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Thanks :)

Everything was done within Unity. A lot of particles, trail renderers etc, all scaled down to a low res and then scaled back up for the final game view.

Thanks again for giving this a play.

I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on it :)

Really nice stuff. Awesome level design, really introduced the mechanics well.

Very fun, and very visually impressive for the time frame. I also really liked the way the level opened up the further you progress.

Was great to finally play this after keeping up with the development on Discord. ; )

Nice. I'm so glad you liked it : )

Unfortunately there's nothing to reach beyond that. Just the nice view of the brickwork penis that can only be seen from that platform.

Cool stuff. Almost reminiscent of Snake but with a bunch of interesting twists.

Thanks  :)

I appreciate the feedback; I'm going to continue working on this at least a little beyond the jam, so I'll be putting it to good use.

Followin, baby. I gots me an email about it.

When is this coming out for Android?

I refuse to understand that this is not a serious game.