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I have delayed the jam for one last time because I desperately want to see anyone's creations. If you have anything, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase submit it. Thanks

Cheers! I will check out your game very soon :)

Thanks for setting this up, here's my game for one last time : Cheers!

Thank you! Yeah, I'm currently trying to explore it's potential and coming up with new ideas, cheers!

Deflecting bullets with the force wave is a neat idea, I'll go test it. Thank you!

We need more games like this! I played on my own, which works suprisingly well, would work great on a controller, one character with one stick and the jump and grab be bumber and trigger, like Brother: a tale of two sons. Really impressive for a 48 hour jam, especially with the amount of charm and aesthetic put in. Great game!

Thanks, yours looks great, gonna go play it now!

Thank you! I do agree and have been tweaking since submissions ended. Cheers

Nice work! I think the timing or spacing for catching the bullet is a little too precise and I don't know how well it would work with just one button, like space bar, for catching and shooting, it would be a little more intuitive. I really liked the concept! Found this from the under 20 ratings Discord, would really appreciate a rating too, cheers!

This is really great! It was pretty laggy though but that might have been me. Really cool idea, great level design, game feel and art. Good luck with this, great job!

Here we go: . Cheers!

There's been a fair bunch of single bullet games where you have to go and collect it but this is the first I've seen with interesting decision making with upgrades. This could make for a cool mix of say, titan souls and and rouge-like bullet hell like enter the gungeon. Great work!

Thanks, will do!

Oh, I know, Neil haha. Your welcome 

I like the kill to reload concept, there's a lot of potential. It can be annoying when you miss because the enemy decided to launch itself of a cliff, but with tweaking and polishing this could be really great. And I loved the art style. Nice work!

Thanks very much, really appriciate it!

This is really great! It did take me a bit of time to find that you could possess pieces. I also had to skip to a later level to find that snakes move diagonal and the knights vertical and horizontal becuase I just happened to guess right with the first 2 easier levels that teach you this so I didn't take any of that information in. Everything else is pretty much one core idea, executed to  perfection. Best of luck with this game, great job!

Nice! Haha, yeah spaghetti code. Good luck!

This is great feedback! Yeah, I've been working on a mechanic where the player is invinsible after releasing a charged shot, so its easier to escape (the player sort of dashes through them), I hadn't thought of pushing back the enemies with the shot. I can see it being exploitable the way it is now but I'm gonna see what I can do with it (maybe having narrower bullets or something). Thanks very much!

There's so much potential with this idea you could shoot at that enemies or parry bullets back a them, or just interact with them in some way thats isn't just dodging bullets. 

Good job

Fun when it works, if there was a telegraph or visual cue telling you that the glide is going to stop, that would save from a few cheap deaths when learning how long the glide lasts.

Nice work

Yeah, this is fantastic, would play it on phone for sure. I also have a button game for the game, would love to hear your feedback. Awesome job!

This was really great, you could get under an enemy and then spam the space button for a better chance but the fact that some enemies fall faster is a really great counter to this. Great job!

Heyo, my game is a one button top down shooter hope you enjoy, cheers:

no problem

One of my favourites yet! Great level design, loved the catches on the first few levels, got me fooled

Thank you, yeah I've finished a mechanic that makes you invinsibe after realeasing a charged shot that helps defensively. And yeah, the pulses are designed to ignore enemies but a sublte visual cue could look really neat. Thanks very much!

Will do, thank you!


This is really impressive. I can really picture this doing well. My complaint is that holding the button down can occassionaly go wrong, you can easily go too far or not far enough, which can be more frustrating with the slow animation when restarting. I get that you can't be able to move the same direction twice. I think, it should be that, when you change direction, you can't move the previous direction but you can keep tapping in one direction until you change, if that makes sense.

But seriously, great job!

And remove the pause button you showed in the gif becuase it will get in the way for when players want to dodge bullets and move into it (but keep the shop). I don't want you to feel like I'm controlling development of your game but I do see great potential in it :)

I mean there shouldn't be a pause button you move to but the shop should feel like a break from the action(like a pause)

One button, top down shooter but you shoot a ball that kills the enemies:

Nice! I actually meant the shop would act as a pause button rather than adding a new button to pause, since that could get in the way. Going into the shop like that looks great by the way!

Aw nice, I've never heard of this site, cheers :) and I'll check out your game.

Sweet! Man, I love game jams :)

I made a game that needs some sound effects to juice up theexperience but have no idea what kind of sound effects I should be using You don't have to be a sound person to help out. I hope I can try to help aswell, 


If there's anyone who didn't get to make art or sound for their game, go here for advice or to find people.

Sounds great, I look forwards to playing it :)

This is one of my favourites so far, I thought it would be better if you had to move to the shop square so when you think you have enough money, you have to work your way through and onslaught of bullets. Also, I get that not being safe in the shop is a part of the intended experience but, I think if it's safe, it would be like a pause button that the player has to work towards. You know how near the end of tense boss fights, players sometimes pause the game to collect themselves, well it would be like that but the player has to put effort into it. 

So yeah, I really like this one, great job