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Ah. I suppose that makes sense. I was reading "imaginary console" as "fantasy console" I think.

Will the imaginary console required for participating be one available for free, or a paid-for software like the Pico-8?

If it is paid-for software, will temporary licenses be provided for those wishing to participate, or will we need to purchase the software ourselves?

This seems like a really cool puzzle game concept! I see a lot of potential in this game mechanic, although I didn't get very far myself. My biggest frustration with this game is the low mouse sensitivity. An options menu to adjust things like that would be greatly appreciated! (And while we're at it, a pause menu to access it from would be swell, too). Overall though, this seems like an exciting start to what, with some more polish and refinement, I think can be a fantastic title.

Really interesting game!
I love the art style! This game is beautifully adorable.
I would've appreciated an alternate control scheme, or perhaps the ability to remap the keys, as "ZQSD" is very awkward for us non-French. '^-^
It's a really neat title, regardless, and really well presented! Nice job!

Really really fun game!
The tutorial didn't appear the first time I loaded the game, that might be a bug.
But once I understood how everything worked, I had a blast!
It's a really fun game, and despite the random and unpredictable elements, it has a strong sense of strategy.
Fantastic work!!

This is the kind of game I can see myself playing over and over again for a high score. The knockback and falling platforms definitely made me feel "Out of Control"! The music and sound effects fit the game really well. There could maybe be more minor effects added, possibly with a more dynamic camera or screen shake, for added game-feel, but that's up to taste at the end of the day.
Really solid game! Great work!

Thank you so much for the review! I spent a long time trying to get the false 3d to look nice, and in the end I wasn't totally happy with it, so I'm glad to see it get some praise!

That was something I thought about. In the end, though, I ended up prioritizing other parts of the game, and never got around to adding a controls screen. If I return to this game, I think that'll be the one thing I add

Thanks a lot! I argued with myself a while over the color choices, so I'm glad it came off well!

This game seems amazing, but the lack of graphical settings means that I'm unable to run it. Would've loved to give it a go, free-running games are some of my favorites.

Thank you so much for the review! I worked for a long time to get the game to feel the way I wanted it to (which is why I ended up not having time to add most of the rest of the game. Oops!), so I'm really glad that came through.

The fact that failure means completely restarting, as well as the fact that you aren't refunded for misplaced parts, means that if you're stuck on a level you'll have to rebuild nearly identical machines again and again. Plus, some direction-specific parts, like the joiner, can't be flipped, which means that you're limited in how you can orient your machine. Despite these annoyances, I still had a decently good time with the Magic Poo Machine.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I think a button to push would make a lot of sense, I wish I'd thought of that sooner. A better introduction to the darker background walls is also a good idea. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

Very insightful. I do think I get what you mean by "too responsive". If I make a fuller version of the game, I'll try loosening Jerry up a bit and see if that improves the game feel. Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks so much for the review! More interesting and varied puzzles is 100% going to be in the works if I make a more developed version of this game. I felt really constrained by the lack of mechanics while developing, but didn't want the game to feel too short. A full version will absolutely lean further into the memory and perception aspect of the game rather than more box pushing.

I totally agree with you. Climbable ledges do have an indicator (the lighter portion of the floor sticks out further) but I agree that it is far too difficult to notice. I realized that during development but didn't get a chance to fix the sprite in time. Very insightful feedback, thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! Escape-spamming was an issue I thought of late into development, but at the time I didn't have a good idea for how to fix it. A cooldown timer is a great solution!

Really fun! It kinda turns into a puzzle game. All the characters obviously have tons of personality and love put into them, and I could see this being expanded into a bigger project pretty easily. I will say I think something went wrong, because none of the skills actually cost any AP. Also, my antivirus was really paranoid of the game, so maybe warn about that in the game page? I had a lot of fun playing through this, though. Creative attacks, fun characters, challenging concept. Really nice!

Beautifully put together! It feels like the aerial controls could be tightened a bit, but the whole game was a lot of fun!

I really like this. I'd love to see this developed further. It almost turns it into a strategy/puzzle game. It feels like it takes a bit too long to get started running, though. I get what you were going for with the momentum mechanic, but it feels a little too heavy to me. Really cool idea though, and I hope you decide to continue with this!

Cool idea, but kinda painful to look at.