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Hi willowRit - absolutely! Let me know if there is anything else you might need from me :)

The music is so chill - I absolutely love the game!

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ah ok, I only have a touchpad on my Mac - could that be the issue?

I couldn't operate any of the controls 

hahahahha this made my day! Thank you so much man :)

I loved the idea and the visuals of the game but for some reason didn't play well with my Mac (Chrome browser). Let me know if it's an issue on my end that I can sort out and I'll give it another try :)

Thank you so much - it is one of the first things we're looking to sort. We want it to feel like hopping between dimensions, not crashing XD

Hey hey! Many thanks for the feedback! I agree, it is a bit confusing so we'll definitely look into that :)

We don't talk about slopes. Slopes hurts us. Slopes burns us. 

Really good idea, thanks!

But what if... we make them ROUND?!

Yeah, we were loosing our minds a bit at one point...

Heya, we're an artist/marketer, a composer and a level designer so I've just sent you a message on discord :) this is ours - we kept glitching out the game when you hit a corner. We fudged it with a 1x1pixel boundry in the corner but you can still break it pretty easly :( please give ours a shot! We kept running into a problem with the player bugging out the game when hitting corners and we fudged it with 1x1pixel boundaries in the corner but it's not ideal :(

Thank you so much! I'd love to build this world up and make it more and more interesting :)

You are too kind! Thank you :)

That is a really good shout! We'll look into making it better :)

Thanks for the feedback! Those are things we will be addressing as soon as we start building this up :)

Hey man, thank you for your feedback! It's always good to get a full range of opinions rather than just those that flatter us. We'll definitely look into optimising the mechanic and making more use of it, both game-wise and art-wise now that we have more than 48 hours :)

That is super valuable feedback - thank you so much! I can't wait to see your art :D

Thanks! And yeah, it's got a lot of bugs to fix but hopefully we get an opportunity to make it up into a proper game :) please love me...

I absolutely loved this game! 

You are too kind! Thank you so much!

Best. Superhero. Name. EVER :D 
The battle of light vs darkness... who would win?
Thanks man!

happy to return the favour :)

Thanks! I'd love to grow the game further as I was thinking it would be super cool if you can move like a ball and bounce off the walls and what not :D


(it was me, very sleep deprived doodling on a piece of paper, but i'll start telling people it's the mansharkball :D )

Ah that worked! Loved the effects!

Really cool game! Something really nostalgic about it!

Thanks so much! Could I bother you for a screenshot? :)

I did most of the stuff either by hand (using Procreate) or Illustrator. Drawing by hand just makes me... kinda happy. 
Also Maya scares me :S

Yeah, I tried those but it didn't work