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Thanks for the love and feedback!

Here are some responds and notes.

* Epilepsy warning added, thanks for the reminder.

* Gameplay : The game was initially targeted to be a 2P game, one controls spin and the other controls the timing, then the role swap would make a lot more sense.
However, it was sooooo difficult that even veteran rhythm gamers couldn't handle it.
So the timing part was removed and the role reverse was changed to "controlling the mouse" and " controlling the arrows".

* Discrete/Continuous control : This was a hard decision. Discrete turning would have more control, but intense tapping might interfere with the feeling with music.
We ended up with continuous spinning and gave a wider angle and timing detect range as compensation.

* UI and other ingame feedback : We only added the filled note when you hit one successfully, hoping to not overwhelm players, (and it already is sometimes overwhelming LOL)

Thanks again for the kind words and constructive feedback!

I always love a vaporwave themed game.
Game play is exciting and actually hit home in a personal way. 
It reminded me of our game for 2020 GMTK that didn't make the deadline.
shoottomove try1 - YouTube
The nostalgia part aside, what a well executed and polished game.

All of this in 2 days is such an incredible achievement.
Especially the visuals are immaculate,

I love the art and music. 
And I also like how quirky the control is.
It kept me laughing the whole playthrough

The art is incredible. The gameplay is exciting  as well.
I smiled at the ending scene. Well done!!

I love the concept.
Even when I shoot myself out of bounds I laughed rather than feel frustrated.

Concept wise it is a really clever.
The visuals makes me smile.

Really well executed game. I like the aesthetics of the game too.

Gosh I looooooooove Tetris.
And you managed to make it even more challenging than Classic NESTRIS
Absolutely phenomenal

Voiceover 5/5 :D
It is a really neat spin on a stealth game.

This one is super cute, and gives a smile on my face

Really nice "spin" on the game of soccer, love it

Feel free to contact through my email

Thanks for the love. I was cleaning up some projects and found the project files for this game just recently, I might be able to make something after the final and some job hunting . Again thanks for the support.

In terms of the camera like transition, we use a toolkit in unity called a cinemachine. You can check that out. :D

We use the triangles of the mesh of the objects. Then calculate the lines where triangles intersect with a plane. Then create new 2D meshes based on the points on the end of the lines.

Sorry for the late respond, and thanks for the love. :D

Hi Groupustule, sorry for the late response.

To make stuff from 3D to 2D we caculate the where the plane and the 3D objects intersect, then draw a new object in 2D based on the intersection points using the GL.Draw and some related GL stuff in Unity

Oh.  That was actually a up-dash. By pressing space with a direction.

We haven't heard of Perspective until the comments informed us. It really is a cool game.

And we didn't specifically make a jump button, if fact all four directions were applied same kind of movement, to maneuver around each side of the block.

Still a.great point, the jitter is kinda goofy, we could find a way to avoid it.

Hey guys. The sleeping one here LOL. Just updated the description and a resized game icon. Thanks for playing the game.