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awesome graphics ^^

love it <3

‘Fade Away’ is a 2d rogue-like platform jump and run exploring game. You are playing as some kind of random creature, in a randomly generated world of blocks, items and other creatures. You can pick up and use items to fight or interact with other creatures, and to protect and upgrade yourself. Each time a player leaves the screen, a new version of the actual world will be generated. Sometimes there will be a chance to enter other worlds, which can be more crazier than the previous world(s). open game page

I tried to make it even worse, but i just couldnt make a ugly cat (i mean thats easy but it looks awful)..

finally figured it out haha...  kinda full score i guess :D

I think there could be something like a little jump-timer, allowing the player to still jump when the player is already falling

Comic Sans still missing xD

Great awful game.

Are the errors part of the game? :3

i am really sorry for giving you a bad score :(

And wow, this game was actually fun to play, because of the crazy random block effects!!

is it possible to move up/down?

still not boring enough because of physixs :O

yeah, its boring!!

What a great stupid game idea :D

hard and frustrating, yeah! :D

I was confused that you actually typed the levels manually

The menu could be more crappier :3

Some cool, i mean, awful, graphics as well

Comic Sans!!!11!!!

I think it could not be more boring :3

i dont know if this was planned, but in chrome the control-configurations CTRL + W leads to closing the window...

This is genius xD

that was... Phantasmical!!1!!11

cool survival game :)

Floaty controls <3

Thanks for making it for free, it was a great experience!

I cant imagine how much work the game design was..

Sadly I wasnt able to play the game with more then 10 fps (with the crappiest available resolution), but it looks interesting.

The trees look good (i didnt expect that they will look 'normal'). the surface/level design is simple, and the music is relaxing. 

every time i play this game, i got stuck and fall out of the world (nearly everywhere). it seems like there is a missing collision check from the player to a surface. 

i cant say much about the story/visuals because it was not possible to enter the most areas, because of the collision error.

thanks :)

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nice game!

those taking-down-trees-animation is really satisfying :D

Also a great idea to put the next hint into the game over screen.

game boy feelings guaranteed :D

well done!

great graphics style :)

nice game idea :)

I wish i could have a slightly better pc...

the game looks like a ton of fun!

Nice graphic style :)

can i play the game with controller?

It looks awesome 

Snake reloaded :P

Great game!

Great game idea :D

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wow, great game concept and also graphics!!

which engine did you used?