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That was great! Theming on point.

Neat concept, really like the tight puzzle design here.

That was great!

This is really cool and intuitive from the get go. I think the only suggested change I can think of is being able to zoom out and see the full map when planning a route.

This is neat and extremely challanging. I only managed to get to level 5.

I guess my biggest bits of feedback would be: Maybe adding a dive button with shift that allows you to speed up, once you know where you're going (Though I don't know how that would effect the other Bots). And maybe I would consider just removing the mouse Tilt? Maybe you could have a button that lets you look behind you instead.

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This is a neat idea! There's a lot of symmetry in these puzzles and I think I'd consider trying to reduce the size of the puzzles to their smallest idea. Like on Level 4, I might get rid of 2 of the 2x2 corners (But keep the central loop).

Ah, right, I see what you mean. I wasn't reading the instructions correctly.

Hmm, I know this isn't in the spirit of the game, but for level 1, why can't I just use Y = 1? Or for Level 2, why can't I use Y = 0.64*X. Is there a way you could allow some wiggle room for the equations or spot locations? Or am I missreading the game and you're only supposed to slightly change the equation?

That was really fun!

That was really cool!

That was really cool. I really like the surprising design of each tutorial level.

This google image link will give you the answer: Link

I don't think the scroll wheel works when your mouse is inside the game window. That's all I can think of that's happening.

I really want to tell you the answer to 17 because there's a very incredible coincidence about that specific puzzle and your comment.

Nice little tricky puzzle!

It's a pretty game, but I can't get the controls to work correctly. I can get the fish to move up when I hold the spacebar, but sometimes this doesn't work.

That was really pretty and genuinely fun to play.

Because the input of clicking and tapping is discrete, I wonder if it might work better to make the dial move in discrete ticks instead of being continuous.

I think this is a really neat mechanic, but I did struggle to keep track of what the player could interact with, without more key visuals. There is a pattern I know called a Bayer pattern that might work really well here to colour in the background with.

That was really neat!

Whoops Sorry.

That was neat!

That was really neat and the art is great. I guess the interesting question is what mechanics could be added to create more puzzles?

I like the idea of using momentum to move the chalk spaceship into the endgoal.

I think the physics should be tweaked a little as the ship is very slow, so it takes a long time before you know if a path is successful. You could also try adding a larger radial hitbox around the chalk to make it easier to pickup cheese.

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I really enjoyed this game. The mechanic is great and I really like how it takes a couple of levels for it to come together.

I think a good change would be to allow the player to test run tracks even if they're not fully complete. Also might want a content warning.

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Yeah I got it working :D, It just took a couple of refreshes.

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It took me couple of refreshes to get the Unity player running, not sure what caused that.

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I've found a bug: it looks like the Quit and Play button actions are the wrong way round. Quit starts the game and Play causes it to stop working.

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Thanks for spotting, that's now been fixed!

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"I am completely <???>" Look at the hat rack. This puzzle requires a slightly different form of thinking.

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Currently working towards a steam version.


I'd love to put it on Steam, but I wouldn't want to without more content and cleaner art.

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Edit: Ok, I've fixed it as of 1.33+

There's appears to be a bug when migrating save files to the 1.32 version (Causing the undo function to be unresponsive). I will have a look into this.

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Unforunately I can't recover your save. Due to the poor way I was previously saving data, the deserializer just times out because there's to much to work through.

I've fixed how saving works now so it should work from the beginning, but if anyone is also experiencing this issue (And because the game's still a bit buggy), I've uploaded V1.31. This version has a dev command to toggle gravity, so you can skip puzzles you've already done. If anyone sends me a DM on Twitter, I can pass you the command.

Uh Oh. I'll have a look and see if I can recover your save.

Hey, I did a little bit of optimization and I think I've fixed the movement bug, so you should still be able to move even if there is stuttering. It should take a while to load in the first instance, but if you pressed undo once and save the game by quitting, it should load much faster from then on. Hopefully the new download improves performance.

Hey, I believe I've fixed the problem with the movement bug. If you want you can try the new download (1.24), does this allow you to move now?

Hi, I believe I've fixed this problem with a new download, 1.24 above. Are you able to move freely now?

Hi, I believe I've fixed this problem with the new version of the game. Just download the new version (1.24). Does this fix it?