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You're all winners and you all should be proud !

A topic by Necktiedog created Aug 12, 2019 Views: 332 Replies: 2
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It was a fantastic jam ! And it was such a great pleasure to see so much creativity, work, and effort with each entry I've gone through. Even though I personally saw the rule very limiting for making new game mechanics that hasn't been done, all of you managed to come up with something neat and novel regardless of how small it is.

Yes, there were people who were more talented; better artists, better coders. Yes, there were people who could afford more expensive engines, who had industry experience. And yes, there were people who could market their games like selling water to a fish. The whole jam is built against you from the start. But here's the thing. -You- pressed that "join jam" button last friday. -You- pressed that "submit entry" last sunday.

-You- did it.

You have worked up the courage to try something new. You have earned a bit more experience coding, arting, musicing, or even time managing. You made some new friends. You made people smile. You joined a milestone jam in

-You- did it.

It was never about the scores, the competitiveness, the winning. It was all about you. It always was from the start. And if there was anything to take away from this jam. The only thing that is important.

It's you. You're the only one that matters to you.

The voting is over, the dust has settled. Play all the games and enjoy them. You're all beautiful.

A huge shoutout to leafy too who was right with us from the start and even beyond the end, helping to improve the backend of and balance a rating system that is sisyphean in nature. We all appreciate your efforts.


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You made my day 馃槉