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I like your games, honestly do. But is this just, like, try not to laugh?

Press Q to drop smeltables (iron ore, copper ore)  and fuel (wood) right into it. They will smelt.

Wasn't able to rate it on the jam, sorry! You did submit it 1 minute before the deadline which did make it hard haha.

So, the game is fun. Dash works, rebind works, and it's easy to play and win. Pretty great job for 7 days, in my opinion.

There were some problems, like dashing got me stuck in a wall (yet i could still shoot and kill enemies), or changing resolution made buttons work weird. Overall though, I enjoyed it!

Well, 1. still allow movement when you get hurt. Being pushed back stops you from being able to do anything 2. if there are alot of enemies make a few ways to get hearts, or increase max HP.

That's all i have, but i enjoyed playing your game!

The game was fun overall but there were some problems like jumping was weird, one you got hit you would basically drop to 0-1 HP (making 3 hearts useless, almost) and the music could use a slider/mute to make it quieter.

Sorry for the harsh review though, it was quite a nice idea and it's really great to see all sorts of games from the jam.

Thank you! And yes, i have found the movement to be uncontrollable. Too bad i didn't notice, but it was fun to make either way. 

Getting someone commenting on this game was amazing! Thank you so much! And yeah, i should have done some more testing to see if wall jumping was fair or not, but i didn't do too well. The revised version will have better wall jumping though. Either way, thank you for playing!

I enjoyed it, but the deal breakers were 1. The controls were a tad too floaty and 2. Even with upgrades like magnet, and the larger drill, it was still hard to tell waht was and wasn't a gem, requiring lots of grinding. and the magnet's range was so short by the time you saw it wasn't a gem it was too late.

However, the graphics and the way the game functioned in terms of UI was pretty much flawless. It looked great and nothing was annoying or buggy in the menu.

Very entertaining! The games were quite simple but overall it felt very strange and eerie. And I like the deception at the end, leaving you kinda confused about what just happened.

Very Clever. I really enjoyed it, and while it was only made in 8 hours, you managed to get a good bit done. I liked it!

A fun little game. Not too complex, but i guess that's not the idea. I enjoyed it, personally.

No problem, waiting patiently for new adrift release. Also will try to get Redmatch soon.

Ahh, alright! Potentially put it on hold until and if you feel like updating. 

Great to see such a game is still in development! It looks very cool.

Oh, definitely! If there is any kind of place i could suggest it i will, but for now i'd just like to say that you should need a special platform to build on the underside of an island, copper should be found at the bottom of the island, iron should REQUIRE a stone pick and you should need to sacrifice a lot for a lightning stone and, finally, silicone should be rarer than it is, and sand should be able to be picked up from somewhere.

Yeah, I work on some games too. I know how important it is. I also have some ideas for a difficulty curve but you probably have it being well worked on.

I cannot wait for the new version! I have actually been waiting and anticipating. cannot wait!

yone orted me
seriously tho congrats

That is good to know! I'll be sure to check when it comes out.

I do, but is there a way to tell you by dm-ing you here? 

Sorry, craft studio didn't let me start making a game. Besides, i haven't used it before.

Sorry, craft studio didn't let me start making a game. Besides, i haven't used it before.


Ok, thank you :) 

Sorry, just making a joke. Didn't mean to offend (?) anyone. 

I got the game, and it looked very interesting. However, i couldn't see the "Inventory" shown in the secong photo, and no matter what i bought i could not plant anything. I must be doing something wrong.

I'm also really hoping that the difficulty curve is made harder.

(1 edit)

Found some save issues. 1) the noise of the conveyor belts is stacked and obnoxious until they are reset. May just be my headphones. 2) Incinerators & doors get flipped sideways...

One more thing, and i swear i'll be done. For the collisions, try making the player a fairly detailed system but have the items have just a square of something like that for the collider.

(1 edit)

I saw a youtube video on this, and i believe i saw it on the Blackthornprod discord server. looking forward to playing it!

Edit: I have now played it, It's a quaint game, and it's a really nice experience. I do enjoy the crates and multiple island. I have some suggestions, however: A harder difficulty curve i.e you should not be able to immediately get to the top tier pickaxe. However, i am very excited for the future of this game nonetheless.

*Ahem* Hytale

I mean, there are loads of discord servers and youtubers who have tutorials and you can ask them directly, but I guess it can be good to get info from a studio like this.

I love it! The progression is so nice. maybe there should be a super-care mode where, each rank up, the formula for egg laying rate goes 5 - happiness/25 + rank * 5  But there would be some way to increase the max happiness. However, I really do like playing the game! it is a great and very fun challenge all the way through.

The lavender town music and some of the sound effects are a bit jarring, but it's understandable. The pixel art and all were interesting but they weren't always sticking to the size of a pixel, they would sometimes look odd or bob a bit, and there being no pickups or special mechanics from what i could see was a bit bland, but it's your first game, and i haven't even made one. Great first game with some strange things, but mostly done well. 8/10 would play again.