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You made my day 😊

Crazy concept, I love it!

That's such a cool game! It remind me of the pixel art experiment on reddit! Look up "r/place"  if you don't know.

I really nice deisgn! Probably the most polish game I played in this jam.  It would probably make a really cool mobile game ;-)

Some genuinely creative level design.  But you should make the ceiling grab more obvious.

Interresting idea for a mechanic but i think it would need something to be combine with in order the make something really challenging. Some Flappy Bird style obstacle maybe? 

Solid design. I love the life-color system and the minimalist graphic design overall. 

Maybe you could design some enemy with more agility? I tend the just roll in circle waiting for the enemies to be packed.


I am travelling with only my little chromebook and no mouse. If your game is available on browser and require no mouse I try to play it 


My game is name HARPOON!!!. It is a top down shooter in which you have only an harpoon do defend yourself. Everytime you use it to get it back to use again. 

I would love some feedback :-)

Check it here

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My game is name HARPOON!!!. It is a top down shooter in which you have only an harpoon do defend yourself. Everytime you use it to get it back to use again. 

Check it here

I try yo install it on my Galaxy S4 and it didn'y work.

Hi everyone, 

My game is name HARPOON!!!. It is a top down shooter in which you have only an harpoon do defend yourself. Everytime you use it to get it back to use again. The goal is to create a feeling of tension because you can’t afford to miss. And also have a great feeling of satisfaction when everything go according to plane or you succesfully recover your harpoon at the last second.

 I really like working on this game and I want to update it. Before I add any content I would like to polish the basic "feel" of the game. 

1) How do you feel about the movements of the Player? It is too slow or too fast? Do you find it maniable enought? Do you think a secondary movement skill would make improuve the experience?

2) The harpoon is supose to deliver a feeling of strenght. Do you think it deliver on that feeling when you use it? 

Thank you in advance :-)


Thank for the review , it's always great to have feedback.

I think you are correct about the visibility of the harpoon. I think I will add a pointing arrow that indicate the harpoon on the next update. I will also make it bigger witch should help with visibility.

I played on the Android version. My best score is 65 right now. 

I find it surprisingly fun. It is a simple design but it deliver well on the feeling of a one on one battle. Having to shake the phone like a sword is a great idea.

I think that some music would really enchance the experience.

Thank you for this game.

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For this jam i created HARPOON!!!.  I am quite proud of it and I would love you to try it.

Don't hesitate to give me feedback :-)

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One of the best moment it this game jam for me was when I implemented the jumping mecanic for the enemies. So basicly when an enemy come close to you it jump on you. What I didn't expect was that it allow the enemy to jump over the only projectil of the player. The was a total surprise and I used the idea to create an elite enemy that avoid the player attack and make thing much more interesting.

Also In my game when the Player GameObject is deleted it crash the game because some script need it.  So when the Player died, rather than deleted the GameObject I move it under the map and set it's speed to 0.

Check it here

I played on an old phone so it was really slow.

My best score was 21.

I think it would be more interesting with more varied enemies. Maybe the possibility to upgrade your character would be good also.

Thanks for the review. 

Indeed i thought about adding new mouvement option, some king of short-distance teleportation but I wouldn't had time to implement it correctly. But I think I will update the game. 

Really happy that the devil created a moment of tension, that was what i try to do :-)

Tower defense and card is indeed a very interesting concept. The "Rock/Paper/Scissor" aspect force you to really pay attention and react fast which is quite rare in tower defence. 

I think you could really explore it further. For example, having a deck building with  not just canon card, but also upgrade for the tower and spells. Couple with some resource management and I think you got a great foundation for a game.

Really cool concept. I really love that kind of little game with local coop.

I think you could maybe improve the concept by giving the characters more ways to interact. Also faster movement would be a good thing.

I couldn't get to work the arrow on the right side. When you attack the case on the side you get pushed through the respawning peasant witch do a lot of damage, I don't think it was intended.

Overall a fun little game. I will show it to my friends!