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awesome! A mythological apocalyptic love story. felt like i was walking along a tapestry

nah thats it haha, im glad you discovered that though!

Sysiphusian and meditative, great work!

Great visuals and great adaptation of the story!

wow this is great. Emblematic of what I want out of bitsy games.

I quite like the art and writing! The double sprite sizes give it a very different style, more textured, and I didn't even realize what it was that was different at first. Is there and ending though? or do I just sit and watch the rain?

this is great


Wow this was great. Good use of repetition to set up expectations and then freak me out when stuff starts changing.

what a thorough and touching tribute.

I love this, very good writing and pacing.

I actually love that the you can just shove through the crowd for some reason. What if you could do that but every time you did the person you shoved said something? so it takes time to shove through someone, but they aren't hard walls.

an inspiring tale about learning to love broccoli, and yourself.

Excellent Aesthetic. 

Very Interesting

What a trip. Here's my painting. 

I hope the giant maternal lady likes it. Thanks  for the experience.