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Hay That game was fun. Loved the are style and the whole mood the music gives well executed on the theme. I also agree with @VeXJL on the critique. but i like what you did here keep it up man

im actually really amazed at the feed back. i so happy people enjoyed this game so much. Thank you for playing 

i also found alot of enjoyment from your profile image>>>

I appreciate you

Your Absolutely Brilliant!!

haha celeste was definitely an inspiration and i am glad you enjoyed

Im glad you liked it, and the trail fading or maybe changing hue as time passes is a great idea. thanks for the feed back

Ay a fellow Godot dev.

It was fun and enjoyable game a few bugs but really enjoyable.

You check out are game as well its a similar plat-former 

Try happy accedent its a fun little game had a great time playing it.