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haha i saw you mentioned in the discord, progress is a bit slow on Redrift:Redux so no promises for a release anytime soon (and yes, this is my fault, when i release an update for another game i'll try get on it)

I mean... visual changes I guess. Make the ladder less blocky, add some background trees, smaller details, stuff like that. (as well as a campfire or such at the end of the level if that hasn't been added already)

no more grass picking up, it was kinda stupid tbh

don't worry, it's a unity thing so only I can change it (it has been changed for the Redrift Redux test anyways, so it is fine)

Just looking at screenshots and my immediate impression is that this is a bad unity game.

Not that it is, but that's what people think when you have default Unity UI and default skybox

UPDATE: I still have all the code and everything set up, but my time has been taken on schoolwork, cataclysm, and, to be honest, playing video games. Hopefully I can get this to a workable state by the end of the year, though.

Sadly no, there is not a way to do that. The main intention of storage boxes is just to put items automatically in, but not out. Maybe for Redrift:Redux, when i get to working on that more

You can track progress (or ask me about progress if i haven't posted anything recently) at either the Redlabs Discord or My own discord, Rolling Tundra

You still there? I'm planning to work on Redrift again, although it will be different to how you know it currently... See the devlog "Redrift:Redux" for some info on this

Looking to make some improvements to the game's friendliness... so, if anyone could tell me why they are put off this game / why they don't like it, it would be appreciated.

No hard feelings or judgement, I just want to make a better experience.

Redrift doesn't have multiplayer, i'm sorry to say... it's coming soon (and by soon i mean whenever i feel like it)

i mean, it's still nicer to have a menu or button that you can press to add an item in [COUGH COUGH] Redrift [COUGH COUGH] shameless self promotion

Oooh, i love it! the new update adds alot more strategy to the game, i love the weapon and ammo limitations.

also, the ammo text was behind the gun icons for me, so it was a little weird, but still readable.

love the execute mechanic, really great way to force players within melee range, although it can feel a little bit janky to use sometimes.

yeah it's a bit weird, you gotta drop wood and ores in

hey i came from the redlabs discord to say that this game was wayy before muck, flatshading != game copied muck

good shit, dude! the frantic action of this game is alot of fun, i loved the visuals too. adding a progression system (like in the game hades) could really make this something awesome

Maybe a little too much screenshake but that's just me.

Music was great too! (please add a volume slider though, it killed my ears)

but not wrong

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Thanks so much man! I do have some bad news for you, however... Due to the current state of development, I don't really want to work on Redrift anymore.

It's discontinued for the forseeable future, but you can always check out the beta branch or even download the project off GitHub, and make this your own. (of course, only if you know unity).

Thanks for playing! (I do have a multiplayer survival game I am working on, if you think you'd be interested, then you can contact microman502#6046 on discord)

I have a fix for that in development, however, the code of redrift has gotten a little messy and i don't feel like working on it too much. Maybe if i'm in the mood i'll come back, but there will be no updates for the forseeable future.

Also, there are many places where you can phase through objects, not much i can do about it as far as i know

bye bye itch, it was good watching redmatch 2 develop here over the years.

Huh, that makes sense. I'll try to get it fixed, it's probably due to recent conveyor changes, or just a bug i have not noticed

Maybe the physics bugged out bad? You can get launched very far on rare occasions.

You can always fall and you should be warped to the dark realm.

And to answer your other comment, the next big update is on hiatus, I didn't really feel like working on redrift. I might come back soon. A bug fix patch is definitely coming up, tho.

Unintentional. It's due to the loading system; I tried re-working apples at one point but it was a pain to do. I should really get around to it.

Interesting... i'll take a look later. I thought i fixed all this recently...

Very fast-paced! I really enjoyed this, quite a quick and fun little game. Good job with the skills - although they don't seem to always light up when they are ready.

Presentation was good, it looked very nice and the audio lines were a great touch, especially considering it was a game jam. However, the mechanics really confused me and i just couldn't get into it. The theme's a little weak too, but i appreciate the web build!

Quite alot of fun to play, good job! The wand mechanic, and having to choose where to shoot made for some interesting options. Maybe in future enemies have different flanking maneuvers?

The presentation wasn't the best but it didn't really hurt the experience. I think the movement could be changed though, maybe whenever a movement key is pressed you move, rather than being on a timer?

10/10 for ease to play and simplicity. I appreciate the browser build! Honestly, this game is really solid and a fun little play. It's quite difficult but i'm sure there's a learning curve to it.

The audio initially made me feel anxious cus i had no clue what was happening, then i realised it was using audio to show positions of the little dots! Nice feature, you did it really well. I don't have much to complain about with this game.

Thanks! Yeah, i realised it can be a little hard to tell when you are moving. I figured the enemies solve that, but there aren't always enough of them.

A really good concept, I love the idea. Some really crazy puzzles could be done with this.

I think the "change" mechanic on the gun is not too interesting right now, but maybe it could change other things in future? enemies, doors, etc?

It was alright, the concept's quite good, my main issue is not the confusion, but the player's attack range is really small, making it very hard to hit enemies without them hitting back.

Really loved it, worked quite well for me without too much struggle. Good job on this, I don't really have much to complain about, other than there needs to be more levels in future!

Wow. This game was quite short, but the idea was awesome! I had alot of fun with the puzzles. I'll be playing this more for sure if new levels get added.

There's too many files, idk which one to open

I'm sorry, 600 MB puts me off. I'm on australian internet, this could take me 10-5 minutes to download.

Pretty good. I actually had alot of fun flying through and killing enemies. However, hyperdrive warping was really difficult. The spawnrates of boxes are fairly consistent and the enemies come at you.

I played for about 20 minutes so i think it got a fair rating. You really have a fun idea here, please give me a heads-up if this gets an update!

Sorry for rating it so low, but I was unable to get to the level after the first one. The music and art was quite lovely, however!

No clue. Adrift uses .blend files so I do too, it saves me having to do alot of work. I might look into it when i have time.

(WOW this is a long thread) yeah it happened when I first put adrift into my unity files, I did fix it but i forgot how.

Maybe you need to install blender (possibly a specific version of it)