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Thanks, so nice of you !
Right now, we ain't ready to make it "something much bigger", but who knows what impact it would have on our game-dev's life !

... Actually, it doesn't really work, so... It's kind of a dead project page :(

But please, feel free to test my other games (all jam games), I think there are some good ideas, with real chunk of fun :)

Yes true. There is a hidden black tile between yellow and red.

Thanks for playing

Yes, we figured this out ! It's a nice LD lesson about shapes/colors and recognition capacity. As a level designer I didn't think this would be a problem, but as a matter of fact, a lot of people experienced unfair difficulties with the Magritte ! 
Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for your sweet feedback :)

We havn't decided if we should continue with this project yet, but we'll surely continue to jam together sometimes. Hope we'll do some projects as nice as this one !

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Thank you :) this is very encouraging !

Wow ! There are a lot of work here and graphicly it's awesome ! Sadly I hardly manage to play and enjoy :'(
Maybe you should make something easier next time, and concentrate on technical doability (3D is usually a lot more work, and casting ray well... you did'nt made it easier !)

Keep on jaming :)

Hi there
First : know that I didn't have a bad time playing and that's a nice try. 

Buuut... there are too many things going wrong ! I won't speak about technical problems, because you probably know them, and I'm sure you will improve.

In terms of design, I think you just tried to do too many mechanics and too many content ! 48h is a very short time, and you have to concentrate on the essential.
My advice would have been this : keep the HP shared with amo mechanic, get rid of : collectibles, platforming skills, crates,...  The question you should ask yourself is : "What is THE gameplay idea I want to do in my game ?" once you've answered that, cut the rest, it's just a waste of energy.
Speaking of which, you should spend more energy on doing feedbacks ! We HAVE to know when the enemy is hit, when we are wounded, when a shot is doing something or not (I tryied to break a crate with one shot : no sound, no animation, no new aspect = crate does nothing, it's just a part of the environment)...

Failures helps improve, in condition that you find what have failed.  So I hope this comment will help you, and if you keep on trying, I'm sure you'll make great games :)

Anyway, I hope you had a great time making the game, because in the end it's all that matters :)
Jams are made for this : try things and enjoy.


I'm not sure that I understood the concept here...
We have only one direction to move : down, though the character can move with 3 directions (in a 180° range). But right now, I'm feeling that your gameplay is suffering from the "only one" constraint rather than taking the opportunity :(

Maybe you should indicate the direction your character will take (when you will stop pressing Down), permitting the player to anticipate their move.

I like the ambience though, so keep on jaming and improve :)

Hey, thanks for your feedback :)
Here's the solution 
(this level is a bit buggy, but I realy love this paint !)

Thanks a lot, it was the exact purpose !