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Thank you :))

Cool puzzle game, and great use of the theme. I wish there were checkpoints where you could respawn but overall great game!

Thanks! Yeah a first pass trail would have been a good feature, good idea!

Thanks for playing! Yes I didn't think of adding a reset button but definitely would have helped.

Thanks for playing! definitely need some more adjusting but glad you managed to beat it :)

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Such a cool idea! I found it quite tricky but this is a really great game, so impressive to be made in a short amount of time! Great job :))

Nice idea, would be cool to have more levels!

Cool concept and I think this would really work well as a mobile game,  great job!

Great art and cool concept. I think the wall jump may be a bit broken though, I managed to spam it a lot and start flying.

Thanks for playing, glad you like it - a trail of the previous hit would be a great idea, thank you :)

Fun platformer with great art, and some cool writing in the newspapers. I didn't reach the end but I think I was very close just got stuck on some jumps with turrets, but overall this was great. The boss battle was clever, only thing I would add is a health bar for the boss so you can see how much is left.

well designed platformer, and the artwork is great :) 

cool text based adventure, was funny to anger the squirrel. Would have been nice if it was longer with a complete story but fun concept, nice stuff.

Really fun and well made with great art! I am confused about the ending though, was it meant to loop around infinitely?

Cool concept, and the level theming was good. Would be nice to have more options when building a headline and some audio too, but overall good job!

Thanks for playing! I didn't think of adding a restart button but it was an oversight and I will remember next time. The waiting is very important however, as without it, a false fail can happen easily (like when the ball hits terminal velocity on an incline)
The art was a gamble and I'm sad to hear you didn't like it, I am a pixel artist normally but I decided to experiment with plain shapes and vector art for this as its something I don't normally do, it was an enjoyable experiment but I know I need to learn more shading and techniques with vector art.

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing! I didn't think to add a reset button because I didn't realise it could get stuck, but I know for next time :D

Thanks for playing  :)

Thanks for playing! Didn't know it was possible for the ball to get stuck but yeah I should add a reset button.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I definitely should have included  restart button, didn't cross my mind but it would definitely improve it!

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing Endmark! Glad you like the art style and it would have been better for some ambient to be in the cutscenes.

Thanks for playing! Yeah I like adding some swearing in my games xD

Thanks for playing spoonsweet! I think I'm in the mood to be experimenting with prototypes than making one full game xD

i am scared of the dark forest

Wow the art in this one is amazing! Well done spoonsweet! I managed to find the pet :D

Really lovely game space! it was super creative to have playing chords to solve puzzles, and the poem was very well written :)

Thanks for playing :D glad you like the art, and yes some extra music would have been a good idea for the cutscenes.

Really great voiceover and atmosphere! Story was quite interesting too.

I love the audio and effects of the environment. The controls were a bit difficult to handle though, but I am not good at platformers.

haha nice :D thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Yeah if I had more time I could have added more obstacles.

Thanks for playing , I had to rush at the end so the scene art is pretty terrible yes, glad you enjoyed the story though :)

Thanks for playing :) deer would be a good idea but since its hinging on being an urban setting, I could make that into cyclists, would be quite interesting :P

Thanks :))

Thanks for playing space! If I had more time I definitely have added a bit more, maybe a shooting mechanic for an extended car chase?

Thanks :))

Bloom is a great idea, especially for the neon theme :D Thanks for playing!