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hehe im doin ok, thanks for askin, and thanks for streamin the game, thats really cool!

That was really good! Really love your pixel art, nothing else out there quite like it. On one hand I kinda miss examining everything like in Remnants but on the other hand it makes me do a lot more interpreting of the environments myself, so it's interesting.

wow this is a new favourite, great work! such a different bitsy.

aw, thank you!

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edit: link updated for 1.5

Weird, you're the second person who's had trouble downloading, I have no idea why that would be, I can download just fine in browser, though I don't use a download manager. I'll see if I can get it figured out but in the mean time, here's a google drive link to the same file, let me know if this works.

simple but clever

ye sorry, the game doesn't seem to run on 32bit systems, and we've had a hard time actually testing that since we don't have any. Does it not launch at all? can you get to the title screen? Curious where exactly it breaks. It was made specifically for this game by my good friend Austin!

Hey I just released a game! I've been working on it for about a year on and off. It's a combination of bitsy games and unity, as well as sprite work, photography, and other weird shit. 

You play 4 bitsy games simultaneously while a Unity frame reacts to things in the games.

The game is free in browser or for PC download, but if you like it you can donate like 2$ you can get a bunch of source files. This is the first time ive ever put any sort of monetization on any of my games so I'm just testing the waters.


This is really really good, excited for the full game

what platform are you on? any other details? I'd love to help you download it properly.

It was pretty hard to figure out what was going on at first but I like the control scheme, very fitting for being out of control. I think the placing of directional tiles is definitely the more interesting and original part to focus on if you plan on developing the idea further. I also really like the art style. Good work!

This is a really creative idea! And it works out to being really difficult and fun as well, with this weird meta of trying to control my shots and my placement. It's like an anti-shooter, where guns almost only serve to make the problems worse (good title). Presentation was nice too, I like the weird and wobbly core. Great work!

Quite ambitious art wise for a game jam, and a pretty fun time! Physics could maybe use a little work, The one use A and D direction changing tended to launch me off the map more often than not, and sometimes bumping into something sent me rolling back up the mountain! That said, maybe all that just adds to the "out of control"ness of the experience. Good job!

This is a pretty interesting idea, worth developing further for sure. Good job!

A great idea, and well put together. I especially like the music.

that was quite a fun way of doing the "remove buttons" concept, I like that the buttons are solid blocks too.

What an interesting gamification of meditating. I dig it

Quite a unique rhythm game. I'm awful at these so I couldn't really get past the addition of a second colour but it was a good time, and really really nice presentation!

I like the way the main mechanic came into play in the narrative towards the end. Maybe he should have been kinder to all those dumb sam bots huh?

Damn this slaps, what a great twist on the runner genre, and definitely fits the theme. Honestly worth developing this concept further in some way. Great job.

10/10. Super simple, fits the theme incredibly well, and is suprisingly fun and difficult. Also I like the art a lot. Only note would be it needs audio and not to use the default unity blue bg colour. Great work!

this was a pretty good take on this idea. I kind of wish the missiles weren't homing since it means none of the movement I do can ever really dodge a bullet forever, afaik. Places way more emphasis on the shooting part. Good work!

That actually felt surprisingly good to play, despite the "out of control" -ness. Presentation was kind of hard to read but I got used to it and I kind of like the style if it were cleaned up a bit. I think the only real problem is the window is just too big to play in, I actually had to full screen it to be able to see it all lol. Very nice for 6 hours, good work!

Quite a nice little runner, with a good twist that fits the theme. The scrolling was very stuttery for me. I played in browser in Firefox. I really liked how the music transitions seemingly synched with the environment transitions. Good work!

that was cool, love the aesthetic and the levels get pretty interesting

Wooh, that was a good one. Never played a bitsy game with so much cinematography in it. Great work.

No, only by making it to the end of it.

Make sure you click in the window? Beyond that I'm not sure what it would be. Do other puzzlescript games work for you?

2 Puzzle games and a collection of poems.  Non-commercial but hopefully it helps by just bumping up the number of games offered? If you want to limit it, Try is the most thematically relevant I think.

absolute banger, the writing feels like lyrics to the instrumental in a way I've never seen before.

You only need to collect one child to beat One Horse Town! The others are optional, and can be difficult to get, especially in single player. try playing more of the other levels and coming back later.

You cant please everyone. finding meaning in a city like this sometimes requires a look at the big picture <3

Hey, I really wanna play this but for some reason every time i launch the game the camera is always slowly spinning and point upward? I unplugged all controllers and even the mouse and reset the game several times and it was still happening. any ideas?

thanks! one of the best comments ive ever recieved on anything.

Really interesting imagery and storytelling, I like the split scenes, I had to loop through a couple times to read all the dialogue and parse all the visuals.

Lovely! The snow clearing is very clever.

legendary! can I ask if youre playing co-op or solo?

This little thread was so satisfying to read! keep at it, puzzsoft is rooting for you! that last set of puzzles in This Game Busted is a tricky lot...

awesome work! I look forward to seeing you progress through the game! you actually got the last boy in that level in a way ive never seen before!