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Amazing graphics, very good job for this jam! you have to continue working in this project.

Funny game! I laughed a lot with Hodor dabbing

Excellent idea, i had a lot of fun playing this, great job congratulations! The one light thing fits the theme so well.

Great art style, you have a great game in your hands, nice job in this jam!

Great ideia, i just think the hitbox are big, but anyaway, nice job for this jam.

Great art style and controls, you have good material in your hands, nice job!

You have a good concept in your hands, if you improve the controls and put some enimies, but nice job for this jam.

One of the cutest game I played in this Jam.  Explain well how to use the deer flip and good puzzle created. Nice job! 

Great idea, i was trying to beat my record everytime, this could be a good mobile game.

I really like this game. This is a good example that a simple idea can be a fun game. Axe works so great and return perfectly. A ranking to see your best score would be great!

I'm impressed with so polished this game already are and so well puzzles was done. Have nothing to criticize. Congratulation!

I was impressed with the light effects used in this game. It was really good. The shots got well done although I missed a few very silly shots and it made me open a giant hole in the wall and start getting in the bigger bugs. Maybe the objects would not break in the first shot would make the game more interesting.

I found a very interesting idea to use the screen as a wrap. The puzzles were very interesting. With more assets, the game will be more presentable. And at the end of the game the cat dies of high cholesterol from so many hamburgers and soda consumed hahaha

I found the game idea very interesting. In several moments I felt the despair of having to switch on shooting or moving my ship hahaha. Adding better assets will be great. Good work!

I loved the cat and ghost sprites. I really don't like to moving my characters with mouse. I don't have the necessary precision and the wall are too much punitive. Getting stuck because a wall touch make the game so hard. Overall, nice job.

Very cool idea! Use a cannon bullet for everthing is amazing. But I can't pass level 5. Every time I fired the cannonball didn't get out and couldn't  restart.

Very cool idea. I would like to see the entire pixelated screen.

Very cute game. Good moving character and rock physics is great. So good to turn on many platforms simultaneously. And waifu is laifu!

I laughed so much with each description but I don't get about Malkovich, I think I lost some references. I'm not a good Goddess of Love hahaha. Funny game! 

I found this game very relaxing. Needs better polishing by making more interesting puzzles. I felt some glitches on camera. If it were possible to control the rotation would be great. Overall, fun game.

Wow, this is a fun game! I really enjoy the ideia to put many key and explore every inch more fast you can to collect all. Fast movement fit the scene perfectly. On various routes I just needed to walk right to collect as many keys as I needed. Nice job!

If possible, rate my game too :)

If possible, rate my game too :)

If possible, rate my game too :)

I think this game have a good concept and fits very well for the theme. I have a few problems with collision but for a 48h game it's normal have this kind of thing. Good job!

I never thought rolling dice would be so hard hahaha. I found the concept very interesting. Good work!

You have good material in your hands, the mechanics of the following bullet are great, nice job!

Very clever game. I need to put all my concentration to get 1 point in 10 moves. Had some problems in a few rounds that I couldn't move where I wanted but it's a fun game and good concept. Nice work!

Excellent work, simple, clean and objective, i tried to beat my record a couple of times, great job, i had fun in your game.

Really good work, the retro style was great, after i get used with the controls i had fun with the game, nice job.

I will be honest in my analysis:

I had some problems with character movement. He walks very fast and makes it difficult to aim. If the enemy moves it gets even harder to hit.
I found the menu a bit confusing. Perhaps a slightly more illustrative screen showing each attribute would be interesting.
There is a problem with character collision. If the enemy is constantly touching you, it doesn't harm you.
Overall, it is a fun shooter.

Really loved the art style and the sound, one of the best i played in this Jam so far.

Good concept, i tried to rush fast and have fun, i just think the controls need a little improvement but you made a really good job for this jam.

I'll play each one of this game here. Please, rate my game too:

Good concept of chosing the right ability, nice job very creative game.

Liked the level design and the mechanics, nice job!

Excelent concept, and loved the art style.

Really like the concept of only one weapon is the true do defeat the boss, nice job.

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I know the basics. It's not hard at all. Try Blender and see some tutorials. Model and animation is quite simple but need some time.