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A puzzle game where you get *only one* glance at the level.
Submitted by TernaryGames — 2 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3864.2314.231

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Man, this was great.  Fluid controls, good pacing and difficulty, and excellent level design.  Very nicely done!


Dang this was hard. It would have been nice to have a push/pull button to make it easier to line up blocks, part of the difficulty came from blocks not being exactly where I thought they were when I left them and being able to push/pull in a more deliberate manner would help line things up a little more precisely. Also helps shift the feeling of screwing up from the game and the designer to the player which is always good.


Very much enjoyed this! Some nuggets of good puzzle design in there. It's truly impressive how many levels you managed to include for such a short jam! I got a little frustrated further in; I struggled to execute the solutions I'd come up with.

One of the bigger issues was accidentally pushing blocks too far/when I didn't want to. Maybe you should have to hold a button to push? The darker walls also confused me at first, maybe add a puzzle in before they're first used to demonstrate the concept.

Great work! Keep it up ^-^


Thanks so much for the feedback! I think a button to push would make a lot of sense, I wish I'd thought of that sooner. A better introduction to the darker background walls is also a good idea. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game!


A really cool interpretation of the theme. The controls felt a bit too responsive at times, if that makes sense. But I enjoyed myself with this game. A really cool idea turned into a nice looking well rounded game. Good job!


Very insightful. I do think I get what you mean by "too responsive". If I make a fuller version of the game, I'll try loosening Jerry up a bit and see if that improves the game feel. Thank you for your feedback!

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I'd suggest adding a cooldown timer for restarting a level, because now you can simply keep tapping Escape and look at the level all you want. Also, for this kind of games, Escape is usually how you quit the game; R is the standard.
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Thanks for the feedback! Escape-spamming was an issue I thought of late into development, but at the time I didn't have a good idea for how to fix it. A cooldown timer is a great solution!


I think the fun of the game comes from remembering where to move in the dark. Giving the player a tiny look results in getting lost and having no idea what to do, which isn't fun. I'd suggest you show the screen fully until the player moved, rather than giving them a limited time. Would really highlight the fun aspect imo


A cool game and it had nice atmosphere. I think with a few more mechanics to really sell the concept this could be a really interesting game. 

Pretty fun game, enjoyed listening to the same music as SCP Illustrated lol! The only frustrating part about this game was the lack of a clear indicator of whether or not a ledge was 'clamberable(?)' or not. It felt as if some ledges of the same relative jump height had different interactions rather than a consistent feel. Maybe this is due to a pixel here or there? Either way this was a fun 20 minute game to play!


I totally agree with you. Climbable ledges do have an indicator (the lighter portion of the floor sticks out further) but I agree that it is far too difficult to notice. I realized that during development but didn't get a chance to fix the sprite in time. Very insightful feedback, thank you!


A solid game with good animations, good controls and devilish level design. On contrary to many puzzle games this one focuses on the execution of the puzzle and not the resolution itself.

Remembering where things are is half the work, the other half if knowing how far can you jump, push your boxes and where the character fits.

The mechanic gets a bit tiresome later, maybe try complementing it with other mechanics to add some variety to the levels. Other than that, the game is tight and challenging, as good puzzles games should be.


This game has an absolutely genius mechanic that I think goes underutilized here. It plays really well, and the satisfaction of understanding a level, or even getting it done on the first try, is a cool feeling. I would've liked if later levels leaned more into that perceiving-the-level kind of puzzle, instead of push-block puzzles that would be good in their own right, but feel kinda frustrating with the extinguish mechanic. You did a really good job here, and I hope all the best for you in this jam.


Thanks so much for the review! More interesting and varied puzzles is 100% going to be in the works if I make a more developed version of this game. I felt really constrained by the lack of mechanics while developing, but didn't want the game to feel too short. A full version will absolutely lean further into the memory and perception aspect of the game rather than more box pushing.