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Very relaxing game. This kind game looks great for mobile game. I had a problem with respawning birds and poles

This was one of the funnest games I played. The game's artwork is fantastic and the kitten's animation was great. Good job!

Really I liked the concept. Need to improve a little the mechanics and collision. Overall, good work!

Really fun game! Good gameplay and challenger. My record was 1:25

One of the most original game I played in this Jam. 

Parabéns pelo game! Muito divertido e desafiador. Gostei bastante também da arte e da soundtrack. Os diferentes bosses ficou muito bem executada, dá pra ver um aumento na dificuldade (apesar de ter achado o boss 4 o mais difícil.

Fun game. I had a bit of difficulty controlling the cats but I believe it was on purpose

I liked the pixel art. The soundtrack is really good. 

I don't know if I'm just bad or the game is hard.  I always switched toaster and mixer commands. My highscore was 10.
I liked the artwork.

Very good puzzle game! The jelly division mechanic works very well

Really nice job in this game. Very charming too. Controlling the character by the strings is very good

I really liked this game. I wanted more levels! The art and the animation is amazing. My Windows went crazy when I downloaded the game. I'm glad I managed to play.

I had fun playing this game. The possibility of using a ball to get a key was really cool. The chain being elastic also helped me in some puzzles.

Created a 3d game in 48h looks very and you did an awesome job. I couldn't play properly because my mouse scroll are broken. 

I like the lasso idea. I enjoy this kind art design. The boars was really pain in the ass.

The chain mechanics is very good. It's quite challenging and you're right to put in several checkpoints. It saved my gameplay a lot

Very well executed game. I got a little sad when I destroyed my health kits hahaha

I'm so confused hahaha. The blob physics is very different. In the second level my body was separated in half by the bar but I could complete when I created my child hahaha

I really enjoyed this game. Good puzzles and soundtrack.

One of my favorite games I have played in this Jam. Have you played Carto? It's very similar idea

Cool design game. Jump button need to improve. Maybe use GetKey (not GetKeyDown) or use in Update

It's these types of games that make me think I'm really dumb. Joking apart, the game concept was very good and the puzzles were great.

I love the art on this game. Very funky and funny. In one of my gameplay I got stuck in the wall and I could move anymore.

The idea of putting the tutorial on the menu was fantastic. Very pretty visual too!

Dark Souls of block games! Just kidding. Very interesting game. Looking forward to the next steps

This game reminded me of Atari games. I had a similar idea of gameplay for my game in this Jam. Good game!

Amazing puzzle game! Very trick ideia. It took me a while to understand the mechanics but playing 3 levels I'm already masterize hahaha

I wish I could code like this character hahaha
Very cool game! Fits very well on the theme

Opa, sou sim!

Não vou negar que o titulo me chamou muito atenção hahaha
No geral ficou ótimo o game. Me senti totalmente fora do controle quando começava a ficar bebado. A modelagem do ambiente e do personagem, como também as animações ficaram ótimas. A jogabilidade bem divertida, muitas vezes ficava confuso e não sabia qual botão apertar. Parabéns pelo game!

Really like your game but I'm very bad in this kind rhythm game. Very charm characters (everything about my childhood) and color palette from game boy suits very well.

Funny game. Just one thing, maybe you can create a cooldown to the wall because I created a wall in the front door every time and the baby never left 

The first few minutes of the game I couldn't move my tank. After I understood the mechanism, I started to create some strategies. I really liked it!

But when I went to make a move my game crashed. Here the code to help in the correction:


src / object / Map.lua: 33: attempt to index a nil value


src / object / Map.lua: 33: in function 'getTile'
src / object / Player.lua: 15: in function 'move'
src / state / Game.lua: 35: in function 'update'
main.lua: 72: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

The game idea is very interesting. My first playthrough I found the game very difficult. Then I learned and started to understand the mechanic. The only problem is that I didn't feel the necessity to use the other towers, I just kept shooting with central shot. Overall I enjoyed!

I really enjoy the 1 bit pixel art. The panic attack effect is amazing and gameplay works fine. But I have too many bug/glitches. The game have sound? I tried to restart the game several times but didn't hear sound

Very interesting game idea. Only thing I didn't like at all was the scenery. I think it's too random. But overall I really liked it

Thank you very much for your review. The initial game concept had planned to control the character's rotation with some kind of jetpack but I feared that character had too much control. I thought that not having rotation's control and having to wait to trigger the shot would make more sense for the jam theme. However, the more I played I discovered more mechanics and improved my time and this concept of waiting made even more sense. Patience is a virtue.

Very simple and cool concept. But I don't think satellite use fuel tank for energy... just kidding ;)

Very good concept. Lasers and gameplay works really well. Just another day when  Cyclops from X Men loses his glasses XD