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Oh, strange behaviour that should not happen there!

Well, who knows...

You mean the dog photo?

Well, to be fair, we may have written the numbers in a strange way. I've been looking at some people trying the game and do some calculations before figuring out that's not the point.
So that's not you being dumb! Hope you still enjoyed the game :)

I won't allow you to speak like this

Jesus Christ, well I'm sorry there was none haha

Haha, now I'm curious, how much time did it take? :D

Haha, we always love it when people find out our little easter eggs :D

Thanks a lot :)
It's not planned at the moment, but maybe someday some idea will come to our mind for new adventures!

Hi! Sorry for answering so late.
Glad you liked the game! I'll probably keep it in english only (not counting French as that is my native language so I did not have to ask for someone) as it's a simple prototype only and I'm not working on it anymore :)
But I'll keep it in mind!

Hi, thank you :)
The artist of this game only used Photoshop!

Hey there!
Sorry this happened to you :( We're not working on the game anymore and since it has been made for a jam, I'm most likely not reopening the project to fix an issue almost nobody seem to have.
Hope you still enjoyed the game!

Thank you very much :)
I published the game as a prototype, and maybe I'll keep on working on it and and such mechanics, but it's more likely it will stay is it is. Those are good mechanics ideas though!

Thank you for the nice video! :D

Hey there, here's my ID: Robin#3281

Hey, thanks for reporting.
It's most likely this bug will not be fixed as the game has been made a few months ago as a game jam submission, and we're not working on it anymore :)

Thanks a lot!

Thank you guys!

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Thank you!
We made it for a game jam so we're not working on it anymore :)

Seems strange and hard to tell what could have happened without logs. Guess I'll have a look at it in case it reproduces for lots of people!

Yup so it seems I'm just dumb and didn't see the Windows/Linux dropdown... I uploaded a Linux version, tell me if everything's good on your side! :)

Well, actually it seems the build I already uploaded should run on Linux (though I tagged it Windows only). Could you try it out and tell me if it's working fine?

Hey there! I'll try doing one when I got some time, should be published fairly soon and I'll let you know :)

Thanks a lot! You're right the input tutorial should adjust with what input type you're using.
Also, I love the video thumbnail :p

Hey! Thanks a lot for the video! :D

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much! Glad you liked it.
Well I didn't do anything special, may be related to the engine version or maybe some Player Settings? Not sure I modified something specific though...

Thanks! Hope you'll like it :D

Hey there! Thanks a lot for the article <3

Hey :) I didn't meant to say it would be a bad idea to expand on the game, but we simply do not want to

Thank you :)
This was a game made for a game jam so we're not working on it anymore, sorry!

Well that must probably be because you're playing on a Chromebook, however I cannot do anything right now :/

Hi! Sorry this happened to you, I can't seem to reproduce the bug. Are you playing on the web version? If so, I'd suggest you try downloading the windows version :)

Thanks! We're not working on the game anymore as it was a game jam game, but thank you for your enthusiasm :D

I uploaded a Linux version. I could not try it so feel free to tell me if something went wrong when launching it :)

Hey there :) I'll check whenever I can and I'll let you know about a Linux version!

Thank you guys!

Hmm seems strange, may be an error in the game code but it's kinda old so I'm not opening it again to be honest ^^

Guess it is haha! The game has no page on so it's hard to tell :p

Well, we had some ideas for a game ending but let's be honest, we didn't have enough time left at the end :D