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I haven't worked on this game in a while, but maybe i'll give it a go. Out of curiosity, which controls are inverted?

EDIT: I tried to plugin my controller, but it doesn't work. I have to use InputMapper to map it to an Xbox controller, and everything seemed fine there, so i'm not sure if there's much more i can do about this, sorry.

Thank you for the feedback!

1. The points are gained from the little pink-purple dots on the ground that drop when killing enemies, I might add a sound effect to make it clearer that you are getting them.

2. There are no purple rings that spew out larger enemies. Bombs do spawn every 30 seconds, which can be picked up to kill enemies, so you might be thinking that those are spawners. My bad, gotta make that clearer too! And yes, a definite issue with this game, and some of the bosses, is that you can just go in one direction and avoid them all. I don't want to limit the play area completely, but i'll see if I can think of something for that.

i'm sure if I work hard on the game I will get more players, and I enjoy working on it, but I have a few projects that i'd rather work on sometimes. And while I developed this game because I personally enjoyed the process, I don't want to develop any further seeing as I can't really get any good feedback to balance the game. Which is fine, it is what it is in the end.

And for bots, that would be cool, but very difficult, especially for how this game is setup. I was planning on making a coop or singleplayer "Robot Invasion" gamemode but god knows when that is coming.

the game will not go on steam. The networking isn't designed for steam, I haven't worked with steam before, and noone plays this game in the first place so i'm doubtful there would be more players on steam. I appreciate the kind words though, thank you!

thank you, i appreciate it alot! I love Adrift too, and i really enjoyed working on Redrift, but recently i just haven't been able to find the motivation to work on it much. 

If there ever will be a fuller release though, it will be "Redrift:Redux", basically Redrift but the code is cleaner and it's more faithful to Adrift (a downloadable version can be found here, but the web version on that is on an earlier version)

yeah, it's a weird issue, i've thought that i have fixed it several times but it never goes away. I just recommend downloading the standalone version if you can, sorry!

wtf is this (btw, if you're learning message microman502#6046 i'd be happy to help you out)

raise your hand if you are still waiting for pangaea

not working on this right now, but if I ever get back to it hopefully I can work on that. I do know of someone who is making a mod off of Redrift:Redux's codebase, so maybe they can expand on this stuff as well

alright, i agree with that, will give it a go. (thanks for leaving feedback btw!)

dani didn't invent low poly, it's been a style for a long time. People are always saying adrift and redmatch 2 look like dani games and it's annoying, he didn't do anything original artiscally


discord invite invalid ):
also this game is fucking terrifying, pardon my french, is this gonna do a doki-doki literature club on me?

hey! Stumbled across the game, i think it's super cool. I'd be interested in helping develop the game somehow (i have unity experience, especially with Photon, if that's being used here.) microman502#6046 if you wanna talk.

seems like an epic game, although chrome download throttling means it takes 40 mins to download, have only seen someone else play a bit of it.

are you still making stuff? cus this game looks cool

hmm, the "island flinging" is handled by the physics engine, so it shouldn't be affected by lag. I think i just made it a bit shoddily, but thank you for the feedback.

no, i don't plan to add multiplayer. The best you will get is adrift's multiplayer mod, which can be downloaded from the "Download" section here

Adrift is the original, by Rugbug Redfern.

Redrift is a revised version, adding new content such as elevators and a new island, as well as large balance changes. 

and Redrift:Redux will hopefully be available in the future, as an even more refined version that goes in a different direction to Redrift.

thank you, that just made me remember Redrift:Redux, might go work on that

put a clay ball into the furnace

you have to mine the dark purple crystals in the dark realm with an iron pickaxe. (they can be found on small islands floating past the main dark island)

you mean your worlds from Adrift? They are incompatible with Redrift, so they can't be loaded up.

If you could load those worlds previously (within a few months ago) and they are suddenly inaccesible, i'm not sure what would cause that.

if it has been many months since you played, either I changed the file path (meaning your old saves still exist) and can be found at Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\LocalLow\Redlabs + Microman502\Redrift\saves

or, you are playing on the web build, and as far as i can remember, the saves there get wiped every update (so, play on the downloadable PC version)

this is uhh... sort of unplayable for me right now. Goes to 100% CPU usage when i start playing. Possibly badly handled UI or too many things being called in Update() (or maybe it's just WebGL being bad, but i've never seen this kinda performance before)

the maps are a little blocky, although i reckon you could do something interesting with a very simple style like this (still, it needs more details than a few cubes)

reloading also doesn't seem to work? I don't know, after shooting all my bullets and reloading i can't shoot anymore.

needs a fair bit of work, definitely (especially looking into the frames issues), not much else to say here since i couldn't play it well at all.

sorry if i was a little too harsh, just trying to be honest and help out :)

haha i saw you mentioned in the discord, progress is a bit slow on Redrift:Redux so no promises for a release anytime soon (and yes, this is my fault, when i release an update for another game i'll try get on it)

no more grass picking up, it was kinda stupid tbh

don't worry, it's a unity thing so only I can change it (it has been changed for the Redrift Redux test anyways, so it is fine)

Just looking at screenshots and my immediate impression is that this is a bad unity game.

Not that it is, but that's what people think when you have default Unity UI and default skybox

UPDATE: I still have all the code and everything set up, but my time has been taken on schoolwork, cataclysm, and, to be honest, playing video games. Hopefully I can get this to a workable state by the end of the year, though.

Sadly no, there is not a way to do that. The main intention of storage boxes is just to put items automatically in, but not out. Maybe for Redrift:Redux, when i get to working on that more

You can track progress (or ask me about progress if i haven't posted anything recently) at either the Redlabs Discord or My own discord, Rolling Tundra

You still there? I'm planning to work on Redrift again, although it will be different to how you know it currently... See the devlog "Redrift:Redux" for some info on this

Looking to make some improvements to the game's friendliness... so, if anyone could tell me why they are put off this game / why they don't like it, it would be appreciated.

No hard feelings or judgement, I just want to make a better experience.

Redrift doesn't have multiplayer, i'm sorry to say... it's coming soon (and by soon i mean whenever i feel like it)

i mean, it's still nicer to have a menu or button that you can press to add an item in [COUGH COUGH] Redrift [COUGH COUGH] shameless self promotion

Oooh, i love it! the new update adds alot more strategy to the game, i love the weapon and ammo limitations.

also, the ammo text was behind the gun icons for me, so it was a little weird, but still readable.

love the execute mechanic, really great way to force players within melee range, although it can feel a little bit janky to use sometimes.

yeah it's a bit weird, you gotta drop wood and ores in

hey i came from the redlabs discord to say that this game was wayy before muck, flatshading != game copied muck

good shit, dude! the frantic action of this game is alot of fun, i loved the visuals too. adding a progression system (like in the game hades) could really make this something awesome

Maybe a little too much screenshake but that's just me.

Music was great too! (please add a volume slider though, it killed my ears)

but not wrong