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this is all of the npcs in the game, in case anyone wants to try to find them all (that might actually be really difficult, especially in a single run)

i like that if you type it fast enough the audio of the letters sort of becomes the audio of the words.

wow this was so good,  i wanna play more! I feel like the way this ball works feels really good and has tons of potential for cool levels and mechanics. ... what if you could have more than one ball....

woah thanks! most of the credit has to go to calvino for this one i think lol, buts fun scrapbooking stuff together like this... plunderludics adjacent?

Banger, really made me think about my own brother and how we would play games when i was a kid, and how distant we are from each other now

hitting the waterbottle with the cartridge should initiate a conversation window with it

really cool! always found there to be a certain beauty in visual errors like floating point errors, z fighting, etc.

holy moly i did it

awesome! I like the level names, and the crunchy, crayon aesthetic + the damage sounds really sells the fragility.

really great game, pretty different 3d platforming controls than anything else I've played, a little finnicky until you get used to them and then its extremely smooth and flowy. Narrative and art and music are amazing as always, lots to think about re: borders, identities, ecosystems, etc.

the best titanic 2 ive seen since tentacalino

this is a good unique sylvie game, with better movement than sooper mario

this is genius. a bullet hell where im the bullets

thanks for playin!

Eyy that was dope! would love to see a speedrun of this game, i feel like it would go crazy! great character controller and great level design to go with.

you must have a fetish for writing good essays

awesome! onward, to instinctual, enjoyable game dev

incredible to see how this developed since i saw it last. The instant movement with a decent delay had me playing it as though it was a rhythm game, which i think means that its a rhythm game

incredible vibes, so menacing. Very dark that this reindeer is fishing using it's own antler as a hook. darker still the fact that its so much harder to retract your hook than it is to lower it.

wowow that was so good!! beautiful story and interesting puzzle mechanics and i really really want a big double decker sandwich now

beautiful! i love the reindeer's run animation

this damn near crashed my browser, congrats!

beautiful. i like the half egg shell half pipe arena. you made "im hungry" into a skate game!

beautiful Illustrations, and a good translation into dice of the mechanics!

got a score of 65. I like that it has the classic bullet hell technology of lag based slowmo

this is the equivalent of doing a cover in a minor key I think

what a clever way to warp this game idea

wow, that was great. managed to do something fun and innovative (i love swinging santa around, really makes the walk back and forth catching things genre feel new again) without straying far at all from the original game!

je suis un petit rennes

got a score of 134!

this actually became a cool match 3 concept, ive never played a match 3 where you essentially have a stamina meter for moving objects around!

Nice! very true to the mechanics as described, and with very cute art

never played anything quite like this, both aesthetically and mechanically

running speeding up the day night cycle is genius

that was really cool! I was often surprised by how specific some of the interactions i needed to understand were, made for some good puzzles

LOL uhh ibb and obb is kinda a similar vibe, boxboy + boxgirl i havent played but its mechanics are very similar. Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy for PS1 is a big influence.

I have no idea whether or not any of these will run on a 32bit pc tho lol. I can try making another 32 bit build of Trail Mix tho if you wanna test it?

As far as I know, I don't think so. We tried doing a 32 bit build a while ago and it worked for me, but I don't think it worked for the person who requested it.

thanks for playing, and sharing your insights! its wild how even something "in bounds" can feel so wrong and off just from the difference in traversal

omg i just let the title screen music play for long enough...

thanks for playing, and streaming! Sorry I couldn't catch it live, but its always cool to be able to see how people experience my games.