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line makes shape makes texture. i like it !

good shapes

very stylish intro, love that

10/10 comment <3

this is why ur my sound guy

beautiful words and sounds, and a great interpretation of "collage", ive never felt the meaning of the rectangle around my character being non-transparent like this before

hahah yesss, glad someone else jumped off the top

wow so good! and i love the background being made out of the fitting guys

youre so nice!

this is very good. great prose and an important experience to share. exams are so hard for so many people

hell yes! normalize making games as a hobby in the same way people take photos and doodle and write journals and do all sorts of other art for themselves! not every game has to be "the game industry." thank u for sharing this essay! keep makin games ur way for u!

such a peaceful, beautiful game and vision for the world. It really made me feel like a kid, and the world felt huge and fresh and wonderful and I felt very small. Thank you so much for making it!

woah thanks, glad u enjoyed!

thanks! an essay about calvino's influence on games is a great idea. first found him thru the jon blow talk, and ye i really feel like calvino woulda been making games if he were around today, so many of his stories are so... systems driven lol. my game 12:44 am is also p heavily calvino inspired if ur interested

this game sounds amazing, in its themes and design and inspirations (yay kaiba!). I feel its rare for someone to publically lay out the design of a game they havent made yet in such detail. It makes for a really inspiring read and a great imagined game, and i look forward to whatever the real digital game becomes. 

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ye so it should be showing the keys to press when you walk in front of the door! it's right shift and 6.

The controls for two players one keyboard are unfortunately really weird because we have a lot of holding down keys in our game, and most keyboards have a really hard time reading a bunch of inputs at once, so the 2 player one keyboard keys are made to avoid that problem as much as possible. Unfortunately that makes for some pretty unintuitive controls, i'd highly recommend playing with a controller for one player if you at all have the option.

The whole 2p1k controls, if this helps, are:

player 1: wasd, 456, space
player 2: arrows, ./rshift, enter

the controls should appear that show you what to press to get in the rooms. are you playing two players on one keyboard?

thanks for playing! 

yay, thanks for playing!

rly nice, love the song and the title and of course all the other things

no guide that i know of, but ill let you know what i can remember:

- the alchemist only has some extra dialogue if you collect an item somewhere and come back to him, theres nothing fancier than that.

- I think there are only five endings, one is much more insane than the others but they all just reset the game after.

-beyond that there are just a bunch of little secrets, some of which are quite hard to find. 

hope that helps, thanks for playing!

everything joey said

A hefty and clever jump king like. The slipperyness is a fun mechanic that switches around the utility on the different jump heights and directions really well. Didn't have time to beat it but I'm impressed by how big it is, and how interconnected. The art and audio are excellent as well. great work!

gorgeous, and quite fun arcade game! kinda feels like a combo of donkey kong and pacman (does that count for the wildcard lol)

Seems like it'd be interesting to try to optimize high score in, I like the thing of chaining the bonus points talismans incentivizing different routing. Great Work!

This is dope! had some fun trying to figure out how to make a good ship, and trying out all the different parts. Really complex game with a lot of interesting pieces, v impressive for a jam. I never managed to kill (or even hurt?) the rain god, but i got to reach space and catch glimpses of him so that was sweet. great work!

This is so good!! loove the mechanics and momentum tricks and stuff, they feel really good to pull off. So much more potential for these mechanics and aesthetic, would make a great speed game with some more leniency and feedback. Great art and clever ending too! great work.

Pretty cool! I like the look of the shrine, and the mechanics have a ton of potential! It definitely took my a while to figure out what was going on but once I got it it was fun! Could probably just use a little more feedback for player actions and stuff.

I think it was bugging out for me and having enemies not die but just get stuck in their last animation? And their footstep sounds were constantly looping.

Otherwise, very interesting and pretty game. I really like the moon filling up with blood thing! I'm not sure what the ending really was but it was cool and enigmatic so i fuck with it. 

the vibration unfortunately doesnt work in browser. thanks for playing tho!

fantastic, so much charm and character so quickly!

the audio in this is phenomenal

woah cool! and he gave rainworld a 10/10 so I know he's legit

My submission above, titled "A Wiggler In The Wind"  which combines the games Saint Wiggler In The Desert and The Land Of Forgotten Souls

Below are some other attempts, which may or may not fit the theme. Use if u wish:

"Bird Wires", of Elden Ring

"Opalescent", also of Elden Ring

"Moment Of Combat" of Project +

And "Numbers Game" of Risk Of Rain 2, which i cropped into a circle using

It's Not Something You Can Solve With Your Hands

cool! thanks for playing!

oh cool, thanks for playing! some really funny edits in this video lol

thanks for playing!

without pity

 what a beautiful life

a beautiful little journey. such grace and style in the movement and voice acting