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Thanks for the comment and your feedback! I won't be adding any annoying sounds, though.

I like how the player has to think about not shooting too much, as too many bullets will be too difficult to manage. Interesting idea! Also enjoyed the retro vibe.

I had a hard time understanding this game, to be honest. So it might be worth considering how you could make the game more intuitive.

The music definitely made it more fun! I had quite a few runs. Nice work!

This was one of my favourite submissions! Some tricky puzzles!

One improvement could be a more cohesive visual style.

Cheers mate! Great feedback.

Nice little game! I like the visuals and audio. They go together well.

There's a balance issue, though. You can just let a ball (or two, if there next to each other) bounce without moving the pad. Eventually it will bounce every frame. I managed to get two balls to do this and could just sit back.

Oh, thank you very much!

Thank you :)


Cheers! And yes, it requires some more work. Perhaps I will revisit the concept in the future.

Thank you very much for the feedback! I definitely think agree with your points on the gameplay. Didn’t manage my 3 hours well I’m afraid, and as a result never had time to playtest and balance. Good learning for future Trijams!

Cheers! And yes, there are definitely issues with the balance. Would be my first todo if I ever remake this game.

The music and gameplay fit very well together! Made it an enjoyable experience. Good job!

Great work! Enjoyed the gameplay, visuals, and audio. They all worked well together. Got stuck on the last level for a few minutes more than necessary, as I hadn't realised you can move diagonally. Should have read the instructions better...

Good take on the theme, also. Don't think there will be a similar mechanic in the jam.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Sound and some more content would be nice. Not something I'm working on at the moment, but we'll see! Thanks for playing.

Ah, yeah there is a small risk of that happening. Only managed to reproduce it once in quite a few playthroughs. But thanks for the feedback!

Hmm, to be honest, it's actually working as intended with the checkpoints. But I do realise how that particular one is confusing.


Thanks! I had quite a lot more sketched out in terms of content. But for such a short jam I needed to keep the scope down.

Thank you! Do you mean the second checkpoint?

Great game! Enjoyed it a lot. Sorry to say it glitched on level 7, though :/

Truly great game!

Hello Tallnuts! Very happy to hear you’re enjoying One Platform. I’m currently working on bringing it to iOS and Android. Will keep you posted on progress.

I like that you kept the game simple. And though it doesn't feel like a finished project, that is to be expected with game jam submissions. So I won't hold that against it.

The mechanic for dashing through enemies works pretty well. It makes the game more fun in that it's not just about avoiding enemies. I didn't figure it out before reading the comments, though.

For me, the difficulty went from being easy for a minute to suddenly being quite hard. Would have preferred a more gradual difficulty increase.

Yeah, I know how valuable feedback is. So I try to be as honest as possible, which sometimes can come off the wrong way. I'm glad that you're using the jam as a learning experience :)

I want to start off by saying that I'm not a fan of visual novels. By which I mean it's an unknown genre to me, not that I necessarily dislike it.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't enjoy this game. It all comes down to the fact that the single piece of gameplay, making choices, didn't seem to have any consequence. I'm not going to critique the lack of gameplay, because I get that it's more of a visual novel than a game and that this appeals to certain people. But if you offer the player choice it should at the very least give the illusion of having consequence. Given that most of the time the options were very similar, if not identical, I lost interest knowing that I was just along for the ride.

Now, I also want to say that I really liked the music, the story has potential, and with a bit of polish the art can work really well. I do hope that fans of the genre play and give their take on your submission, because you could have something good if you address the main problem. Keep it up!

Hi Mika, thanks for the feedback! Seems like I need to do some play testing on level 1-6. Perhaps its level design can be improved.

Glad you liked it! I will be releasing some minor updates, nothing game changing, in the coming weeks. But for now I have moved on to another project. You can follow me here on Itch to stay updated :)

That’s impressive!

Thank you idlemind! I have new version coming out soon, with improved visuals, controls, level design, and with more content (including a leaderboard). I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Will do!

Wow! 23 seconds is the best run I've ever seen :o

Thank you! I’ll have your feedback in consideration for coming updates. Is it the small acceleration that makes the controls seem less precise to you?

Thank you very much! I will definitely be adding more content. If you want to you can follow me here on itch to get future updates :)

Thank you very much! More content is on it's way.

This game looks and sounds great! I'm very impressed by how you managed to put it together in 48h. The gameplay could use some work, though. Perhaps some kind of counter mechanic, a life meter, or something else to make the fights go on for a little longer.

As Mark would say, there's a lot of potench! :D