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Okay thanks  :)

So every HTML5 game would not count as valide submission?

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So, the game is pretty good for your first game!


  • simple but effective  and fitting game concept to the game jam topic
  • cool gameplay with "crazy eye - effect" 
  • primitive but totally adequate game style/ graphics
  • awesome random game design 


  • the game is no challenge, because the speed of the hexagons will not increase during gameplay
  • no scoring system with maybe useful highscore - count
  • not fitting game menu
  • controls are too hard (the white ball has a too high direct speed) - improvable
  • (missing sound)

for 1$ maybe not the best idea to get people play your game in a game jam?

way too much text but still good

Can I use HTML5 (in one file)? 

(yes, game engine just by myself)

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wow, this game is awesome!

nice binding of isaac clone!

confusing game but still funny :D

very fun and smooth game to play!

nice game concept and design - especially the randomly generated levels and the cute looking/animated robot!!

But when moving after jumping without vertical speed, you cant change the vert. speed in midair :(

And, in my opinion, the levels are too empty. (I only played around 6 levels)

Great game!

And thank you for tying my fingers into knots haha :D

No, seriously i would love to play the game with individual controls...

nice concept, design and gameplay!

I was surprised that you didnt wanted to make the player to move when standing on a moving platform. :)

great start for your first game! - a game with its features including game concept, design, story, sounds and fun gameplay. 

keep going!!

cool game, simple but efficient concept - well done!

The controls are kinda too unresponsive when releasing a button :)

that was fun!

thanks for making me angry & laughing at same time :)

great and frustrating game! :D

I am using javascript via html5 canvas and it just works fine! (not sure if php is a good choice for making games)

But you have to know which engine/framework/game-library you will use and how to use them without problems. 

free soundmaker:


(its great :D)

Sad to see that the game is way too short.

Thanks for taking the time and giving feedback!

I tried to make it as hard as possible so that i dont have to make too many levels....

Next jam will be better! :D



finally a kinda realistic rogulike haha. 

I really like your game.

wow, this game is pretty unique! 

But I think that the gameplay would be much better when the camera is totally focused on the player. 

great game and fitting game concept!

It would be better when the game area for the player who won will reduce, rather than increase, because otherwise its even harder for the player who is loosing to win the next round.

fitting game concept, sweet graphic & sound, simple controls - well done!


One hour left, so I am rating as many games as possible!!

Here is mine:

I am so impressed by the sound and the level/game design, but it hurts to give this game only two stars for the adherence to the theme :(

Great game <3

Impressive and unique game!

But I think there could be better game design. 

wonderful game <3

nice design, fitting game concept, and fun gameplay.

I also made a game with the title "One Jump", and I also thought about making a game with only one jump for each level, but I thought that this would be very bad  and frustrating for a platformer. So, I didnt expect that your game works quite well! 

weird but actually interesting experience, very creativ :D

so when the jam is over, i will upload a much better playable version of the game


yes, the controls are really floaty, but i wanted this game-feel to make the game a little bit more harder.

thanks for your feedback!

You may know, that I had big trobbles finding a fitting game concept, so I started nearly after 16 hours have pased... 

yes, that was the main issue i focused on.

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pretty nice game for around 2.5 hours of game development :)

Its a bit confusing how the game works and how to understand why the player lost the game when there are still persons. 

great game ^^