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Try and remember the taste of the sound. When friends join together you know that love abounds.
Submitted by Jasontherand, DanzMacabre (@DanzMacabreVGM), dwiweam, jynki — 24 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
We joined the sense of taste with Visual and Auditory senses. Also cooking brings ingredients and people together.

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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This is an amazing concept!  The audio is really well done, and it felt so good to build up the recipe ingredient by ingredient. Nicely done!


Ok, there are some gameplay flows and UX improvement to make but... gosh I loved this 🤩
What a great concept and great music !
I'm not a fan of ASMR, but I had some good chills when I heared "omelette au fromage" whispered in my ears 🤤🧀(sorry for the cliché : it directly spoke to my frenchy soul !)
We can feel the sincerity in your work, it comes from the heart and it's soo cool, thanks to you all.


I was actually doing my best to try and create the recipes purely off of the music the dishes were making, because I think that's an incredible idea! That strategy failed me though as they got harder, because if something went wrong I had to throw the whole dish out! So I did end up using the shapes and colors, but if there were a way to make it easier to test ingredients with just the sounds, I think that would actually be awesome! And I really like the narrative built around what you're doing, overall really great job!


The post-jam update will have a way to do this! You will be able to hear what each food sounds like from the glossary. Unfortunately we just didnt have time to build that in within the 48 hours. I am so glad you liked it!


The audio and looks of this game are great! I love this take on the theme. My only complaint is that it's a bit difficult to distinguish all the needed ingredients coming from the recipe book in the later levels, because the colors look a lot alike and it's all very small, but that's something to be expected in a game jam. Great work!


Oh wow, this is so incredibly polished for a 48h jam !

The music is awesome. I always LOVED when the music adapts to what is happening in a game, and that's a perfect exemple ! The voice acting is also a big plus, and the little humor touches makes it perfect !

The concept is original, and, even if I must admit that I won't spend days and days on a game like this, it was still a REALLY enjoyable moment ! 

You are really talented and this game is incredible. Good job !


A fun sound puzzle game. Although I mainly used the visual cues since it was easier. But a great idea with a very clean and nice presentation. Great work!. I played it here:


Amazing Idea! To be honset I got stuck until I realized how the shapes worked


Incredible that you not only were able to make a fully functional and enjoyable game, but also create sound effects and an entire song too!


A sound puzzle wow! Good concept!


This game is fantastique!

The idea to use sound and colors to create a mix of ingredients is awesome! I had so much fun trying to reproduce all the recipes, step by step, until the melody was matching!

Being colorblind, at first, I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to tell the ingredients' particles apart, but to my (good) surprise, there is a way to change them to the ingredient's shape.

I still can't believe this game has full voice acting and original music. And, the fact you though about details like "Five seconds rule!" and "Omelette du fromage"... One of the best experiences I had in this jam for sure!

As a French dev: Excellent travail !


Merci! So glad you enjoyed it :)


This idea has a lot of potential! Great stuff!

I really liked the idea of using sounds as a main part of the gameplay. Kitchen mechanics that could be better, it's frustrating when products can't be placed somewhere or don't know exactly the difference between placing them in one place or another.


Thanks for the feedback. Was there somewhere specific you were looking to place the food that you couldn't? Just curious.

I was trying to put them in normal places, sometimes in pans and sometimes in the oven, but they ended up falling on the floor. I thought that each item could only be placed in some specific containers, otherwise it was some problem with the object hit.

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Fantastic stuff! Novel interpretation of the theme, great naturalistic voice acting, and hearing the symphony come together is extremely rewarding! I agree that some of the colours are a little hard to distinguish, but it's a minor complaint for something made in a mere 48 hours. One of my favourites for sure!


Yeah, that was tough to find colors far enough apart and it was a game of priorities with the time crunch. Glad you liked it!


Presentation was good, it looked very nice and the audio lines were a great touch, especially considering it was a game jam. However, the mechanics really confused me and i just couldn't get into it. The theme's a little weak too, but i appreciate the web build!


Interesting interpretation of the jam's theme - using synesthesia as the core game mechanic. I had fun with this one.


Pretty great! Nice voice acting and music, cool design. I did have some trouble telling some of the colors apart though; I figured it out eventually (the food glossary was a big help).


Glad the glossary helped! That was a big decision on our part on whether that would help enough.


really cool, loved the art and the fact that you included a sort of color blind mode ahah

nice game, congrats :)


Super cool game, I could vibe to some of the music all day.


I like this as a cute puzzle game! Some of the colours could be more different as they tend to blend together but overall cool concept and game :D


Aw man, this was so great!  I love explorations of neurodivergence to begin with.  Anyway, I was very happy that there were both sound and visual helps to the process!  (Because the glossary was visuals-only I couldn't have done the matching only by the sound.)  The art and music were great fun!
I could have a minor quibble about having subtitles for the voice-over or the ability to change voice volume separate from music volume, but they would be just that, small quibbles.
I really, really enjoyed this.  It was also very forgiving (i.e. suitable for anyone!)  Thanks so much!


Those suggestions would be very helpful for a full version of this! Thanks!

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