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A. S. Thetic

This one is my favourite take on the 'only one jump' interpretation of the theme.

Really polished mechanics and controls and well designed levels to use them in.

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I love the super limited palette aesthetic.

Heckin' aesthetic horse.

I think for games with levels, there will be easier intro levels and it can take a little while to ramp up into something representative of the game itself. Often longer than any game anyone would be able to make in the time limit of a game jam. So you wanna make levels the show off what the game can do/be, but there needs to be at least a somethong to ease players in and let them get the hang of the mechanics. Can be a tricky balancing act.

Real nice and polished.

Would have absolutely believed the falling over was a feature if I hadn't read the comments. 

Good stuff.  I really liked the tension not being able to see the obstacles added to the levels.

I would have been nice to have a skip intro button, for times when you've already got the level memorized and just missed the last jump or something.

Real nice stuff.
Very interesting ideas.

I do wish that there was a little more padding around the level, I kept accidentally clicking beneath the window because the ground was real slim.

Lots of cool ideas in this one.
The level design did a really good job of teaching the mechanics.

Cool take on the single bullet idea.

Was pretty darn fun, but I think you should consider making an updated version after the jam with a more zoomed out camera and maybe some tighter levels so that it is easier to see the enemies around you and calculate the paths your arrow will take. Lots of potential here.

Interesting take on the theme!
It got really chaos theory-y at times and it was really fun to watch it all unfold.

Also that background made scrolling on the page reeeal trippy.

My submission uses one button to make a skater jump, grind, do flip tricks, manuals etc.


Probably fairer that way, I guess. 

This was near the end of an update email:

"Also: you may change your page after the jam is over. You may also upload a new build if you want, but keep the original jam build that you made in the 48 hour time slot, and clearly label it as such, so people know which version to actually judge! "

There's a bunch of stuff that I wish was better in my submission, but most of it I wouldn't say is something I regret per se, just stuff that had to be compromised for time reasons.

I do regret making 50-50 grinds worth points though. In hindsight I think it would have made more sense to make them something that will keep a combo alive but not grant points, like I did with manuals. (especially since manuals are actually harder to pull off)

For my submission I tried to get as many mechanics into one button as I could.

I made a 2D skateboarding game and I was able to fit jumps, grinds, flip tricks, grinds tricks  and manuals into my only button.

Always great to hear your thoughts. You were so close to that last blood bag.

I'd definitely be interested to see how you go with a controller. I made it so that you can do either, or a combination like last time, but with the grids on the floor I've been finding that now I can aim the dashes better with WASD than a thumbstick.

I tried my hardest to make this something that fans of the first would enjoy. Really glad to hear you liked this one. Great video :)

I feel like a WebGL version is probably more likely at this point, if that would work for you, I can reply to this comment again when if I add that... 

Thanks :)

Everything was done within Unity. A lot of particles, trail renderers etc, all scaled down to a low res and then scaled back up for the final game view.

Thanks again for giving this a play.

I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on it :)

Really nice stuff. Awesome level design, really introduced the mechanics well.

Very fun, and very visually impressive for the time frame. I also really liked the way the level opened up the further you progress.

Was great to finally play this after keeping up with the development on Discord. ; )

Nice. I'm so glad you liked it : )

Unfortunately there's nothing to reach beyond that. Just the nice view of the brickwork penis that can only be seen from that platform.

Cool stuff. Almost reminiscent of Snake but with a bunch of interesting twists.

Thanks  :)

I appreciate the feedback; I'm going to continue working on this at least a little beyond the jam, so I'll be putting it to good use.

Followin, baby. I gots me an email about it.

When is this coming out for Android?

I refuse to understand that this is not a serious game.