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Complete and immediate banger!

Impressive submission for someone alone!

I find the concept very interesting, the look and feel are pretty good too. 

I'm not sure the idea can make a great arcade game, but I love that you tried the concept for the jam (that's what they are made for, right?). Keep on doing great stuff like this!

Interesting idea, and fine pathfinding (for a jam game !)

Could benefit having someone doing the art ;) 

Nice take on this, really had fun playing. Those dragonflies are hard to save !

Hey, thanks for the time spend on the game, on commenting and troubleshooting ;) 

By the way, I was kind of aware of the problem, which has something to do with viewport size and default camera in Godot. As this was my first jam with Godot and programming all week-end, I didn't spend the necessary time solving this issue. 

I'm really sorry that it impacted your experience (though you seem to have enjoyed !).

Didn't manage to get the 2nd arrow with  a shot (cursor go out of game screen and trajectory isn''t high enough), but it's working after spawning 265 targets !

Definitively fun ;)

Hey, have you tried with the SharedArrayBuffer option  in ?

It worked for us. You just have to go to your game page -> edit, then scroll to Frame options and activate SharedArrayBuffer support.

Awesome art style ! Very polished for a jam game.

Never really liked tower defense though :'(

"Reminded me more of Witness rather than Tetris"
🙏 The Witness is one of the best game you could compare us with. Tanks a lot!

I can't figure out if I  really had fun, but I definitely spent 15 minutes on the game ^^' and it's creative for sure !
I bet you had fun developing this concept ;) 

Thanks a lot for your playthrough 💖

great commentary, great frog !

Such a cute game, the concept is cool.
I had a hard time controlling both hearts, it would probably be easier with a controller (one heart on each stick and triggers for powerups), it's easy to set this up with Unity 😉

Thanks to you for playing and enjoying ! Know that right now I'm listening to the ending song of Symphony Kitchen (since 10 minutes in fact !) and I love what you made in 48h too.

Thanks for your lovely feedback, we're glad that you enjoyed our work this much 🌠

Ok, there are some gameplay flows and UX improvement to make but... gosh I loved this 🤩
What a great concept and great music !
I'm not a fan of ASMR, but I had some good chills when I heared "omelette au fromage" whispered in my ears 🤤🧀(sorry for the cliché : it directly spoke to my frenchy soul !)
We can feel the sincerity in your work, it comes from the heart and it's soo cool, thanks to you all.

Thank you for your feedbacks :) 
We'll probably add stuff and fix some others in the following weeks, follow me or troleoleo if you want to see the devlog when it comes 😉

I didn't have time to finish the game, thanks to you I can now enjoy this really funny endscreen ^^

Very cool idea, great visuals and ... well great everything !
Amazing submission :)

I definitly love humouristic entries. Thanks for this submission.

Cool idea and funny art. Hard to play though 🐸

I love the idea !
Honestly, submitting a serious game for a jam at 16 yo seems to be a challenge. The creative commons and free of use assets are a nice touch too. Hats off 🎩!
(also : Hall of the mountain king always work on me !)

Cool universe and concept.
hard to play though 🤡

Nice design idea. I can see the intention with the level design and it's nice.
Could use some reworks in character's movement though.
Good work, keep on this way :)

Hope you enjoyed making this stuff ;)

Really fun. I mean, it litteraly made me laugh 🙃
Very cool entry, keep on with this style, I love it.

Wow, that was so nice, I just got absorbed by the game and woke several minutes after. 
I'm usually not into narration and romance, but it's really poetic, well executed and original. You really got inspired by the theme   ❤️
The game could be difficult depending on one english level, but I'm not sure there is a fix for that  😅

Really nice work for your first jam !
I feel like the character moves too fast for this kind of puzzling challenge, and we could use a more progressive pacing. Still, it's a great work with interesting ideas in it :)

(1 edit)

Great ambience, it's a fine work.
Well, I didn't manage to break my way out because of a mixed feeling of fear and "Shit, I'm not in control !", but sure, it was nice.

I would qualify this game as : "Randomly fun" ^^
I can't say I was better at smashing ennemies than at hurting myself !

Thank you very much !

"Inspiring"   🤩Waw, if it inspires you for creating, it's so awesome !

Thank you very much for this feedback. We are glad you enjoyed this much. And sure : the undo feature is worth considering, along with the overall UX.

Thanks for giving us feedbacks back ;)

Looks really nice. I'd like to play it when possible !

Nice concept and cute slimes.
I just found it really hard to understand what's happening, because red and purple slimes doesn't show any feedback when attacking.

Good looking game, well polished.
Sadly the move 'n' shoot mechanic doesn't really work, though it looked really nice. The concept is good, the universe and Art seems cool, but the gameplay needs some rework ;)

I almost gave up before understanding how to play, but once I did it was fun :)
I like the idea and the mechanic, but I think there are 2 design parts not fitting together : merging units (very cool mech' btw) and the tactical difficulty curve. In a tactical, you begin with only a few units, to understand the gameplay first, and then gain more units and a variety of them, to improve the strategic gamefeel.
What I like in M5 is to merge units, but with doing that, I have less of them, less options, and so, less winning strategies, which feels wrong : I want to do both !!
Hopefully, I think there are tons of design solutions that doesn't imply to change your core gameplay ! Honestly, I would enjoy playing this kind of game on mobile :)
(also, congrats for programming this alone, it looks like a lot of work !)

Wow, you definitely found an ambiance there ! I love the look and sound of all that, reminds me of Badlands.
The gamefeel though doesn't quite fit for me. The idea is cool, but I think it needs a twist or a little something to make the character manipulation fun.
Keep on doing games with your universe, it worth the play 🙂🐛

Ok, I understand the concept, and it could be interesting.
But I believe the potential is in multiplayer and the solo experience is a bit hard to enjoy due to a disorienting UX (switching between character is really not intuitive for me, and I struggle with control rather than against ennemies !). But there is something to dig here, if you want to.
Keep on jamming !🙂

Well done for the gameplay programming and the strong feedbacks. You could have afford a tutorial level though ;) Also, the music fits well !