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Crashboi ExperimentView game page

Help Crashboi survive a terrific experiment!
Submitted by Robin Six (@JambonBurst), Eloïse Zirotti, Benjamin Coquelle — 34 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You play as a character that is bound to a rope and must be moved using the rope.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

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This game is hilarious. The it's not the easiest thing to control, but the goofiness of the whole thing more than makes up for it. Love how the guy's face changes when you reel him up. And it's got the best main menu I've seen


Really cool! The gameplay is so satisfying and the graphics are super clean. Well done!


Getting some real "virtual buddy" vibes, was that an inspiration?


Not at all haha! We haven't think about this during the jam :)


The presentation level is high in that one! Poor crashboi though. 🙁


Very fun game ! Obviously lacks some sound, but it's quite cute !


Great presentation. Looked really good. But was also a fun game! It was tough but I think I could've gotten better over time.


What a fun game! The graphics were really crisp even on a 2k monitor and all of the movement was fluid! At first, it was hard to control the dummy, but I got used to the movement and I could get further! I liked the different variety of "enemies" like the magnets. Great job on the game!


Omg the test dummy is so freaking cute!! I love how you have all of the buttons for the game falling and crashing into the screen. That was such a nice detail! My poor crash test dummy got beaten up, but the gameplay was tons of fun! Great work!


Fun to play.


Very fun little game with quite a bit of visual polish. I enjoyed whipping the test dummy back into place after the more chaotic encounters.

The chain length mechanic is interesting, though I personally didn't find any scenarios where it helped much. Having the chain be as short as possible at all times seemed to be the best strategy. Though I might just not be thinking outside the box.

Overall pretty cool.


Thank you :)
Indeed the chain lengh control isn't that useful. There's no scenario, apart the magnet that attracts you and draws the chain, where you really need to play with the length. We had a few ideas, but not enough time to implement them correctly, sadly!


I like the style, but it was hard to dodge obstacles


Thank you! Physics might indeed be too hard sometimes !


My friend deserved better, but we did what we could.

I'm always up for endless runners and physics-based games, so this one was a neat surprise to finish this first night of jam games. I loved the test dummy and the environments. A lot of good detail, and it was a slick presentation overall! I originally was wondering what was the point of changing the chain's length since it was objectively better to keep it short, but then I saw the magnets and my mind was blown by how much sense that made.

The game was great for what it was, so my next observations are more on the side. I'm not sure if this game has audio, since the description says it has pre-existing audio, yet I couldn't hear a thing. And without a downloadable version, when I tried to play the Web build, I couldn't originally see the whole screen of the game, not even enough to see the "full screen button". I had to press F11 on Firefox to  be able to click on it and enjoy the game as it was intended. Just things to check on on future iterations.

Regardless, I had a good time with this one! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us all! 👍


Thanks a lot ! I'm glad you liked our game :D

We wanted the chain's length control to be more interesting for more than just the magnets, but we didn't have enough time to implement the ideas we had, or at least to do it properly.
Also, thanks for telling me about the sound, I thought I had to choose one of the two options so I decided to check the one saying that we didn't make audio ourselves, but actually I can just check none...


Challenging game! Really cool mechanic on how it works with the scroll-wheel


Thanks! :D