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KawaiiCore!!! That's sick! Lol I love the aesthetic and the concept of he hello kitty home invasion made me laugh! The concept of the game is cool and I love how spooky your enemies look. The tutorialization being a part of the environment is a nice touch and I think really effective! At a certain point the ammo wasn't spawning anymore and that may have been a faux pas on my end for not having managed my own resources well enough! But I was definitely feeling overloaded along with the concept being in the gun ammo as well!
Really nice game and well executed!

This game was awesome! Really solid platformer with very cute character design and a fun cast of character skins to choose from! I like the graphics and overall vibe of the game. I admittedly was not great at first,  but was able to get used to the enemies' moves soon enough! I think a system of having like 3 lives before you reset could be a great addition to allow the player to experience the game a little bit more before having to go back to the beginning!
Overall I think this was a really successful project that was fun to play! (:

High score of 1300!

Awesome game! The visuals are so cute and clean. The fact that you provided different playable skins was a really nice touch that impressed me right from the start! The controls and objective were well communicated and easy to execute which I appreciated. I thought it was fun and well made!

Cute game! Also my first game to play in the jam! The controls were clean and worked well and the objectives were clear! I understood how to play and I loved the art you used! The ambient theatre noise of people clearing out was a nice touch as well! Great job!

I would love for you to use them! Thank you for the credits! 

I'd love to play the game once it is all done!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it!

Wow!! I am blown away that you made a whole choose your own adventure experience and made such an expansive narrative in 48 hours! Great job!

Awesome game! I love your artwork and it was cool how the music and sound seemed to have a different sonic effect depending on where you were in the map! Was the sound tied to an object on the left or was this more of a panning thing? It was very aurally pleasing! Great job and cool to tie the different powerups to the dice!

Awesome Awesome game! Visually stunning with clean and fun gameplay! The music really fit everything and the game just felt so good and very polished! Some things took me a couple of tries because I personally was not great, but the game was lots of fun and had me wanting to continue to play more! Great work!

Hi Appleseed!

Loved checking out your stream the other day! If you are still interested, the team would still love for you to check out "Our Family Quilt"! We were on Tori's stream the other day so if you don't get a chance to check it out, but otherwise would love to have you play it! Hope you had a good week!

Ahh Yay! Then we really hope you enjoy this and that it delivers on the coziness! (:

Hi Appleseed!

Welcome to the Jam Fam! 

I'm DanzMacabre(She/They) and my team and I would love it if you could check out our game! It is a cozy puzzle game where you try to stitch together the different patches of a quilt left for you by a grandparent! Thanks in advance for considering! Hope you enjoy all the great games on your stream!

We've also submitted our game to be streamed by Tori, but hopefully you get a chance to still check our game out!

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Hi Tori!

I'm DanzMacabre(She/They) and my team and I would love it if you could check out our game! It is a cozy puzzle game where you try to stitch together the different patches of a quilt left for you by a grandparent! Thanks in advance for considering! Hope you enjoy all the great games on your stream!

This was great! A wonderful game by anyone's standards and even more impressive that you are such a young developer creative awesome work like this! I loved the artwork and the concept of the gam! I thought that the enhancements to the character made for a neat and dynamic and varied gameplay experience! Awesome work!

Incredible!!!!! Holy Moly the amount of polish this game has is immense! I love the artwork so so much and the music fits the game so well and is incredibly mixed and makes the perfect mood! I love the concept of the game and you have executed it pristinely! Great work with awesome and cute character design! Love it!

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Very cool game! Controls felt smooth and things felt fast paced with a good sense of pressure! I really enjoyed the artwork as well! I also enjoyed how the shift and space text would go translucent and come back to the foreground to show cooldown time! Very creative

Spectacular work! Really awesome platformer executed in a creative way! The controls felt great and as you went from animal the controls felt intuitive! The pacing of difficulty and what each animal could do was done really well, too! 

The art and music were wonderful and I really really appreciate how you took the time to do underwater fx as well for the sound! Awesome game!

I love me a good bullet hell! This was great! Delivered on all fronts when I saw the title of the game and the artwork and music you chose really fit the game perfectly!

This was fantastic! Really solid platforming game with solid controls and a lovely story! I really enjoyed your artwork as well! Great game and I admire the work that you do as an organization as well! 

Wowow!!! This was incredible! I loved all of the artwork throughout the entire game and was so delighted in the different styles for each stage of evolution! Not only that but the music was such a hit and I loved how in the last level you had the tune come back as a little tune from the computer in a new sound!

The variety was also present in the gameplay that I thought was wonderful throughout the game and made for such a fun and pleasant game experience! (: Awesome work!!

I love your art style and the music was so cool and perfect for the game! I thought that the feeling of you gliding across the screen especially once you reached max speed felt really nice and smooth especially as you gradually change direction as you go. I thought the logic for how the enemies spawn and move was interesting and the visual for the shockwave looked really neat! Great job!

This was incredible!! I love the humor int he concept and how it ties to the theme! The music was really hype and I thought it fit the gameplay and artwork really well, too! I love a good bullet hell and this was a great spin and approach to the format! Awesome job and great work!

Monke!! I must set free all the monkes! Lol

This was great! Very funny and cheeky and the art and music felt very fitting for what you were going for! I hope you continue to work on this so I can set more Monkes free! 

This was awesome! I love a good town builder/resource management game and I can't believe you made one in this amount of time! The artwork is so cute and the music really set a great tone to chill and get lost in the gameplay and trying to balance all the mechanics! Great work!

Hello World!

I’ve decided to start making Music Asset Packs!

     It has been just under a full year since my friend introduced me to the world of Game Jams by asking if I want to make a game together for the Ludum Dare 48. Back then I thought that we would make this game and it would be this one time fun experience and we could be happy with what we made. Well, we got hooked. It was so much fun and creatively fulfilling (and just as stressful) making our first game and in the past 11 months we have made 6 games for some of the biggest jams! What?! I could not have imagined this. Our teams have grown and we’ve had the joy of just creating and tailoring some of the most whimsical experiences.

     In any of our games there has been a heavily collaborative approach to our work and what we all want to create. We all chime in to the different aspects of a game in an effort to find what we all agree is the best version of this project. Still, responsibilities need to be delegated and I have mainly been responsible for Music, Sound Design, and Sfx. As a result I have heavily contributed to the story of our games as well. Over the past year we have had the honor of ranking highly in most audio/music/sfx categories(among others) if not getting #1 in those categories and we are humbled every day thinking about the reception of our work. As someone who has always wanted to pursue a future in game music more professionally I wanted to use this momentum I’ve been feeling to start making things that can be helpful to the community.

     I’ve started with this Free 8-bit Music Asset Pack to kick things off! It has three classic sounding 8-bit songs and I’ve included all of the stems for a total of 15 tracks. This gives the the developer the option to use any of the tracks or any combination of the tracks as long as they apply to the same song. It also gives the option to do adaptive or additive music for your games to have certain stems be linked to the musical elements! On the itch page there is a Soundcloud playlist that will let you listen to the three songs.

     If you like what you hear I hope you download it for your own personal or commercial products and please don’t forget to rate and comment on the pack! Make sure to follow my page because I plan to come out with more music assets soon that I know will be a great addition to any project. I like having fun making music in all genres and really enjoy writing fun lyrics for games so if you have any inquiries for custom music for your game you can contact me at

Hi tickMark! Thanks so much! I'll work on putting together a zipfile of the music to listen to! 

This is so awesome!!! I love the style and how it fit with the game you made and I really found the Inn theme and the ending theme to be quite beautiful! I also like the bass guitar transition rifts in the boss theme! 

Wow!! i'm super super impressed by the graphics! Not only from being able to mimic the distortion from watching it through a television, but even if you took that out I thought the art was cute and really clean! Not only that but I love how it seemed like the music changed from that first area that was all light before going to the darker area! the mechanics felt clean and as the game progressed it got harder, but not too hard which I appreciated! Awesome job!

Wow!! Gorgeous game with awesome graphics and really clean gameplay! Feels super polished and the design and scope of what you accomplished for the jam is very impressive! Great work!

This was awesome! Love how varied the gameplay is and how the core mechanic is still transferrable and consistent throughout the different scenes as well! The art is incredible and I was always excited to see what new kind of world and enemy I would encounter next! Great job!

So many holes!!! Haha Definitely an appropriate name for the enemy you've got! I love the concept and I think it'll be so much fun continuing to make more enemies based off of common fears! The artwork is really nice and I love the design of your monster! The animation was clean as well! Nice job!

Incredible job especially for the first game jam! I really like the graphics and the theme is perfect for the visuals you chose! I love the concept of having to reveal the junk food that is falling! I played through it a couple of times and I think your reveal mechanic is great! Usually what took me out is that sometimes the fruit would spawn further away than what I was physically able to travel to in that time, but I was really feeling the pressure! Nice job!

Great job! Love the concept and really well executed! Menu and pause screen were easy to navigate and it was fun really trying to double check my spelling in my mind before clicking on what I believed to be the correct answer! Neat game with a nice UI and good graphics and soothing music! 

Hey! This is awesome! Just tuned in and about to add our game to the doc! We'd love for you to give our game a try and would love to try yours out as well (: Thanks so much! 

This was fantastic! I enjoyed the subtlety what is and is not real and I really had to focus to try and discern what I should and should not collect. The artwork looked fantastic and the sfx really gave it that feel of a coin collector! The game runs super well and feels very polished! Great work!

Wow!!! Incredible game! The artwork is absolutely gorgeous And is perfect for this style of game! I love the music and the sense of calm that it encourages as you go through this person's home. The concept is well executed and the game is very polished! Great job!

Yes!!!!! I adore how this fits into the theme! So pertinent, but what a great way to poke fun at the idea! I love just being able to click and watch the number go high. Right now I'm at just under 9 million, but this is after having played it actively and having many power-ups quite high and now just letting the number continue to grow! From the graphics to the audio to the concept I really enjoy this game and I'm going to continue to have it on in the background just to keep on getting that cash money! haha Great job and wonderful polished game!

Really awesome game! Fits the theme well and the mechanics work well and feel really smooth! I loved your music and it really felt like a good fit for the game! Awesome work and nice puzzle design! Great job!

Thank you so much!! Glad you enjoyed the game and the song! Thank you for playing!