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Weird and original,

Hello, I'm a solo dev and I made a game inspired from metroid 2, please rate & review my game, thanks.

Super fun and loved the art style,really good feedback and level design,keep up the good work.

Hello im a game designer and this was my first solo jam, i made a game
(Lifeline) which is all about decision making and choice while still sticking with the theme,Please rate & review my game,thanks

So far i've seen 100's of games submitted with similar idea(one bullet,1 arrow,etc) but by far this is the best implementation & execution of the idea,great work.

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Hello im a gamedesigner, and this was my entry for gmtk 2019 game jam,please rate & review my game,Thanks

Interesting take on the theme, i cant believe you guys were able to make that many levels & i love the art style,good job.

Interesting and fun little game, i see a lot of potential as a mobile game,good job.

Nice & original but controls were little wonky at times but an interesting take on the theme,Also the overall execution could have been better but still good job man.

Thankyou for the feedback,really appreciate the support.


Yes i do agree with the collisions with the enemies,this was my first time using the tile map and didn't tweak the trigger size  properly anyways Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Thankyou for the feedback.

Thanks man appreciate the support.

Nice !

Done from my end as well

Nice & simple but kidda lacks the variety,still good job.

Hello everyone,

Im a game designer and this was my 1st solo jam, i made a game inspired from the original metroid while still sticking with the theme

Please rate my game i'll rate your game back,thanks,

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Hello everyone,

Im a game designer and this was my 1st  & the best game jam(solo),I made a game about decisions,choice and consequences. You have a life bar which is also your healthbar,fuel,ammo and score this was my take on the theme hope you guys like it.Thanks

A rating /review would be appreciated:


The Bombs are free but everything else costs energy ,the game was about decision making and choice and yes the game is no where near complete just very basic prototype of,But anyways thanks for the feedback and  i respect your opinions.

Thanks, Yup the major source of inspiration was metroid 2 gb, and metroid nes and yes there are plans to add problem solving & puzzle elements.

Thanks man,really appreciate the support.

I really dig the idea simple,sweet and perfectly fits with theme,the game has good potential as a hyper causal mobile game.

Appreciate the support thanks,

This was my first game jam tried giving a tribute to the original metroid while still sticking to the theme,Please rate my game 

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My game is already a fan art of the original metroid would really appreciate if you can leave a rating,

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Thanks for the support, but i would really appreciate a rating on the gmtk submission page,

Thanks for the feedback,there were plans of adding a energy restoring mechanic but was not able to complete within the time limit but sure if i decide to work on this game in future there will be a energy restoring  feature but with a penalty(decisions).

I had lots of plan but because of limited time i was not able to  complete the game,Once you collect the sample you have to extract the sample, i wanted the player to face consequences of their past decisions, and optimize thier run but yes i agree that this can be improved greatly,thanks for the feedback really appreciate it

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Hey im a gameplay programmer mostly i use C# and i can also do LD and UI art,let me know if anyone wants to join OR want me to join,here is my game