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Honestly Flawless. It was enjoyable, polished, and challenging. It's a great spin on pong. I can see this being a really great party game, 1v1 or even 2v2.

I don't know the original game, sadly. My only criticism is that this plays a little bit slow. However, it is presented really well and feels super polished for only 48 hours. Great job!

Good to know the combat worked well. And, if you have the 1.50 dollars, I recommend picking up swarmlake for a bit of fun.

I appreciate that! I thought that a snake game would bring back a lot of memories for people.

Thanks for the feedback! It feels good knowing I got a fun, playable game.

Note to self: Fix bug where enemies do not... do not die.

Idea! Platforms have health that slowly depletes. They should last for around 60-80 seconds, BUT, you can shoot them to destroy them.

Multiplayer honestly worked really well, quite nice. This list is to help with development:

- Chat is quite weird. You can get it to work though.

- When you die, maybe a death screen or some animation?

- A bit faster movement, and clearer reloading animations (for that fast-paced gameplay!)

- Sounds for other players so you know when they are coming

-  Some form of lobby feature so everyone can get sorted before the game

- An extra gun, such as a shotgun. Or if you wanna be a little bit more creative, something like prey's GLOO cannon (you can walk on the projectiles) mind you this one is more a suggestion than a core feature.

Odd, abilities worked in editor. They aren't working now. Will check it out.

I will play more soon and reply to this comment with everything, but basically, the new update is looking visually stunning, I love the new sword and pickaxe, the pickaxe feels super fluid and the extra drops from resources is sooo good. Feeling way different than 0.0.2 so far, you have really outdone yourself here man.

Aww, thanks man! I really should do a little bit of polish to get the game actually working. Thanks for the feedback!

Made it to day 13. Great game!

Incredible. So much more fun than before, the snow biome is great, and progression is feeling really fun. The anvil functionality is great! Only problems i have is, 1. you can still destroy two resources at once at the right angle, and 2. Crystal tool costs seem incorrect, as well as the anvil still displaying crystal tool upgrades when you have them. I can't wait to see what else you add, this is looking really great so far.

Incredible job. Anyone who can, find a friend and pair up. This game is short yet really fun. It's polished and well done, and the mechanics can feel a little weird but overall it is executed super well. Great job Rug, you have improved so, so much.

Awesome game! The visual were incredible and I can tell the hollow knight inspiration. The combat has a learning curve but can be overcame.

The boss was great but if you had 1 health entering the room, you are screwed. And the little white health things; i see no reason to go and collect them, as they don't increase max HP to my knowledge.

However, this is honestly pretty well polished and very well executed. You have done really well, great job!

Sounds good! I think you guys are making the right choice. I'll buy the game sometime when it comes out, hopefully.

It looks fun, but so far, at least in the browser version, I can't play this. Z, Q, S, D are weird - I understand that you may have a different keyboard but is it possible to make it so you can switch from ZQSD to WASD? Also, the way the camera looks towards your cursor makes it incredibly hard to pick things up. Sorry for being a little harsh, this is just how i felt.

update coming soon? Take your time, but i can't wait

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this looks so cursed and funny... do i dare?

EDIT: I'm sorry but it's such a large file size dude, I can maybe think of a few ways to make it smaller. If you want any help my discord is microman502#6046

I see your comment below, and i understand. But firstly, you have natural regeneration over time. Secondly, get good. (that was bit rude rude, what I mean is make sure to strafe away from enemies while attacking, or just run if you can't kill them)

Incredibly enjoyable, I played for an hour or a half. It's a great concept and i can't wait to see where it goes!

That is absolutely the plan! And i do massively regret not taking the time to add any sounds, but ah well, I will do it when i can.

I was lazy and changed the camera and stuff to do that, in hindsight i should have had a system in place for the cutscene.

The audio is a dream to listen to, the level design is very nice, and the visuals are made well. Good job on this! My only two complaints are that the respawn time is a little annoying, and there are no checkpoints to respawn from (to be honest, this is a problem in my game as well, and it's really not that bad at all in this case)

they are trying to fix it right now

now that it's in 1.0 I decided to play it, hope it will be good. Absolutely cannot wait for Pangaea, Adrift always caught my attention for some reason. Anyways, i'll make sure to give this a rating!

It's a great little arcade game that stands out from your other games. The graphics are lots of fun. It's nice for a quick game to play and is done well. The only problem i have is that the target is too random, you cannot tell where it will do, leaving you flailing around looking for it, which i guess is the idea. I would enjoy something pointing to it though. I loved the art style and simplicity, though.

It's very cool! I'll try to play a bit more later. However, I do have some criticisms: The camera could have been moved somehow to make movement back and forth less jarring, and the spikes' hitboxes were pretty frustrating. But the game is quite fun to play

Quite fun game. Certainly needs lots of work to become a full game, but what is in the game is implemented very well, great job! The movement and tutorial might need a bit of work soon. Very enjoyable!

I like your games, honestly do. But is this just, like, try not to laugh?

Press Q to drop smeltables (iron ore, copper ore)  and fuel (wood) right into it. They will smelt.

Wasn't able to rate it on the jam, sorry! You did submit it 1 minute before the deadline which did make it hard haha.

So, the game is fun. Dash works, rebind works, and it's easy to play and win. Pretty great job for 7 days, in my opinion.

There were some problems, like dashing got me stuck in a wall (yet i could still shoot and kill enemies), or changing resolution made buttons work weird. Overall though, I enjoyed it!

Well, 1. still allow movement when you get hurt. Being pushed back stops you from being able to do anything 2. if there are alot of enemies make a few ways to get hearts, or increase max HP.

That's all i have, but i enjoyed playing your game!

The game was fun overall but there were some problems like jumping was weird, one you got hit you would basically drop to 0-1 HP (making 3 hearts useless, almost) and the music could use a slider/mute to make it quieter.

Sorry for the harsh review though, it was quite a nice idea and it's really great to see all sorts of games from the jam.

Thank you! And yes, i have found the movement to be uncontrollable. Too bad i didn't notice, but it was fun to make either way. 

Getting someone commenting on this game was amazing! Thank you so much! And yeah, i should have done some more testing to see if wall jumping was fair or not, but i didn't do too well. The revised version will have better wall jumping though. Either way, thank you for playing!

I enjoyed it, but the deal breakers were 1. The controls were a tad too floaty and 2. Even with upgrades like magnet, and the larger drill, it was still hard to tell waht was and wasn't a gem, requiring lots of grinding. and the magnet's range was so short by the time you saw it wasn't a gem it was too late.

However, the graphics and the way the game functioned in terms of UI was pretty much flawless. It looked great and nothing was annoying or buggy in the menu.

Very entertaining! The games were quite simple but overall it felt very strange and eerie. And I like the deception at the end, leaving you kinda confused about what just happened.

Very Clever. I really enjoyed it, and while it was only made in 8 hours, you managed to get a good bit done. I liked it!

A fun little game. Not too complex, but i guess that's not the idea. I enjoyed it, personally.