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I will no longer be rating games submitted after this post, I just don't have the time before the deadline. 
Thank you to all that posted here! Good luck with your ratings and it was a great jam!

Good job! Very polished for the time frame. I wish I had a bit longer to take in the level. 
The art and music were on point! Original design. A+!

I like the computer sim plus the escape the room sim. Good job!
I do think your implementation of the theme was a detractor for me. As the player, feels kind of like I was setup to fail with only one try.

@NunoRibeiro has it right. Fresh new game in a genre that is still very new.  The sensitivity difference didn't bug me as much with the time constraint. My small critique is the first bar level may need some refinement. 

Thank you and good job!

Left you a comment. :) 
What'd you think?

Great job! The most complete game I've seen all jam. Aesthetic of the game, the music, as well as adhering to the jam theme were all on point. Also, good level design. And I can't say I've ever seen a puzzle platformer about cupcakes before!  I wish it were longer!


Fun little game. Very to the point, fit the theme well.
I'm glad you put the number of moves at the end, that's a metric we didn't have time to get into our puzzle game. Maybe showing the moves per level to take it one step deeper?
I did find myself long for a faster air travel speed, but that's just because I kept over shooting the level. 
Great job!

Great job! Most time I've spent playing a game for this jam thus far. Very fun, tricky and nostalgic.

Did you try stacking the enemies? I may have found a bug related to it. 

Sweet! What'd you think? 
Left a comment on yours. :)

Great job! Just difficult enough to keep me playing. The teleport was next level. 
Love the visuals too!

Level design was fun, art fit the music and feel. The mechanic of only being able to use the buttons once plus the 'reset' item was very original.
The last level was just challenging enough for this kind of a job window. Theme showed through very well. 
I wish there was a way to know where the teleporter would take you before going into it. 
Great job!

I think you'll like the game my team and I came up with. Looking forward to your feedback!

I like it, not super difficult and pretty straight forward. I enjoyed the feel of the ship and having to aim your ship separate from boosting.
I do long for a checkpoint system.

Good job, 48 hours is a tough time constraint!

I love a good escape room. Very good feel you were putting off in the room. I kept expecting some kind of jump scare.
I especially enjoyed the door slamming open after you get the key. Gave me a good laught.

Good job, that was tons of work for 48 hours. 

Had some fun with your game. Simple and to the point. 
I think the theme was a bit shy coming through in the design. 
Good job!

Fun game. 
I did feel the movement speed was a bit fast for how close the camera was. I also wasn't sure if the sound was supposed to sound like that at first or if it was glitching in a loop. Also, the sound off button didn't seem to do anything when I tried it. 
Still, you got tons done in the time frame, and good job!

Awesome, I'll make sure our artist hears the praise. Thanks!

I enjoyed everything about this game. Especially the orbit of the arrow.

Did you have time to get to mine yet

Did you have time to get to mine yet?

Very good concept. I had lots of fun with it.
Only feedback is that the wrench felt a bit tough to hit things with sometimes. 
You got tons done in the time span. Great job!

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I really like the concept. The map felt a little big for me with the movement speed. I kept wanting to catch the ball to then just be able to shoot the enemies, but then if they were on top of you when catching the ball you were just toast. *More enemy related comments that you've heard already.* 
Again, great concept. You got tons done in the time. too!

Here's mine:

I love the concept, have had thoughts about using light in a game myself.
Level design was good.
I think the movement issue wouldn't have been as big of an issue if you could grab the mirrors to move them. I felt like I kept over pushing the mirrors. 
What you got done is impressive for 48 hours! Good job.

I love chess and your additional mechanic adds tons of strategy to an already very strategic game!

I really like the mechanic, made the game difficult enough but still beatable. I did feel a bit robbed when going up in level 5, but that's because I was really just focusing on getting to the blue ending. I guess I missed the part about building the ship to win. Good idea and good job!

I will play all games and rate them on this thread after I get home from work later today so long as you play and rate mine!

Ours exceeded our own expectations so we are trying to get some more exposure. Thanks!

Thanks again!

Very fun short game! I like the idea of sending commands to a large amount of ships. Good job.