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It is brillant! very cool idea !

too bad we cannot see how much time was remining before getting caught, I never managed to stay alive 90 seconds, is there a trick ?

well done!

Thank you !

Indeed we realized we should have focused more on the power cards and eventually have a twist there.

oh well, so many other items we would have loved to have !

you know you can use the cards as fast as you want, this may help to have a few animals passes at first, when you have multiple animals crossing at the same time, this is were it starts to be difficult :)

Thank for the feedback about the name ;)


Thank you!

Thank you! well we were 6 people which helps a lot and it was quite a rush; and as everybody else we would have loved to add more :)

Thank you very much! as long as you do not spot the bugs which we couldn't fixed on time, then everything is going well :)

Thanks a lot! Still so much more we wanted to add :)

Very nice, it was difficult to understand exactly the outcome of combat nor when the next unit will move.

nice work!

Pretty cool graphics! I really like it even if I couldn't survive too long, still enough for multiple upgrades (I choose speed by default :) ).

I ran into multiples issues were I was stuck with collisions, not sure it it's just me.

Nice work! cheers!

Hi Wisik, thank you for playing, it wasn't entirely intended, but the game starts anyway to be tough after a little while, so you need to pick wisely and choose were to drop the card as some card are doing the inverse of some others;  placing them in a rush randomly usually do not help for too long ^^

Thank you for you feedback!

Really cool, I did not entirely understood how certain of my traps are triggered.

Some were automatically but it seems some weren't.

after I was rescue it seems that the game continued to run :)

very cool, nice work!

Thank you Gatlink!

Thank you Crazypo! you can trigger as well the slot machines ;) while it's taking time and dices it may help to survive longer :)

Thank you Miniver! yes we did not have the time to put visual incentive on the wheel (same on the slot machines that you can trigger as well ;) )

Great game! I couldn't manage to go over 50 deg  :(  sometimes there is no spawn point where to shot from, not sure if I missed something about it. but very cool experience :)

Thank you very much Tonyl! About the dice matching the enemies, indeed this was one of the tweak we managed to add before shipping. For the ramp-up yes we would have loved to tweak that a bit better :)

very fun game! destroy & gamble ! :)

very nice game! I couldn't pass the level 10 but it's clever! well done :)

Hi Michael!

thank you for your feedback, it's appreciated!

It's true we missed some time to improve the feedback, or add indication you could hit the slot machines or the wheel of fortune.

Not sur if you tried but you can shuffle the dice in your left hands using the right click.


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Thank you Pefeper! :)

very good one! Yeah I've got the 100M CAD payout!! great job, I loved the comments :)

Very nice puzzle game! not easy at first to move with the arrows in this isometric view, but it doesn't change the fact that the game system is clever :) well done!

Thank you Morvis!

Nice submission! I died from radioactivity. it seems at first the alchemist always step on the hex next to the cards I'm placing :) I guess I was running out of luck:)

Nice submission! I died from radioactivity. it seems at first the alchemist always step on the hex next to the cards I'm placing :) I guess I was running out of luck:)

Nice submission, well done!. after a while it becomes really crazy, trying to create a path to move on the other side of the map, I managed to reach a ~1000  points, but I imagine that based on the weapon the score can be significantly higher :) 

Quick note: you did not force the resolution on the unity player settings, so on my 21/10 screen the menu did not look correct :)

I guess this would work well on Mobile. Congratulation for finishing your first jam :)

Hi ProlapsiusMaximus ! thank you for your feedback! indeed we are glad we managed to put together the color implementation it was a great addition :)  

Thanks Injustice! we hope you managed to get high in the leaderboard! cheers!

Thanks a lot Asdonaur for your compliments, we are very happy you liked it! :)

Thank you very much FireSquid! I hope you managed to make a great score !

Thank you Langosh! well in this case it's not only a shooting game, it's a bit strategic as choosing the right dice will help you being more efficient and may bring way more points ;)

Thank you MattKingz, we are glad you liked it :)

Nice once! Finished it! but I always used the gum to cheat the dice, it seems perhaps it was too easy to get it each time :)

Nice puzzle game! but I was confused by the fact that space sometimes restart the level or bring you back the menu :) nice work!

Good game! You take the first few rounds to learn the logic and then the challenges begin :)

Very good one, clever! great work!

Hi the idea is very interesting! unfortunately I couldn't play too much, it seems the frame was partially visible, but perhaps it is my browser.

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same here, the web version doesn't load it seems some files are missing from the server :( The desktop version was working :)

Nice game!