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Simple fun and a great use of the theme. Only improvements I can think of would be maybe some extra power ups, boosts, levels, mechanics or something like that to make the game last longer, and maybe a bit of a transition period so you don't die when switching between hunting and being hunted.

I like being able to place down units to fight and defend a dungeon. It's a shame you couldn't upload the latest version. I think there is a lot of potential for using different units to build different strategies. It would be great to see more synergy between the units and the dungeon to better support different strategies, and maybe some way to incentivise spreading out units to use the entire room. I think adding traps or unique room features could make unit selection and placement really interesting.

One thing I noticed is that the goal of the game, defeating the heroes early, prevents people from really exploring all parts of the game. You want to play with the units on the second floor, but you also want to wipe out the heroes before they reach it. I'm not sure if you planed to do more after the first group is defeated, but I think it would be nice if you had to defend against increasingly stronger groups as you keep defeating them. This would allow the player to experience all parts of the game, whilst still encouraging them to go all out with defending the dungeon. This could also allow people to revisit earlier rooms / floors and make some small upgrades to their initial floors.

I had some issues with spawning mobs: when trying to switch which mob I am placing, if the selection panel overlapped the dungeon floor I would end up accidentally spawning a mob at that location. It would also be nice if I could see some indicator of the mobs health while they are fighting.

An amazing inversion of tycoon games. I love how reorganizing the calendar becomes this kind of adaptive and dynamic puzzle. The only improvements I can think of would be adjusting the spacing of the options, since some of the options come out a little too soon after the previous ones for them to be much use. And I would love it if you could leverage the puzzle aspect a bit more, maybe mandatory 'blocked-off' timeslots or ideas which lock in place and have to have each cell be completed fully before they can be replaced?

This game seems to have a lot of potential and I would love to see what comes out after the Jam, when you're able to implement all your ideas. Currently it needs a bit of work (the second level is quite a steep rise in difficulty) but the concept and presentation is solid. Great Job!

Controlling the fish after it's hooked in order to achieve the best value without breaking the line is quite fun, but it is a bit fast and it would be nice if the WA keys were made a bit more useful since they don't make much of a difference. 

I appreciate the details with the trash and the line breaking mechanic to manage the anglers mood. However I found it a bit too easy to stay in the satisfied region, and didn't come close to getting the angler to leave unless I intentionally tried to. Maybe the range of the mood bar can become smaller as the day progresses, so it becomes harder to keep the angler satisfied?

Alternatively / additionally  some way of scoring could be nice (maybe a list of the days catch at the end of each day with some kind of score based on the fish caught?). That could also be used to encourage working with the mood mechanic more, by encouraging the player to keep fishing past getting the angler into the satisfied region, and forcing the player to use the trash/line breaking to lower the anglers mood so they continue fishing and you can get a higher score.

Either way great concept, and the soundtrack was amazing.

A few bugs:

- Occasionally the hook freezes and can't be moved anymore until a fish runs into it and gets reeled in.

- Occasionally the camera would fail to zoom out again after zooming in or would behave oddly.

I love dungeon builders. The possibilities with the room placement and orientation make it a fun puzzle trying to figure out the best arrangement. I like the game, though as you've mentioned getting through the dungeon is too luck based. Maybe try tightening the random range (e.g. 0.5 the stat value to 1.5 the stat value or something like that), or make the permanent bonuses larger and more common?

Also I don't know if anyone else had this issue but when I tried to rotate the room with my mouse wheel it went spinning like crazy.

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Cute art style and I really like the concept! Aya does walk too slowly though. It is useful when dealing with lots of obstacles so maybe have a fast forward button for when Aya is walking through long corridors?

The dialogue at the start is also a bit too fast and it was difficult to figure out some of the mechanics. Maybe in an update you could have a sort of tutorial section where the spirits show you how to use their powers?

I really like the use of role reversal here, where your cleaning up after the hero. I also love the twist at the end and how it was explained. It would be nice if there were a few more levels to play but I'm impressed with what you were able to manage in 48 hours.

Bug note: If you stand directly in front of the wall in the second level when it falls you can end up being pushed out of the map. Also you can get stuck between the signposts and the roofs of the houses.

Really well made game. Moving all the obstacles at once and being able to move in all directions rather than just up and down adds both an extra degree of freedom as well as an extra level of challenge. Great job! 

We had the same general idea but you took it in an interesting way making a strategy game. I really like what you've done, but I think making it turn based might make it a lot easier to keep up with what's going on. Some more enemy types would also be nice. Either way, great job!

Nice use of the theme. I like how switching between the two roles forces you to heal and keep the Jims alive whilst you are alive so you can stay alive as a ghost. It would be interesting if you could interact with some more things as a ghost (e.g. the bullets the ghosts fire do 'damage' by decreasing the timer, or you could push ghosts away from Jims if you are a ghost).

The music was good, but moving on the platforms felt a little too slippery. The game might need a bit of tweaking with the enemy spawning, since ghosts can spawn close enough to a Jim that dealing with them is pointless.

Very impressive and quite challenging. The controls are a bit touchy but I was able to pull it off eventually. 

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Interesting concept having fun with some common tropes. I liked the controls, but I feel it needs a bit more polish and some more mechanics/levels.

Hilarious but also quite puzzling, well done.

It was a bit difficult to tell what counts as each specific body part and whether two fused parts will be treated as two parts,  one part or no parts.

Great take on the theme. I did find movement a bit awkward though, maybe if the default falling motion was a bit faster?

It's a shame the web version doesn't work but its good you had a downloadable version. Others have already mentioned the compression format, but you can also try going to "Build Settings" > "Player settings" > "Other Settings" and turn off "Strip Engine Code", set "Managed Stripping Level" to low, set "Vertex Compression" to None, and turn off "Optimize Mesh Data".

Interesting game, I'm particularly fond of dungeon making games. I love the different ways you can make use of the room placement and dungeon layout to your advantage. Only issue I have is that its a bit hard to see what's going on with the room probabilities, the monster damage, and the hero's stats. Maybe for a post-jam update some kind of animation or cut scene when an event occurs could help illustrate the changes better?

Something which might make the probabilities a bit easier to manage would be having tiles with equally possible outcomes. For example the first few tiles have exactly one possible outcome then you introduce tiles with two equally likely outcomes (e.g. [Yellow or Blue 5dmg monster], [Yellow 10dmg monster or Pink 20Pow] etc.). Then it goes on to tiles with three equally possible outcomes.

Bug: If the hero dies whilst moving to another room (e.g. they encounter an undead) they still continue moving about the dungeon and reaching their destination can heal them.

Love the artstyle!

I love the concept of ingredients trying to avoid getting cooked. It's a shame the game is so short. I liked the art and animation, especially the expressions so I was hoping to see more.

With the blocks falling so fast its difficult to control but that does contribute to the crazy swords that you get out of it. I really like how the final sword emerges bit by bit from the blocks.

Great game with amazing presentation, visuals and music. I initially thought the switching controls would either be too disruptive or have too little impact, but they added a nice challenge and helped break up repetition.  

Whilst I did like the smooth motion, I was having trouble getting the right position so I second the discrete increments Bonspi suggested (though it could just be my lack of skill). You might also want to add a warning about flashing lights on the game page just in case.

For future updates all I can ask for is more levels. Maybe increasing the difficulty by switching between controls faster and more frequently, or using different pointer shapes (e.g. three spokes rather than two).

I'll definitely be playing this game again.

Thank you, I just wish I had spent more time to make that aspect of the game stand out more.

Thank you.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it !

Thank you.


Rather than interpret the prompt to involve chance I started out focusing on the polyhedral nature and rotating of the dice. I had a few different ideas but this one was the one which seemed the most original/feasible to complete in the time limit. The connection to dice is that basically each of the levels is the inside of a dice and you have to rotate the dice to guide the next dice/level to the exit.

Yeah the puzzles were one of my favourite parts of the Pokémon games, I remember being fond of Candice's gym in particular.  Great to hear you enjoyed the game!

I do plan to update the game after the jam with something that should make it easier to see what's going on.

Thanks. I've worked on the game and have been able to make it look like you're staring into a dice from within (i.e. you can see about half of the dice that your going to), I'll be updating the game once the jam is over. The cube minimap is a nice Idea but I think if I made it large enough to be useful it would end up obscuring one of the faces, you can check if what I've done is enough when I update the game and let me know if you still think something like the minimap would be necessary.

Pretty fun but there were a few bugs such as being able to attack tiles with nothing on them and still kill enemies, being unable to attack some enemies (may have been due to them having all being on the same square but the last enemy from the bunch couldn't be attacked) and the continue menu showing up on the turn you defeated the final enemy before you see that you did defeat the enemy.  As everyone else has said the character art was amazing, really liked the sketch style with the splashes of colour.

Really polished, the gnome facts were great and the AI was very smart though a bit predictable.

I like the idea but the controls were pretty hard to figure out, a tutorial would help. It seems like it would be a lot of fun two player but for single player the enemy AI is pretty easy to defeat.

I like the little guys they're quite cute. Seems like it'll be pretty fun when you get the time to fix it up!

Fun game, I liked the character designs and the card machine was a favourite of mine. I do think the dash could be a bit stronger, it was quite hard to dodge the attacks.

Really liked the aesthetic, the game was fast paced and fun though I was only able to get up to wave 7. Some tweaking of the weapon timings might be needed but I enjoyed it a lot.

Pretty fun, you did a great job. I liked how the number of pips corresponded to the no. of enemies/dice and how you had to think about where you place the dice to not end up trapping yourself. Highlighting or adding a message like "Select dice" onto the dice hotbar when you enter the doorway might help with letting people know when they can place the next dice.

These are just suggestions and you might have already had some of this planned, but you could also include different types of enemies, or have the dice act like puzzle-pieces and not let them fit together if the doorways don't match up. That might increase the puzzle aspect and make people think more about what dice they're placing where.

I love how you made something which both cared about the size/type of the dice and was able to include more than just d6's as well as caring about the number rolled. There were a few issues with the chips getting stuck in the corners but overall the animation/enemy movement was great. Being able to reroll the towers at the cost of putting them out of commission for a while was also a great idea.

Thank you, I didn't make most of the art/sound/music so I have to thank the amazing artists who did for that (Sources are linked in the game description ). I did spent a lot of time trying to find the right art/sound and fit them all together though so I'm happy you think they fit.

I experimented with having a sort of view into the box, so you could see the four connecting faces (distorted to make it appear 3d). You can kind of see them if you look at the edges of the screen. But you might notice that sometimes the edges don't line up right (there was an issue with getting the right camera orientation which I still have to sort out). I also still haven't figured how to distort the faces to make it appear 3d but I plan to sort those issues out.

Aside from that I was also thinking on making each of the faces more distinct looking (maybe including the number/pips into the art/design?) and/or including a mini-map like thing which just shows you, the exit location and the numbers of the dice faces (w/ their orientation).


A bit slow but a fun concept, I especially like the way the dice roll.

Thanks, I also checked out your game. You had a really inventive take on the prompt.