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Minimalist Top-Down Shooter | How long can you survive with only one Harpoon?
Submitted by TheBigRoomXXL — 4 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Unforgiving, would be my one-word summary. Generally I found if I missed, that was it, you rarely had chance to collect the harpoon before getting smushed.
Though running around helped, it was harder when the horned cubes started spawning.
Had fun though, even with my bad aim~


I liked that the enemies hopped when  they got close - threw off my aim a few times or they dodged the harpoon completely. Having to 'charge up' your pick up was also nice, meant you had to plan your moves instead of just mindlessly fighting. I had fun! Also.... that scream when you die :D


Nice game!

The AI is good (the little jump before killing you is subtle) and the feedbacks are good.

With some juicy effects (screen shakes, some slowmotions, etc.), it could be a good arcade game.

Good job! :)


Two ideas I loved:

  • Enemies hopping: just right for them to evade a throw.
  • Retrieving your harpoon takes time: on many "one-bullet" games of this jam you have to go get your only bullet, but by adding this little timer, it creates a lot of tension when enemies are nearby.

Great job!


It's okay, probable this does blend in with the doesn't other wave base with 1 bullet games that has been posted in this Jam. I would say the game could use some indication to where your harpoon is cause the level is big and it's easy to get lost. again not that bad.


Very fun thanks to the different types of enemies to mix things up, the delay on the harpoon pickup, and exploiting the enemy AI.


Very fun game! They player controls are perfect and time to take back the harpoon makes the challenging (which is good, in my opinion) Now, the game needs a lot more details to make it enjoyable (very small things that together make it more fun), for example: particles (walking, throwing, etc.), environmental (textures, bugs moving around, etc.), sounds (music, etc.). With these the game would be really fun! Great job with this game!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)


It was a fun game overall. I liked the Wilhelm scream when I died. One thing I would suggest is making it easier to see the harpoon after it is thrown, especially on walls where it is hidden.



Thank for the review , it's always great to have feedback.

I think you are correct about the visibility of the harpoon. I think I will add a pointing arrow that indicate the harpoon on the next update. I will also make it bigger witch should help with visibility.


Fun little game, enemies jumping over harpoons made it even better. :)


Not a bad little game at all! You achieved one of the key virtues of a game jam; being feature-complete and properly scoped as to allow polish. I appreciated the longer run-up time you gave to let me get used to handling the harpoon and there was a genuine moment of tension when I kept missing my first devil-horned enemy!

There's a lot of little stuff you could do to improve this going forward; stuff like tweaking the pick-up mechanics, creating more varied enemy types, to even more complicated stuff like giving the player new movement options. This game is a really solid base you could go a lot of directions from, and I hope you keep developing it.


Thanks for the review. 

Indeed i thought about adding new mouvement option, some king of short-distance teleportation but I wouldn't had time to implement it correctly. But I think I will update the game. 

Really happy that the devil created a moment of tension, that was what i try to do :-)


It reminds me the concept of Titan Souls, but i like the realization! It is fun to play :)


That was my exact thought while playing it. 'Oh, like Titan Souls except I can actually play it.'


Ahahah! For sure! :D