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Thanks for the feedback :). We indeed went for just a puzzle game, but we felt like something was missing... something of action. We will take your reply into thought!

Thank you for the kind words! Yes we had a lot of fun haha :)

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I must say I am very impressed! Really cool defending game :). That you could kill enemies with the lasers was something I figured out a bit too late tho... but that was my fault.

Challenging game! Really cool mechanic on how it works with the scroll-wheel

Just look at my score on the first level. That will say everything.

I got 229. Really challenging game. I had some diffuculty with my dog being stuck behind sandbags. Overall this game is a good representation of this Jams theme.

Nice dialog and fun quest system.

That would be a great option. Thanks for the feedback!

Good job on the puzzles, they are very well designed!

Fun little game. Would be even more fun with different enemies

Nicely done I finished the light world! I got stuck on the dark world due to placing rods when I just spawned, but for the rest a really cool concept!