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Extremely fun, and not as hard as it might seem, but you've got to approach it differently than you would a normal platformer I think. The puzzle of "how do I win" is more important than execution here.

excellent idea, conveys so much with so little!

the puzzle right in front of the yellow wall must be fully solved to progress.

As for the cigarettes, they are all very difficult, and often require out of the box thinking. go back to old levels with new knowledge and explore.

This game rocked thank you so much! Definitely one of the best and most unique RPG maker horrors around, and the soundtrack is ofc incredible

That was quite good! Lovable characters, tons of style and pizazz, and I'm curious to see where the story would go next.

OST bops, art bops, writing bops, whole experience bops

you can use the program Parsec to play online with people!

O_o that's a new one. What platform are you on, and what kind of controller are you connecting?

on windows you unzip and then run trailmix.exe.

On Mac you might have to do some annoying workarounds to get it to run:

Note: For anyone playing on MacOS Catalina who is having trouble launching the game:

  1.  run chmod -R +x "Trail Mix 1.5" in the terminal
  2. right click on it and choose "open", it should give you dialogue with an option to launch the game.

you can use the program Parsec to play online with people! We aren't really going to be able to make our own online co-op for this but I've tried with Parsec and it works quite well. Hope that helps!

This game rocks! Really gets you thinking. If you're going into it, try to experiment and don't worry if you cant understand everything right away.

Note: For anyone playing on MacOS Catalina who is having trouble launching the game:

  1.  run chmod -R +x "Trail Mix 1.5" in the terminal
  2. right click on it and choose "open", it should give you dialogue with an option to launch the game.

thats a cool aesthetic for a platformer, and a cheeky take on "joined together". Would be cool if you were actually zipping stuff up, and attaching things or something. Also the song slaps

This is definitely a great idea, worth building on. It would be cool if you could pull other pieces by walking far enough away, or if  there were more body actions that different body parts could do, like if the torso could regen or something. A ton of potential for good strategy stuff with this premise, and great presentation.

Interesting, A little awkward to control at first but definitely made my brain work to swap between the different actions properly, and it fits the theme very well.

wow that was cool! Simple concept but I love all the little visual details like the dynamic lighting, the gravity waves, the little particles getting sucked around. Good work!

that's a pretty cool idea! It doesn't run very well in browser, which made it difficult to execute stuff like midair regrabs or anything, but thats probably just unity webgl being unity webgl.

i want it to be a real game! what a great jam premise

thank you, for playing and thinking about it!

hell ye <3

thanks! I love that people are still finding it and enjoying it!

is it the mac build? I forget to take it off but the mac build certainly does not work

That was dope! took a while to get to difficult stuff but there were some good puzzles by the end of it.


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this game rocked!

I collected all the ducks and saw a frog but I cant help but feel like im missing something, maybe to the right of the exit pipe...

edit: 2 frogs, i got that orange frog area duck in entirely the wrong way lol

that was dope. I really liked the camp for the night thing, and the vibes and aesthetic are of course amazing. Curious how/if combat figures into this game, and what the jar of fireflies is all about.

This game was "needo"!

uh sure, try

woah, cool. I would be interested in that, Do you wanna maybe email me with details?

Glad you liked it!!


this was really cool! I like that you made me unveil the text top to bottom.

It's me! I'm the crab, just vibing!

hell yea


This was excellent! The presentation, the cool star blocks framing it, the Universe, that animated ceiling fan....

I want a stardust slurpy now

that was cool! Really like art style and writing, excited to see what happens next!

excited to see how it goes! I think optional modules or extensions is a good way too allow complexity for people who want it without making it too overwhelming at first.

wow, I love this! It made me critically evaluate my position.