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That is good to know! I'll be sure to check when it comes out.

I do, but is there a way to tell you by dm-ing you here? 

Sorry, craft studio didn't let me start making a game. Besides, i haven't used it before.

Sorry, craft studio didn't let me start making a game. Besides, i haven't used it before.


Ok, thank you :) 

Sorry, just making a joke. Didn't mean to offend (?) anyone. 

I got the game, and it looked very interesting. However, i couldn't see the "Inventory" shown in the secong photo, and no matter what i bought i could not plant anything. I must be doing something wrong.

I'm also really hoping that the difficulty curve is made harder.

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Found some save issues. 1) the noise of the conveyor belts is stacked and obnoxious until they are reset. May just be my headphones. 2) Incinerators & doors get flipped sideways...

One more thing, and i swear i'll be done. For the collisions, try making the player a fairly detailed system but have the items have just a square of something like that for the collider.

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I saw a youtube video on this, and i believe i saw it on the Blackthornprod discord server. looking forward to playing it!

Edit: I have now played it, It's a quaint game, and it's a really nice experience. I do enjoy the crates and multiple island. I have some suggestions, however: A harder difficulty curve i.e you should not be able to immediately get to the top tier pickaxe. However, i am very excited for the future of this game nonetheless.

*Ahem* Hytale

i meant 45 degrees,  sorry! That was not a good typo. 

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I love this game! the only issue i have found so far is the cube slide when at a 45 degree angle relative to its original position. I'm not sure if you will still update this, but i love it!

I mean, there are loads of discord servers and youtubers who have tutorials and you can ask them directly, but I guess it can be good to get info from a studio like this.

I love it! The progression is so nice. maybe there should be a super-care mode where, each rank up, the formula for egg laying rate goes 5 - happiness/25 + rank * 5  But there would be some way to increase the max happiness. However, I really do like playing the game! it is a great and very fun challenge all the way through.

The lavender town music and some of the sound effects are a bit jarring, but it's understandable. The pixel art and all were interesting but they weren't always sticking to the size of a pixel, they would sometimes look odd or bob a bit, and there being no pickups or special mechanics from what i could see was a bit bland, but it's your first game, and i haven't even made one. Great first game with some strange things, but mostly done well. 8/10 would play again.