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You may drag it, but if you're asking, I suppose it's not working. Maybe it's because you have something else to do, or if it's a bug, try replaying the game?

Don't worry about the doggo, he's fine. It's just the picture!

Thank you :)


Thanks :

Thank you :)

Oh, guess I didn't test my game enough haha!
I probably won't fix it (as I've not been working on the game for a loooong time), but thank you for reporting the issue.

I'm sorry but I only understand french and english. Based on a translation it seems you're asking what number to type on the phone: basically everything you need is in the game so you have to search for some info that could be hidden!

It's been a while since we've been thinking of making another game with George but did not come up with a good enough idea to start developing a second game. But we keep thinking of it from time to time so maybe one day a new George game will come!

Actually we did not expect that some players would wait for this long xD
Seeing that some of you are actually patient enough... if someday we release a second game we'll keep that in mind :)

I mean nothing special happens if you let the printer prints all the 1485746 papers

Haha, well some people already tried and... nothing happens

Muchas gracias !

Only the picture, no worry

Well, nothing much :D

At what part of the game are you stuck?

Well finding out what to do is the point of the game so that would be a shame telling you, but feel free to ask again if you're really stuck!

No way it took you 2 hours :o
Glad you liked it!

Haha well you answered at the exact same time I saw the email and edited my previous answer 🤣

(1 edit)

Hi there :)
You can send me an email at I obviously cannot promise anything right away, but I'm curious for more details!
EDIT: woops, just noticed you've sent an email already! I'll answer it as soon as possible!

George goes to the gym each day.

Sorry if the sound was a bit too loud :D

You're welcome! (sorry :D)

Thanks! :D

Oh, strange behaviour that should not happen there!

Well, who knows...

You mean the dog photo?

Well, to be fair, we may have written the numbers in a strange way. I've been looking at some people trying the game and do some calculations before figuring out that's not the point.
So that's not you being dumb! Hope you still enjoyed the game :)

I won't allow you to speak like this

Jesus Christ, well I'm sorry there was none haha

Haha, now I'm curious, how much time did it take? :D

Haha, we always love it when people find out our little easter eggs :D

Thanks a lot :)
It's not planned at the moment, but maybe someday some idea will come to our mind for new adventures!

Hi! Sorry for answering so late.
Glad you liked the game! I'll probably keep it in english only (not counting French as that is my native language so I did not have to ask for someone) as it's a simple prototype only and I'm not working on it anymore :)
But I'll keep it in mind!

Hi, thank you :)
The artist of this game only used Photoshop!

Hey there!
Sorry this happened to you :( We're not working on the game anymore and since it has been made for a jam, I'm most likely not reopening the project to fix an issue almost nobody seem to have.
Hope you still enjoyed the game!

Thank you very much :)
I published the game as a prototype, and maybe I'll keep on working on it and and such mechanics, but it's more likely it will stay is it is. Those are good mechanics ideas though!

Thank you for the nice video! :D

Hey there, here's my ID: Robin#3281

Hey, thanks for reporting.
It's most likely this bug will not be fixed as the game has been made a few months ago as a game jam submission, and we're not working on it anymore :)