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That was great! The chaos was essential to the game and really made me feel the pressure! The graphics made it feel light hearted, but invested and the music compounded that feeling and really set the tone for a great game! Amazing job!

Great idea for chaos! Nice Game!

I really liked your mechanics a lot and your graphics were great for this type of game! All of the little details such as the death animation really bought a lot of life to the game for me and made it super enjoyable! Great job!

I couldn't stop until I got to god level chaos!! That was so much fun and really incredible! I agree that it was just so addicting! The upgrades were noticeable, but still incremental such that you wanted to continue to get more! Great design and wonderful job with great graphics and music! Wonderful game!

Loved it! Straightforward design with increasing potential for chaos and natural increase in difficulty with a changing environment! This was really well done and the graphics were the perfect thing for this type of game! Great job!

Great game! Fun take on the theme and really fun artistic theme as well! Love the beach vibes and a really creative take on a bullet hell as well! Great job!

Great game! Really cool idea with great execution! Loved your art style and the cheekiness of the whole experience! Great job!

Great twist on a kitchen management game! Loved the Zombie aesthetic and loved how you interact with the environment and the whimsy that all of the recipes include! The graphics are also really wonderful and the music was great! Wonderful job!

Ayy that was awesome! The music does a great job of creating a vibe but also giving a sense of pressure to the player! The graphics are simple but effective and quickly convey how the player should interact with the environment! Loved it and it definitely fits the theme! Great job!

Very unique take on the theme! Definitely felt chaotic! I never knew how much I wanted a leaf blowing game in my life until now! Hope you continue to expand this even after the jam! The idea is great! Wonderful job!

I really really enjoyed this one a lot! Totally get where you were going with the chaos between the timer and having to manage the shop and your purchases! The controls felt really good and seeing my progress at the top incentivized me to make it to the end! After a few speed boosts I was really having to keep an eye on a lot of things! Great job and wonderful game!

My new high score is 166 coins! 41 deaths!

That music was tasty! Great game! Love how slippery the controls are without being overly slippery. The world feels clean and nice and it plays just enough with depth perception until you get there to be difficult, but achievable!

The cheekiness in the first few scenes that also teach the player was amazing!! The game is super well made and has a great vibe between the graphics and the audio. Really great feeling game with some good polish especially for having originally set out to make an even bigger game! Great work!

Love the colors and love the concept! Wonderful work especially for three days! Fun game! Took me a moment to get used to the movement, but once I got it it was a good time! Nice job!

Really quirky game with great puzzles and twists at every corner! Had a lot of fun playing it and it felt very whimsical as well! Great game!

Chaos 10/10 Neat game! I thought your take on the theme was hilarious and the thumbnail caught my attention! The ability to go on all four walls was pretty neat and it definitely kept me on my toes trying to keep track of everything. Nice work!

Great vibe with chill music and nice pixel art! Loved the idea of spreading chaos with donuts and perfidy! Awesome work especially for a week! Great job and cool game!

This was awesome! Love the neon retro vibe! The chaos was great and the controls felt very smooth. Great job!

Thanks for this post! Would love for you to check our's out!

Would love for you to check our's out! Thank you so much!

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Fun chaos management game! It was a very chill vibe between the graphics and the audio which was super nice but still maintained the chaos in the actual gameplay! Great job!

Fun game with Cheek artwork! I loved it! Mechanics worked well and it was fun to be the cool little sunglasses character! Great work!

Tons of fun! Cute use of text and interacting with the player! Fun bullet hell for sure and it totally fit the theme! Great job!

Great music and very very neat and chaotic concept! Took me a moment to get a feel, but once I did it was a great time and a fun game to experience! Love the story and love how it all fits into the theme. Great game!

I had such a good time with hat one! Straightforward concept implemented in a way that introduces the potential for chaos and when it is there there is no turning back! Thought all of your power ups made sense and impacted the game in wonderful ways that also helped your money increase exponentially which was also impressive! Great job and fun game!

The Chaos!! THE BBQ!! The Magic shield! Lol! Great game! Definitely a wild ride that fit the theme really well! Nicely done! Congrats on your first jam!

Cool game! Love the idea of a chaotic water balloon and water gun fight! Would agree with others that the game could feel a little bit faster, but overall really cool and well put together game! Great job!

This was awesome!! Love the style and feel and the banter with you and the sun was very cheeky and amusing! The controls were great and the timer definitely made me feel the pressure! The asteroids tearing apart the stage was a nice touch! Great job!

Incredible!! I loved it! All of the dishes had their own personality which I really appreciated and they all really brought a creative obstacle tot he table that made playing as the character an ever-changing experience! Love the theme and love the artwork and music! Really great job!

Would love for you to check out our game! Thank you so much!

Great game! Love the way you interact with enemies and very cool to integrate this concept with a hockey idea! Loved it!

Definitely chaotic! Well designed and performs as advertised! The witch can be quite the nuisance! It was fun having to replace the items and it was also cool seeing the animations for the people getting disgruntled along with the hearts and how the sounds all sync up with music as well! Great job!

Hope you have a chance to check out our game! Thanks in advance!

Great game! Love the increase in entropy with each passing level. Controls felt good and it was easy to understand and became a good challenge that rose in difficulty! Love it!

Really really creative and well executed! The  impact sounds of sending out your attack and hitting the enemies is very very satisfying! Amazing graphics and cool lore and gameplay! Wonderful job!

Yes!!! This was incredible!! I love games like RaidenX and things like that so once I realized what kind of game this was I felt super excited! This was really well made with a nice variety of types of bullets and enemies! Great job and wonderful graphics and soundtrack as well!