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I wish I could code like this character hahaha
Very cool game! Fits very well on the theme

Opa, sou sim!

Não vou negar que o titulo me chamou muito atenção hahaha
No geral ficou ótimo o game. Me senti totalmente fora do controle quando começava a ficar bebado. A modelagem do ambiente e do personagem, como também as animações ficaram ótimas. A jogabilidade bem divertida, muitas vezes ficava confuso e não sabia qual botão apertar. Parabéns pelo game!

Really like your game but I'm very bad in this kind rhythm game. Very charm characters (everything about my childhood) and color palette from game boy suits very well.

Funny game. Just one thing, maybe you can create a cooldown to the wall because I created a wall in the front door every time and the baby never left 

The first few minutes of the game I couldn't move my tank. After I understood the mechanism, I started to create some strategies. I really liked it!

But when I went to make a move my game crashed. Here the code to help in the correction:


src / object / Map.lua: 33: attempt to index a nil value


src / object / Map.lua: 33: in function 'getTile'
src / object / Player.lua: 15: in function 'move'
src / state / Game.lua: 35: in function 'update'
main.lua: 72: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

The game idea is very interesting. My first playthrough I found the game very difficult. Then I learned and started to understand the mechanic. The only problem is that I didn't feel the necessity to use the other towers, I just kept shooting with central shot. Overall I enjoyed!

I really enjoy the 1 bit pixel art. The panic attack effect is amazing and gameplay works fine. But I have too many bug/glitches. The game have sound? I tried to restart the game several times but didn't hear sound

Very interesting game idea. Only thing I didn't like at all was the scenery. I think it's too random. But overall I really liked it

Thank you very much for your review. The initial game concept had planned to control the character's rotation with some kind of jetpack but I feared that character had too much control. I thought that not having rotation's control and having to wait to trigger the shot would make more sense for the jam theme. However, the more I played I discovered more mechanics and improved my time and this concept of waiting made even more sense. Patience is a virtue.

Very simple and cool concept. But I don't think satellite use fuel tank for energy... just kidding ;)

Very good concept. Lasers and gameplay works really well. Just another day when  Cyclops from X Men loses his glasses XD

Very cute game!

I love so much the art style in this game. This game reminded me of when I traveled to Japan and I couldn't communicate properly hahaha

I love this camera's effect. I got a little sick hahaha

Fits to theme this year but I think the tentacles could be a little more fast to unfold. The octopus face is really funny hahaha 

This game made me realize that I am terrible at memorization hahaha

This is a really hard game. When the punishment is not to move it was certainly death. Being a samurai has never been so hard hahaha

It's kind hard to see multiplayer submission. My first bullet was a fish, I laught soo much hahaha. Good concept and really fun. 
If you have some time, try my submission for this jam

Thanks!I tried not to make the lasers too difficult but I think I couldn't do it hahaha

I loved the marble physics, Really simple and good to play. If you have a time, play my submission for GMTK this year.

Amazing graphics, very good job for this jam! you have to continue working in this project.

Funny game! I laughed a lot with Hodor dabbing

Excellent idea, i had a lot of fun playing this, great job congratulations! The one light thing fits the theme so well.

Great art style, you have a great game in your hands, nice job in this jam!

Great ideia, i just think the hitbox are big, but anyaway, nice job for this jam.

Great art style and controls, you have good material in your hands, nice job!

You have a good concept in your hands, if you improve the controls and put some enimies, but nice job for this jam.

One of the cutest game I played in this Jam.  Explain well how to use the deer flip and good puzzle created. Nice job! 

Great idea, i was trying to beat my record everytime, this could be a good mobile game.

I really like this game. This is a good example that a simple idea can be a fun game. Axe works so great and return perfectly. A ranking to see your best score would be great!

I'm impressed with so polished this game already are and so well puzzles was done. Have nothing to criticize. Congratulation!

I was impressed with the light effects used in this game. It was really good. The shots got well done although I missed a few very silly shots and it made me open a giant hole in the wall and start getting in the bigger bugs. Maybe the objects would not break in the first shot would make the game more interesting.

I found a very interesting idea to use the screen as a wrap. The puzzles were very interesting. With more assets, the game will be more presentable. And at the end of the game the cat dies of high cholesterol from so many hamburgers and soda consumed hahaha

I found the game idea very interesting. In several moments I felt the despair of having to switch on shooting or moving my ship hahaha. Adding better assets will be great. Good work!

I loved the cat and ghost sprites. I really don't like to moving my characters with mouse. I don't have the necessary precision and the wall are too much punitive. Getting stuck because a wall touch make the game so hard. Overall, nice job.

Very cool idea! Use a cannon bullet for everthing is amazing. But I can't pass level 5. Every time I fired the cannonball didn't get out and couldn't  restart.

Very cool idea. I would like to see the entire pixelated screen.

Very cute game. Good moving character and rock physics is great. So good to turn on many platforms simultaneously. And waifu is laifu!

I laughed so much with each description but I don't get about Malkovich, I think I lost some references. I'm not a good Goddess of Love hahaha. Funny game!