the idea here.

There just needed to be a little more to do in the game, because as it stands right now, its just kind of a galaga clone with extra steps.

I do really enjoy the presentation of this though, I just feel like it wasn't really there as far as a finished product.

Fantastic and very chill little game, could easily sit and play for hours if only it'd ever give me new trains/carriages. It felt like I would only lose because of bad luck which wasn't great to experience, but the actual game here was charming and genuinely beautiful.

A few more options to choose what you get and when would be very much appreciated. I.e. an income that allows you to choose what you buy, vs randomly being given certain objects at certain times.

Other than that, this game was extremely well made and you should be proud of the accomplishment as it is one of the better games I have seen in this jam.

Wholesome as heck!

I really loved the audio/visual design of this game, it offered some much needed eye/ear bleach after playing some other submissions in this jam.

That being said, the tether physics were a little janky at times and would often get caught around itself to the point where it would physically repel itself, making jumping hard. My game also seemed to crash on a loading screen at some point and not load the rest of the game, so I don't think I saw it all, but what I did play was genuinely very good.

Most of the fixes needed are a few bugs here and there, and a few gameplay optimisations like the powerups being a little clearer and the tether physics being more predictable.

Other than all that, it was a truly wholesome and nice experience.

The VA is the reason I go to therapy.

Realtalk though, the sound effects trigger WAY too offten and it causes them to overlap each other a lot and it becomes quite disturbing quite quickly. This is coupled with the fact that the game moves quite slowly and there didn't seem to be a way to zoom out the camera to get a full overview of the playspace. I also wasn't sure why there needed to be 3 dogs in one massive level, having less dogs in smaller levels would improve the playability a lot and it would change a slow paced experience into a series of much shorter, faster, bitesized playchunks.

I do appreciate what you've made, but it definitely needed more testing.

Sadly, I found it excruciatingly difficult to play this game because the enemies were way too hard to get around and if one of them touched you (visible or not) you would have all of your progress completely reset.

If you had another means to defend yourself/ defeat enemies, this might have been a little more playable. Its a real shame too, because I can see that actual effort went into this and I liked the idea behind the two states of visibility. Sadly I just think this game needed more time.

Nice and fun little experience. I loved the sound design and how it was linked to the use of the grappling hook. Puzzles gave me multiple options to complete them and often it made me feel like I was "outsmarting" the game by coming up with my own method, which is a very good thing because it allows a player to feel more connected to the gameplay experience.

I would suggest that the grapple hook need not be necessary when push/pulling crates in melee range as its a little distracting to be wielding around this now rigid rope, however that is a very minor nitpick.

Loved it, would love to see more.

Game was basic, but enjoyable, I feel like you can wring out a lot of cool level ideas with this concept. the in-game buttons were a little glitchy at times  and the presentation was basic, but you got everything in there you needed.

Missed a trick by not having the characters slide around to a backing tack of DeJa Vu by Eurobeat

Loved the game, simple but effective. The hitboxes on the spikes were a little bigger than they should be, and the "level X" text broke a lot, but these are all minor things that can be fixed with a little polish.

Honestly a great game, wish it was longer.

I really enjoyed the art and sound design, but the thing that kinda ruined this for me was the seemingly random one-hit deaths I would constantly experience.

Like nothing would spawn for a while, then suddenly somebody would kamikaze me from off screen and it felt a little cheap. If the player HP was increased a bit, it wouldn't feel so harsh and would give a much better gameplay experience.

I also found that all the upgraded weapons were weaker than the primary weapon? Maybe that was just me though.

My main takeaway is that this game just needed more balancing, other than that, its actually pretty good. It runs smoothly and sounds great (even if the default volume is a bit too high).

The art was very cute, but I wasn't sure how this related to the jam theme. Also I found it very easy to just kill all the killable enemies and then just float around pretty much without threat.

This could definitely be expanded into a full game but I do think it needs more work. Having the squid draw the lines themselves instead of collecting dots would go a long way toward making the player feel more involved. Something like that.

Loved the game. Only real citicism is that the physics on the elastic soul lauchy thing were a little inconsistent at times meaning it was a little random as to whether you'd make your shots regardless of how long you held down the button.

The game itself was very fun, and a neat little idea, executed well.

I got yeeted a lot while playing this. It was a smidge frustrating at times because I couldn;t seem to control how/when I was going to be hit, and then when I was, how far I'd go.

Post-hit movement was a little inconsistent, which breeds frustration while I was playing. I didn't manage to get very far becasue I was constantly falling off due to the slippery controls. A little more grip will go a long way.

I liked the art and the sound design, I felt it fit what you were going for quite well.

I am bad at these kinds of games, so take this with a pinch of salt, however I found the easiest way to play this was to brute force my way through with random movements.

The levels were great though, and definitely well thought out, I just can't by all rights say that I deserved to win.

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Had to stop playing before I game over'd because I needed to accomplish something with my life at some point and this was quickly becoming a full time career choice. I need to make a living holding down a 9-5 job to feed my 2.4 kids and you expect me to play something as addictive as this?! The nerve of you sir!!

Had a great time playing, probably too great. Didn't want to stop, am poor now.

Art was a little basic, but completely fucktional, this was probably the most well made jam game I've played so far this jam. Not difficult to figure out, but very difficult to play efficiently. Good jorb

Art and sound design was amazing.

I had a little trouble figuring out exactly how to play at first, but once I got that down it played extremely well and smoothly. The trash can seemed a little buggy, but it didn't really impact my enjoyment of the game at all.

Definitely a great entry and really polished overall.

Incredibly cute and simple little game. I understood how to play immediately and did so gleefully.

My only critque is that I genuinely assumed that the game was infinite and hadn't realised there was an end to go to. It almost didn't need one for what it was, but I kinda just stumbled on it by chance.

Honestly loved it, the art and sound design was adorable and playing this truly enriched my life on a philosophical level.


Maybe it was just broken for me, but I couldn't get any sound. I only mention it because another commenter did though, so if there wasn't any then thats okay.

I found this game extremely difficult. The difference in the momentum buildup of each of the spheres was too great and it often ended with one of them shooting off ahead uncontrollably. I really liked the concept and appreciated the graphical choice, but it was a little hard to play at times due to not really understanding what the playable areas were.

A little more time on polish would have gone a long way, but I understand that you probably didn;t have enough time due to the jam rules.

A really fantastic entry, had a lot of fun, in spite of the black screen bug ruining things a few times. My only real critique is that the move speed/momentum you build up is a smidge too fast, meaning its sometimes a little unneccesarily difficult to do careful and fast platforming.

The game looks great, plays great, I love the concept and the style was great too.

I think I may have gotten stuck at one point? Not sure how to end the game and I seemed to be infintely wrapping around. I loved the idea and its one I would love to see executed well, but combined with the slow move speed and the sections which are just holding a direction key, it was a little boring at times.

Try to either add more mechanics or just a little more for the player to do during gameplay. Slow gameplay is fine, but you need to avoid monotony.

I was TERRIBLE at this game. Couldn;t even get past level 2. I want to say its a little too difficult, but really I'm just bad at it.

Lowering the difficulty so early on would be a great plus as I don;t think I'm capable of getting to the end because it hurts my brain.

Other than that, it was an extremely well made game. Everything worked, it wasn't too unforgiving (outside of the difficulty), and it looks amazing. Great work.

Very interesting idea and a decent execution. The physics were a tad janky at times, but considering the time constraint thats definitely forgivable.

My only real issue with playing the game was the jump arc of the character. It was a little inconsistent and with a run up you could skip a lot of the puzzles. If this was worked on further, I'd definitely recommend a heavier focus on the gravity gun mechanics and minimise the need for jumping such distances.

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I didn't really see how this was connected to the jam theme.

Having said that however, I really enjoyed the game and the ideas it was playing with. So much so that I could definitely see myself playing a full released version of it.

The game felt great to play in spite of a few bugs I found and the short playtime. The overall presentation was great and if you can fix a few things like the balancing, then you could have a great game on your hands.

Its really unfortunate that you didn't manage to finish this before time ran out because this game has a massive amount of potential. I can really see what you were going for and really wished there was more to it because of that.

On screen control prompts would go a long way as at first, I didn;t realise you needed to press shift to end your turn and thought the game was just broken.

I loved the art style and while the sound design could've been a little more involved, the presentation of this game overall was outstanding. I would genuinely love to see this game completed.

I found the controls and physics a little cumbersome at times, which unfortunately inhibited my ability to play the game for very long. I definitely see the potential here but the gameplay needs to be a little less clunky.

I really did appreciate the old flash game aesthetic though. Gave me a weird amount of nostalgia for my old ass.

Loved the enire presentation of this game. Made me want to see more and play more. The mechanics were easy to understand and were presented in a fun, non-instructional way. The physics on the box throws were a liiiiiiiiittle weird, but in no way hampered the gameplay.

Shame there isn't more levels, but hey, for 48 hours, you did fantasticallly.

Well thought out game and an impressive number of levels given the time limit. Presentation was good, but a lack of music becomes incredibly noticable once you've accidentally failed a level and had to restart, which is also quite easy to accidentally do.

Had to think about a few of these puzzles, but it was never too difficult and felt very well balanced.

Game was stylistically amazing and easy to understand. I loved the attention to detail, especially in the grapple physics. I never found myself getting confused by the control scheme and it was an allaround fun time.

Only criticism I have is the propensity to accidentally yeet the bow off the screen, only to be murdered by a skeleton as soon as you attempts to retrieve it. If the bow bonced off the edge of the screen transitions instead of going to the next screen, that wouldn't be a problem.

Great game, would love to see more.

Other than the fish school feeling a little slippery and the left click feeling a tad(pole) redundant, the game worked extremely well and I found it an enjoyable little timewaster.. Grabbing new fish was a little more difficult than it needed to be, so maybe tighten that up if you choose to develop it further.

Worst game ever. Made me look like an idiot. 5 Stars

Great game, great idea. I had a few issues when either I or the enemies were under the sun, as it gave me no real options to deal with that. Either the sun got aways from me, or the enemies would kill the sun before I was teleported back up to it. With a few balance changes, and addressing those issues, this could be really fun.

Got completely destroyed the first 3 times I tried to play this. However, after that point when I actually got into it, I became immediately addicted and had to physically stop myself from playing alllllll night.

Great game, would love to see it expanded further.

Visually and audibly this was a fantastic little game and very chill. It needed a final little puzzle kick to make it feel fully satisfying, but for what you have made in 48 hours, its very good.

An interesting idea for a core mechanic, however I'm not certain it was implemented in the best way. It felt a litle confusing and often random when certain actions mapped to the same keys would happen. I mapped jump and dash to the space bar and it was essentially random which one I got which made me fail several jumps.

Presentationally speaking, it looked, felt, and sounded fantastic. If the key mapping mechanic were cleaned up a bit/given more options, then this would be an amazing entry.

Great game. Fantastic aesthetic and visual/audio design. Easy to grasp. with a little more polish could easily be expanded into a full game.

Only criticism, is that the level layouts require you to become extremely active immediately after checkpoints, however that is a very small critique.

Yeah fair. We were going to include a better camera to help with that but hey, game jam

I was NOT expecting this to be as good as it was.

I loved this game so much that I strongly considered playing it twice, which is a massive rarity in a game jam. The visuals were weird but oddly fitting to the tone of the game you created. The experience was the exact right length and it kept me from getting bored even though the gameplay was so simple.

If I had to pick out a minor issue to be improved upon, it would be how the potions are used. It feels a little unnatural to stop clicking at enemies and move to the bottom of the screen. If these potions were bound to other keys (Q, W, E, R perhaps?), it would feel a lot smoother and allow for more hectic gameplay.

Monster variety could have been better too, but I completely understand that time constraints would have been a factor in doing so.

All-in-all, a fantastic game, a fantastic jam entry, and I'd love to see more of the Drunkzard in the future.

The art style and audio design fit the game you were trying to make very well. The problem for me is the execution of the main mechanic. While I did enjoy the drifty nature of the ship and the impact of the shots, I feel like the cannon firing on its own could have been improved upon.

Simply put, I feel like it fired too slowly. It just felt like there was a lot of time between shots and I was often just waiting for the ship to fire, rather than having to actively fight against the constraint. Powerups to make the ship fire faster, or different types of shot would have made this entry even stronger as it would feel like there was some progression, despite the out of control nature of the random firing.

While I did enjoy the game, it needed something to keep the player interested. A clear goal or a presented score could have done that.

I want to be clear that I did like the game, but there were jsut a few minor issues that stopped it from being amazing to me. If fixed, this game could be great.

A pleasant surprise! Based on how you described your own game, I was expecting something awful and unfinished. Turns out, its actually really fun. While it doesn't adhere to the theme amazingly well, it was still an enjoyable experience to me.

A simple change would have made it on theme far more, if the player couldn't stop moving. That way you would have limited control of your character and the rest of the game would feel more hectic as a result, much like the original pac-man that you're emulating.

The art was fantastic and the audio design was perfect for what you were trying to do. The fixes this needs were relatively minor. The gears looked like they were part of the background, and took me dying at least twice before I realised that was what was killing me.

Additionally, the timer seemed to serve no purpose, as I was always respawned if it expired, with all of the dots in their same positions prior to the death. I assume the aim was to give the player a hard time limit, but it was either bugged or unfinished.

In any case, I totally got what you were going for, and I think it's a lot better than you gave yourself credit for. Try not to talk yourself down, you never know how much other people will enjoy your work.