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"I am completely <???>" Look at the hat rack. This puzzle requires a slightly different form of thinking.

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Currently working towards a steam version.


I'd love to put it on Steam, but I wouldn't want to without more content and cleaner art.

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Edit: Ok, I've fixed it as of 1.33+

There's appears to be a bug when migrating save files to the 1.32 version (Causing the undo function to be unresponsive). I will have a look into this.

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Unforunately I can't recover your save. Due to the poor way I was previously saving data, the deserializer just times out because there's to much to work through.

I've fixed how saving works now so it should work from the beginning, but if anyone is also experiencing this issue (And because the game's still a bit buggy), I've uploaded V1.31. This version has a dev command to toggle gravity, so you can skip puzzles you've already done. If anyone sends me a DM on Twitter, I can pass you the command.

Uh Oh. I'll have a look and see if I can recover your save.

Hey, I did a little bit of optimization and I think I've fixed the movement bug, so you should still be able to move even if there is stuttering. It should take a while to load in the first instance, but if you pressed undo once and save the game by quitting, it should load much faster from then on. Hopefully the new download improves performance.

Hey, I believe I've fixed the problem with the movement bug. If you want you can try the new download (1.24), does this allow you to move now?

Hi, I believe I've fixed this problem with a new download, 1.24 above. Are you able to move freely now?

Hi, I believe I've fixed this problem with the new version of the game. Just download the new version (1.24). Does this fix it?

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Hi everyone. The movement problem has been fixed and I've made a few optimizations! Your character should no longer get stuck at the beginning of the game and the frame stuttering should be reduced. The new download is zipped above, V1.30.

It is very poorly optimised and I think that's the problem most people are experiencing (Which sucks). I'm going to try make some tweaks to improve the performance.

Please enjoy the magic carpet responsibly.

Hi, I'll see if I can fix this over the weekend.  I have no idea what's causing this and why it's effecting so many people.

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Edit: Fixed as of V1.24+

Hi Everyone, there is a major problem with the game at the moment as a lot of people can only move the character once before stopping completely. I'll try to see if I can fix this during this weekend.

Hi. You should only need to unzip the download and run the SNAPto application inside. No need to install anything.

My only other suggestion would be to try running on the lowest settings. I don't have a diagnostics tool in the game unfortunately, so I can't check what might be causing it.

Hi. If you try reloading the game or your save does it let you move again, or is this happening every time you leave the tent?

Thank you!

Is that... Evangelion?

This is really neat game with great sound too. I like that it's too games in one, avoid and collecting mines at the same time. The only thing I'd change is make the mines and the players brighter, or make the background a little darker to make it easier to tell apart.

This is just amazing. The art is gorgeous and the gameplay is original and fun.

There's a huge amount to love about this game.

I love the mood and the music and the art direction. Its so consistant, in fact, that I would argue you could turn the background into some sort of stock footage that tells a story as you play. It feels a lot like your watching secret found footage.

Also, the bullet movement and the patterns are very balanced and fair and the sound design is great too, especiialy with the static effect that plays when the player gets hit by static. Really good game.

I really love the art aestethic on this game. It's bright, but it's still readable. I couldn't get the plague to corrupt my potatoes though, they were all fine at the end.

One critique I would have is I think the intensity of your lighting is too high in order to create the purple effect. I'm not too familiar with Unreal, but it might be better to lower the intensity and then make the colour bright using a post processing effect. At the moment you have a really bright single light source that's eating up the GPU (I think).

Ah, it's working now! It's very cute. One thing I might change though is, instead of a free moving camera, you could implement a camera that rotates around the centre of the sphere, like in the game Mountain, to make it easier to see what's going on.

I really like the combination of music, art and the font too, it really works well together to set an eerie, calming mood. You've gone one step further though and managed to link the game mechanics to actual meaning, which is really cool.

I'm going to interpret this as the player is a box and the 'Red' person is a hole? So, your pushing boxes into holes the entire game and the last hole to fill is you? (That's my guess).

I really like that currency is tied to health. So, the better you play, the better stuff you get. I don't think the healing is quite working? I couldn't get myself to heal.

You've laid it out sort of like a Zelda dungeon, but I think it might work better as a battle game that takes place in one room with enemies constantly spawning and you could open a menu to buy upgrades. (I don't know).



That was hilarious. The art is lovely, the music is brilliant, the scream is perfect.

One critique, I really feel like firing stuff at The Karen should come with more weight. Like, it should fire harder, and maybe knock her back slightly?

That was really neat. There is a slight wall in figuring out how to cook the different foods, but once you get over that there's really neat gameplay here where picking the weapon is based on what you need to feed the person to get their diet balanced (I think?).

Also, the art is amazing.

The music, art and setting go together really well. Maybe the wind particles should be a little slower, as they're hard to predict where they're going when playing.

Also, what was the dark wavey thing coming up from the bottom of the screen? I never got far enough to see it.

This aesthetic is absolutely beautiful, I've never seen anything like it. Also, the music fits it perfectly. ALSO, the gameplay is a really neat idea, however, it's really tricky to get used to. I think you might've got used to it from play testing the game so much, but for new players the first few levels are just really really hard.

It is a really pretty game though.

I like how there are two mechanics at play, with the player avoiding thorns and the egg avoiding the walls, or being hit to hard. I think the movement of the player is a little fast though.

It was neat. It's pretty balanced, but I think you should cap the number of enemies that appear at once, or cap the number of bullets enemies fire because it can become too overwhelming and make it impossible to play. The music and sound is great, but it's on mute by default? I didn't notice this while playing, but does shooting a specific colour demon refill that same colour bar?

Also the interactive tutorial is really neat.

The art in this is top-notch. I didn't get to the end, I think it's a little too hard because sometimes things will appear at the top and bottom of the screen and you can't move fast enough to shoot them; maybe the ship should be a little faster, or tilt a bit.

There's something interesting about having the cargo your protecting move around you like that. It would be interesting to see a sort of version of this where instead of scrolling the debris comes from all sides and moves towards the tuna. You can move to shoot, but this causes the tuna to swing, which creates a balance between shooting and protecting the tuna? I don't know.

That was neat. I loved how the wolf holds the goats, it's precious. I don't really have any critique, the game's really balanced. I think the goats are a good size.

Neat and absolutely terrifying.

Thanks for playing!