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Very cool idea, and a a very cool looking game! It felt too random for me, and I think it could be awesome if it leaned just a bit more into the puzzle game feel, making levels that are handcrafted with specific cards and specific enemies, as that way every decision would feel like it has more weight, even when it's just waiting in place.

Good luck!

Very interesting idea! I think spikes are not really the best fit with this concept, as death kind of breaks the flow of the game. Rather, I think it could benefit from leaning much more strongly into the puzzle platformer patterns such as switches and keys.

It could be really cool to manipulate things in the world using th dimension switch, like moving a ball horizontally, then coming up below it and switching to vertical to make it drop down, etc.

Good luck going forward! I would love to see a full-fledged game come out of this!

Pretty cool idea, and nice basic demonstration - I didn't think it could be that cool to fight one single enemy in a stage of an RTS game, but your game shows that the idea really has potential!

There just isn't a lot of game here

It adheres to the theme, but doesn't design enough around it to make it fun, in my opinion. Still, maybe for people who like the multi-tasking nature of it, this would be a better experience.

It's a really interesting idea, but the card part of it really needs to be developed more than it is currently. If the cards acted like in a card game, adding effects, making you draw cards, etc. this could really be a full fledged game. As it is, with cards just needing to match the enemy type it's a kind of "Simon Says" game where you just need to see which enemies there are and press on the card that attacks them.

Great game, a lot of fun to play! Its adherence to the theme is kind of loose, though. (I assume the "only one" is that every weapon you pick up has only one use). Good luck!

One of the definite highlights of the jam! This is the most fun wall jumping mechanic I have ever played, as it really felt natural to the game mechanics and required a lot of precision and timing.

Generally the feeling of geining and stopping momentum felt spot on! The only thing that felt a little off in the whole game was that on moving platforms inertia didn't feel consistent (it felt like you keep inertia when you are on it, but when you jump off there is no intertia at all)

This idea has huge potential, and I really think it could be made into a really great game! Even this small 48 hour demo was great fun!

Great game! I really liked the juiciness and how intense it feels even though you only have the mouse position as input.

One thing that was missing for me is some indication that  you can shoot projectiles, because at the start I tried to escape them and that didn't go so well. In the same spirit,I think it would be nice to make different types of enemy projectiles which you would have to react to differently.

Overall, very good work!

It's a pretty cool idea, but it ends up being pretty tedious repeating previous parts everytime to reach the latest stage. I reached the question mark part and quit when I failed, because the puzzle's rules were not made clear enough and the brutal punishment for not completing it made it feel unfair.

I really liked the idea of having different variants of the same puzzle compose an entire game, so with some tweaks, I think it could be made really fun.

This has potential. The idea of having only on button to move and shoot is cool, and the speed build-up is a nice feature. I think it could be a pretty fun game if you add a few mechanics like powerups or maybe special moves like spinning in a full circle because as it is the gameplay is quite monotonous and lacks player expression.

Good luck!

Very original idea, and I think it gets the desired effect of people playing twister with the controller, so it could definitely be a lot of fun. However, it feels like the game doesn't always respond well to button presses, and some prompts from the terminal are hard to understand.

In addition, there isn't any narrative sense in what you do and in the reason that it's all on one controller, so it makes it feel like the game is just an excuse to make you play twister with the controller, rather than having it feel like a natural result of a game mechanic (For instance, in overcooked the mechanics allow for one player to do everything, but the way the different mechanics work makes it so that teamwork is greatly rewarded)

With a few tweaks, I think it could be a pretty cool party game. Good luck =)

This is just masterfully made! The controls feel great, and it's really juicy. What's more, the level design is really on target! The connection to the theme is loose, but it gets so many things right that it's definitely worth playing. I also really like the soundtrack!

Great idea and great execution! It's really fun to play and feels very tight to control and juicy! way to go!

The concept has potential, but the game has two main problems:

1. It's too fast for its own good. that makes it very hard very soon

2. The use of only one button to spin the world (and hence only one direction that the world spins in) doesn't make it more fun than if you had two buttons, one for each direction. So overall, it adheres to the jam's theme, but it doesn't design enough around it to make it pay off

I liked the game, it was really fun and impressive! However, it feels only loosely related to the jam's theme, at least in terms of player experience (I know he has just one hand, but this doesn't really translate into "having only one" of a gameplay element, rather it just means your health decreases and you regenerate it by killing)

Very well done! I don't know whether there were many valid options to use the key for or not, because I only saw one and went for it, but the idea of having a lot of options to use it wrongly is really cool, and a great example of how giving you only one of something you would expect to have a lot of can really create interesting outcomes!

Very well made, and uses the "only one" theme to its advantage very nicely!

I really liked that even in this short demo, you can really feel the skill ceiling for this playstyle is quite high, and it's great that the game allows you to go as quickly or as slowly as you want. Considering how fun and rewarding this is for such a small demo, the potential for this is really high. Great work!

Very cool idea! I only wish there were some ideas on how to develop the game further with this concept. Other than that, great work!

I haven't submitted a game, but really enjoyed just looking at this cool fanart, so kudos on the initiative and all the hard work, man!

Very nicely done! I like how you used dual-purpose design with the candle - it allows you to see, but also makes others see you (which you can use to lure them into traps). 

Seeing in one direction isn't new, but seeing only one tile at a time is something I personally haven't seen, so very cool take on the jam's theme - it really engages the spacial orientation, and I think it can have a lot of potential in making the player feel completely lost if the levels get just a bit bigger. I could easily imagine having an intricate plan on how to lure a monster into spikes, only to accidentally encounter another, reach a dead end, then running into the spikes I wanted to lute the monster to in the first place! (On that note, bigger open spaces could make really great use of this mechanic after the more basic corridor levels)

Overall, great work! 5/5 on all counts.

It's clear that a lot of work and thought went into this game, so kudos on that!

This concept has potential and is quite interesting - the connection between the physical object and the ethereal one (passing through walls) is something that can really create interesting possibilities. The fact that the link itself is an object that can be effected by some things adds another layer of depth, which is pretty cool. Overall it's quite unique and original!

However, as a game it wasn't fun to play. The floatiness of everything made it feel out of the player's control, and the spike parts are frustrating more than anything else. In addition, if getting the chain cut practically means death, it's quite tedious to have to actually go to some death point in the bottom rather than just immediately dying when falling (Yes, I saw some puzzle required you to reach the stage's end after the chain was cut, but you could still make it insta-death whenever you leave the borders of the level)

As for the theme of the jam - the fact that you have "only one" chain, while technically on line with the theme, isn't really an exciting take on it. In the introduction, Mark said something like "Take something that players  expect to had a lot of, and give them only one". In this case, it's a bit hard to imagine how this game would look if you had a lot of chains, so it seems the theme didn't really help in making this game better.

In any case, I think that this game, if the physics would be toned down in favor of more "gamey" controllable interactions, could be quite fun and original.

Awesome idea, very well executed!

Very cool! A great example of "less is more". Well done!

Very cool concept, very well implemented! 5/5

Awesome idea that became a really cool game! It definitely lacks polish, but this is one that I would want Mark to see! Great work!!

The game doesn't run for me (neither version) on windows 7

Very cool! The idea is not exactly new, but it's implemented beautifully and has really fun and funny moments!

This game really made me laugh, so an instant 5 in originality. Good job!

It didn't feel like having one shot made the game more fun, it just meant I had to kite enemies for longer till I get my arrow back, which is pretty boring

Aww man, that's a real bummer! I hope you could manage to develop this game in some other way, or maybe take away something from this in terms of the idea or the design to use in the future =)

I haven't submitted anything myself, but a friend of mine submitted Dis/Assemble which I think has some cool potential. You can try it here


Well, the game feels like  a single level (that's pretty much unavoidable in order to be something you could finish in one minute), and the fact that the time limit is one minute is kind of arbitrary in the sense that it doesn't feel much different from a 90 second time limit or a 50 second one. So overall the impression I got was "It's a nice platformer, and it has a time limit"

In the introduction, Mark said something like "take something the player expects to have a lot of, and give them only one". In platformers, I don't typically expect to  have "a lot of minutes" :P

That's pretty cool! I think it would be nice and probably not too much work (too much work for the jam for sure, but a small  thing for a full game) to add a "level editor" if it's really so simple as setting pixels to different colors. I think that would be a product in which the users could really appreciate the concept you're describing better.

Cool and well implemented! I really liked how moving the tower itself becomes significant due to the artillery. The powers of the different towers and their advantages aren't very clear to the player, though, and in addition, I think it would be nice to add some "beam" effects where you could shot a straight line which would hit several parts of the enemy track

The game is nice to look at, and does what it's supposed to, but it doesn't feel like a lot is gained by having only one jump, at least in the levels showcased. In my experience it just made the game a little longer and more tedious, but less fun.

Very cool, great art and technique, and nice concept. I feel like it's more of a dual purpose design showcase than an "only one", but it is very well made and fun to play

You drive a car to push a ball (which is the sheep). Having just one ball is quite common, so I don't see it as an interesting take on the theme

Awesome game! In addition to being perfect for the jam's theme, it is just implemented very well, and if I had played it without knowing it's from a game jam, I could swear that it was thoroughly playtested, as the levels are so well designed to lead the player down the right path! amazing work, keep it going!