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for the climbing tools, be right against a surface to use it, it can help you slide down islands. as for the grapples, i agree they can be a bit cumbersome. You can use the geysers (very small landmasses floating on the void sea) to get a boost onto the island. appreciate the feedback though, I'll look into improving these items.

hello to any Adrift players! If anyone enjoys this game, I released Redrift:Redux a bit ago, which expands a ton on the gameplay features and polish, while still maintaining some of the core feel and theming of the game.

play it at if you want, or don't, keep loving Adrift either way!

no current plans for any updates. A Robot Invasion update is maayybe possible, but it's most likely the game won't get another major update.

cool, thanks for uploading the video! Shows me a lot of what I need to improve, because looking at it now, the game does just drop you in suddenly. Also, press TAB to open the crafting menu.

oh forgot to check this when you released it but seems pretty cool - definitely needs a lot of polish, i think the audio's really important here, the concept is decent tho

if the demo is representative of the game (at least near its current state, which it should be):

- Game lacks direction. You just suddenly drop in. What are you doing? Why are you here? What do these machines do, for what purpose?

- Things should be spread out and introduced more gradually to give the player plenty of time to understand it.

- Gameplay is cool, but at least at the start, i'm wondering what there is going to be to make it a bit more interesting. I think the pacing is a bit off.

absolutely amazing, the concept and execution is beautiful. Really good take on the classic endless shooter format, this could be really fun if you added to it - maybe even added levels, objectives, something like that?

either way, this is super promising for only 72 hours.

can't give you guys any money cus of paypal issues... but in terms of visual style, this game is beautiful. You hit the nail on the head with it, it's stunning and very impressive. The gameplay is also really solid and enjoyable, i think you've got something great here.

From what i played, i think the game needs:

at least 1 new map

alternate weapons - a way to customise your playstyle would be nice

more moves. Unless i just didn't find that many, i think move combos to do special attacks would add alot of depth.

nah i have no plans to make this multiplayer, sorry

thank you for the suggestions, but as things are currently, next update will only have a sniper with a scope, and I don't plan to add any sniper without a scope.

And you will be able to use to chainsaw to help you climb up walls (as well as "lunging" towards players when you hit them).

thank you :)

huh, i've never thought of that before, but it's a good point! I know shotgun can be quite effective, but the whole idea is that automatic weapons are designed for mid-range where shotguns will lose their effectiveness, but you will need to be able to control their recoil in order to use them.

I've thought about spread reduction when scoping - not sure I want to go this route, but it would make scoping much more worthwhile (currently it only reduces recoil a bit and centres your gun, not exactly great i guess).

Spread bloom is something i've considered, but I have tried to keep the spread constant. Not sure why though, so I guess I could take a look into bloom (only for firing though, I don't really want movement to decrease accuracy).

For the reply below, I could try lossless compression, although usually Unity's built-in compression works fine for most textures without losing much quality at all. (Also I reduced the filesize by about half - I had some skybox textures in there that were unused!)

And no, it's not condescending at all, I seriously appreciate all the feedback. Getting opinions from different players on what they like and dislike is what makes a game, in my opinion

Yep, I'll see if I can reduce filesizes a bit then (gotta remove some obsolete or unused sounds and textures)

but what do you mean by "hope shooting mechanics are redone"? What do you have in mind that could be improved there, I'd be happy to try implement your ideas so long as it fits with how I want the system to be.

a quick update to anyone who cares! The new update is still being worked on actively, it's just a bit hard to figure out when to release it. the new map isn't properly textured, but it is completely ready to be played.

currently I'd like to work on adding reload animations to almost all weapons, then I'll possibly think about a release

if you are planning to update this at any point, maybe roguelike/roguelite mechanics? As far as i can tell this doesn't have any. Also maybe tune monstro down a bit.

And maybe replace the health, boss health, and bomb sprites with your own versions so they at least aren't directly ripped from the game.

Don't get me wrong, cool project, i think it's mostly faithful to the original game, but imo with this you should either try to diverge from the original, or re-create it as closely as possible (but then you'd have to make it free so it's not seen as scummy, i guess)

also if you ever need any feedback i am willing to give as much as i can, discord is microman502#6046 if you are ever interested

only got to day 4 before i decided to stop playing, but here's some feedback:

+ Love the pixel art style. Pixel Frog did some really good work on this!

+ Music is nice and chill

+ Basic gameplay loop is pretty fun, i always enjoy a bit of resource gathering, base building, and then defense

+ The ability to swap between characters that exist within your village is awesome, gives a lot of freedom and makes each new villager feel like an extra life

+ Despite the incredible simplicity, i think just having to pick up a ton of items without a lot of control over them works pretty well here, although this could get unwieldly if more items get added

~ Combat is alright, it feels a little bit janky but it is functional and does what it needs to. Playing as the knight feels a bit better, as it's meant to i guess, maybe some slight movement should occur while attacking?

- Pixel art is scaled differently all over the place, this makes it feel a bit inconsistent

- Needs some more guidance on things like being able to mine stone from mines, i had to read the comments here to figure that one out

- The island should be bigger! I think a large area to explore could give a cool way to allow players to forage and let you add more goblin outposts, as well as requiring players to make big choices about where they will explore and for how long

- Default control scheme is a little weird for keyboard, personally i would do something more like WASD, E to pickup, Q to drop, and then maybe ZXC or 123 for axe, hammer, and blueprints

Overall though, this is pretty solid! I think it could use some work, but it still feels quite polished and is a neat little experience, even if it is left as-is without any updates.

sorry, i've been working on it for a little while. I plan to get a testing build working either today or tomorrow.

Just a little teaser - there's a new class, new map, a few new items, new movement, and a whole ton of bugfixes and balancing as usual.

you dont

Nope, and pretty much no one ever played this game to be honest, I mostly developed it for the fun of it. Quick Fire ( is made better and might have some people online if you're lucky

(1 edit)

I haven't worked on this game in a while, but maybe i'll give it a go. Out of curiosity, which controls are inverted?

EDIT: I tried to plugin my controller, but it doesn't work. I have to use InputMapper to map it to an Xbox controller, and everything seemed fine there, so i'm not sure if there's much more i can do about this, sorry.

Thank you for the feedback!

1. The points are gained from the little pink-purple dots on the ground that drop when killing enemies, I might add a sound effect to make it clearer that you are getting them.

2. There are no purple rings that spew out larger enemies. Bombs do spawn every 30 seconds, which can be picked up to kill enemies, so you might be thinking that those are spawners. My bad, gotta make that clearer too! And yes, a definite issue with this game, and some of the bosses, is that you can just go in one direction and avoid them all. I don't want to limit the play area completely, but i'll see if I can think of something for that.

i'm sure if I work hard on the game I will get more players, and I enjoy working on it, but I have a few projects that i'd rather work on sometimes. And while I developed this game because I personally enjoyed the process, I don't want to develop any further seeing as I can't really get any good feedback to balance the game. Which is fine, it is what it is in the end.

And for bots, that would be cool, but very difficult, especially for how this game is setup. I was planning on making a coop or singleplayer "Robot Invasion" gamemode but god knows when that is coming.

the game will not go on steam. The networking isn't designed for steam, I haven't worked with steam before, and noone plays this game in the first place so i'm doubtful there would be more players on steam. I appreciate the kind words though, thank you!

thank you, i appreciate it alot! I love Adrift too, and i really enjoyed working on Redrift, but recently i just haven't been able to find the motivation to work on it much. 

If there ever will be a fuller release though, it will be "Redrift:Redux", basically Redrift but the code is cleaner and it's more faithful to Adrift (a downloadable version can be found here, but the web version on that is on an earlier version)

yeah, it's a weird issue, i've thought that i have fixed it several times but it never goes away. I just recommend downloading the standalone version if you can, sorry!

raise your hand if you are still waiting for pangaea

not working on this right now, but if I ever get back to it hopefully I can work on that. I do know of someone who is making a mod off of Redrift:Redux's codebase, so maybe they can expand on this stuff as well

alright, i agree with that, will give it a go. (thanks for leaving feedback btw!)

dani didn't invent low poly, it's been a style for a long time. People are always saying adrift and redmatch 2 look like dani games and it's annoying, he didn't do anything original artiscally


discord invite invalid ):
also this game is fucking terrifying, pardon my french, is this gonna do a doki-doki literature club on me?

hey! Stumbled across the game, i think it's super cool. I'd be interested in helping develop the game somehow (i have unity experience, especially with Photon, if that's being used here.) microman502#6046 if you wanna talk.

seems like an epic game, although chrome download throttling means it takes 40 mins to download, have only seen someone else play a bit of it.

are you still making stuff? cus this game looks cool

hmm, the "island flinging" is handled by the physics engine, so it shouldn't be affected by lag. I think i just made it a bit shoddily, but thank you for the feedback.

no, i don't plan to add multiplayer. The best you will get is adrift's multiplayer mod, which can be downloaded from the "Download" section here

Adrift is the original, by Rugbug Redfern.

Redrift is a revised version, adding new content such as elevators and a new island, as well as large balance changes. 

and Redrift:Redux will hopefully be available in the future, as an even more refined version that goes in a different direction to Redrift.

thank you, that just made me remember Redrift:Redux, might go work on that

put a clay ball into the furnace