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Submitted by Tsunya2⁷2A(arthur740210) (@272A_Tsunya), angelwang945, markchen0819 — 1 hour, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
You, the copilot, switch between roles of different set of controls

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Wow, really great job on the visuals! It looks gorgeous.

And it's also cool to see a rhythm game in a jam! Maybe the game could use a bit more of feedback, I never knew really when I hit a note and when I missed hit (if there is a color difference, my colorblind's eyes didn't see it :p), which eventually didn't make me feel following the rhythm at all. But I liked the simplicity of the controls, and the intuitiveness of the gameplay loop. Congrats for making such a cool game!


I love how the game loop, it's really beautifully made, the colours and even the fonts, like damn. It's art itself ahaha. I don't particularly play much rhythm game so this was very challenging for me. I find it visually appealing and mindblowing on how the team made this. I think the idea and gameplay of it is very appealing compared to other rhythm games like Osu. Definitely would love to see this idea being worked on even more. Definitely onto something  


Thanks for the love and feedback!

Here are some responds and notes.

* Epilepsy warning added, thanks for the reminder.

* Gameplay : The game was initially targeted to be a 2P game, one controls spin and the other controls the timing, then the role swap would make a lot more sense.
However, it was sooooo difficult that even veteran rhythm gamers couldn't handle it.
So the timing part was removed and the role reverse was changed to "controlling the mouse" and " controlling the arrows".

* Discrete/Continuous control : This was a hard decision. Discrete turning would have more control, but intense tapping might interfere with the feeling with music.
We ended up with continuous spinning and gave a wider angle and timing detect range as compensation.

* UI and other ingame feedback : We only added the filled note when you hit one successfully, hoping to not overwhelm players, (and it already is sometimes overwhelming LOL)

Thanks again for the kind words and constructive feedback!


This game was really fun! I the visuals look amazing and you chose some good music.

The theme felt a bit sketchy, as it's confusing what makes you the co-pilot so it doesn't really feel like a role reversal. And the controls switching didn't feel like a necessary feature.

But beyond that, I really enjoyed the game. It's a really interesting way to make a rhythm game that looks cool and felt super unique. With a few tweaks and extra songs, I think this would be a really fun full release. Good job!


I could watch the visuals of this game for days straight very mesmerizing! the visuals are just so beautiful haha!

I was a little bit confused at first and I’m pretty bad at the game but it was really fun to play, I would have liked to have some feedback maybe through a score indicator or a bar of some sort to know how well I was doing, maybe something a bit similar to beat sabers system? but overall really solid concept well done :]


My terrible score:


the game looks amazing, tempest 2000 eat your heart out. The gameplay itself is fun with the reversal mechanic to keep you on your toes


First off, this game is visually spectacular. I'll get back into praise in a second (because this game is really really good) but I have to say: you need an epilepsy warning on this! holy sh*t!

Now, back to praise, This game is incredibly produced, the rhythm really works, the style is off the charts, it's so good! I'd love to see it go further and make more use of input switching as a core mechanic, but for a 48 hour jam game I don't even know how you did half of this stuff!


I love the graphics and the overall concept it was a really fun spin on music games. Good job!


Oh my, I wasn't expecting how good would this be. It's not every day you see a proper rhythm game on a game jam and you managed to get it perfectly. The visuals are amazing, probably the best I've seen this jam, and the gameplay was really well thought out. Overall, this was a really incredible game, really nice job!


Great game with amazing presentation, visuals and music. I initially thought the switching controls would either be too disruptive or have too little impact, but they added a nice challenge and helped break up repetition.  

Whilst I did like the smooth motion, I was having trouble getting the right position so I second the discrete increments Bonspi suggested (though it could just be my lack of skill). You might also want to add a warning about flashing lights on the game page just in case.

For future updates all I can ask for is more levels. Maybe increasing the difficulty by switching between controls faster and more frequently, or using different pointer shapes (e.g. three spokes rather than two).

I'll definitely be playing this game again.


That was really pretty and genuinely fun to play.

Because the input of clicking and tapping is discrete, I wonder if it might work better to make the dial move in discrete ticks instead of being continuous.