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No problem at all! I don't think the tutorial is 100% clear tbh, you're not the only one to think you should start from the dotted line (see other comments for reference). Have a good day!

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It is not necessary to start from the dotted line, you need at least one letter in common with the previous word, so you could write "INside" or "Name" to combine with "esoin". Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for your words! I don't know why the usual banner from LDjam doesn't appear, so I added that link directly into the description.

There isn't a (good) ending, I debated whether to put a message  or not at some point, but in the end the lack of time took that decision for me. Either way, it still matches the theme, life goes on and any slip can lead to the ludo-path. 

Thanks for playing!

Pretty cool game! Loved the concept! The game animations are a bit slow. I'm not sure I liked the lives system, and I would have prefered that cards weren't placeable in spots where they break the rule, so you lose when you have no possibility to add a card. The rules were really well designed for the system, and I enjoyed playing a couple of times. Congrats!

The art is eye-catching, powerful and unique and I don't feel like this lacks mechanics or gameplay. However, I did found time a little too restrictive, specially since the vision is pretty cryptic for a while (you can use esc to have a better view too), I did manage to reach a couple of spots (the dock, the beach and the bunker(?)), but I wasn't able to have a mental map of the island or a sense of progression towards something.  I think this is where the concepts of exploration  (the slow actions like an inventory or object details,  a beautiful art to gaze, the slow music) and the time pressure (the running key, the long empty spaces between points, the respawning) meet in an non-homegenous mix. I definitely think this game has a lot of potential, and I really enjoyed wandering (rapidly) in the world you've created. 

The atmosphere and graphics are excellent, I had an great time exploring this scenario. Perhaps the second part of the world is a big too vast and or empty, some notes or environmental story telling could bring the best of the end of the game.

Thank you so much for your words!

I feel you are almost there, you can do it! And your thoughts on 21 are relieving, I purposely put there a more forgiving level than some of the 4th shelf.

-That's not a solution to the puzzle. What about the green target?
-Your triumph at beating the 21 levels shouldn't disappear, it is a huge achievement.
-I wanted to do a special extra secret level in the game (in general secret content is a good thing), but puzzlescript has its limitations, it was a risk not being able to select it from the Selection menu because it meant having to solve 21 again in order to retry this level. Mmm, to me its worth the risk, but maybe not for everyone. If you want to access that level directly, contact me at my email in my twitter bio.

Oh, sorry, maybe I wasn't clear, that level in particular had a glitch where it was impossible to win, it didn't depend on the solution. On top of that, you found an unintended solution that I had to fix to ensure that players learn what they're supposed to in that level. But currently if you find another solution that's not the designed one, the level will be solved. Thank you very much for playing and leaving your thoughs!

Oh! Sorry about that, actually both, unusual way and glitch! I think I have solved both of them (at least the cork issue is sure solved). Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for the report!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I hope the game continues to challenge you in a fair and surprising way for at least a bit more during these weird times.

Thank you very much for playing and giving your feedback. I completely agree with you, the ending is pretty unsatisfying, I had planned to make a short start cinematic (you are in your town (all citizens have brown capes), you go to the desert, the compass breaks) and end cinematic (you arrive back home, and everyone celebrates your arrival). Unfortunately I didn't have time to implement this, making the game lacking a greater goal.

Ah! I love this! There were sometimes where the pixel map appeared in the photos but not sure when this happened. The color and lightning in the photos is great and I kept playing much more than I expected.


For the 7DRL last week I made a small experimental survival rogue-like where you have to steal or beg for money to buy some food and water, while traveling across different markets in the middle of the desert. Explore your interactions with the rest of wanderers and complete your journey.


Muchas gracias por jugar y tomarte el tiempo de escribir para informar de un bug!
Acabo de sacar una versión con ese bug corregido, y algún otro arreglo.


Me ha gustado mucho esta entrada a la jam. El arte está genial, acercarse a Madrid de esta manera me ha parecido muy buena idea y el juego en general está muy pulido.

Como puntos negativos diría que:
-El control es un poco extraño, que durante la animación del rascado no se mueva el cursor con el ratón y luego se teletransporte es poco intuitivo.
-He llegado hasta el nivel 10 y aun asi no me podía comprar otros objetos. Hubiese estado bien que fuese más fácil comprar objetos para poder ver todo el contenido.
-Creo que un tiempo máximo hubiese encajado mejor con alguna mecánica más de agilidad, como clicar rápido sobre una pegatina sin tener que esperar la animación. Ese tiempo tiempo de espera permite que en las fases con dos pegatinas puedas buscar fácilmente la segunda.

Aparte de eso, mi enhorabuena.

Un saludo,

Me temía que el tutorial fuese a quedarse un pelín corto. Te respondo:
-El coste de las barricadas es 2, 2, 1, 1, es decir necesitas seleccionar 2 personas de 1 tipo, otras 2 de otro tipo, 1 de un tercer tipo y otra de un cuarto tipo. Es decir, hasta que no tengas 4 tipos no podrás hacer barricadas (nivel 2).
-Para pasar de nivel hay que construir tantas carpas como se te indica, en el nivel 1 necesitas construir dos carpas de cada tipo. (Recuerda hacer asambleas para conseguir personas de otros tipos).
Espero que te sea de ayuda y muchas gracias por jugar.

Hey! Thank you very much for the kind words, very much appreciated.
About the theme: The game at first was going to be a level based puzzle game, where you had to finish each level with only one piece of each different symbol, but I level design wasn't very fruitful, and I feared doing a level selection menu + level transitions... So through iterations the game shifted to this, that it I know it doesn't really embrace the theme like other entries, but was key in my process to make a compelling gameplay: You need to break groups with only one symbol of each type inside to turn them green.
Again, thank you very much for playing. I'm going to try yours game now.

Hello, it is possible to watch the past stream? It looks like it's not in your twitch page.
Thank you very much.

Wow, thanks! It looks like you really took the time to unravel this little system, especially hard without a proper "how to play".  I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

My biggest regret is spending too little time to teach the players how to play:
-I was planning to make a nice "tutorial" with some GIF images to teach the player how some of the interactions are.
-I spent a lot of time polishing the interactions so they felt more intuitive (at least to me).
-Finally I only had half an hour to add quickly some cryptic sentences that don't really help the player to grasp what he needs to do.
-Being my game a weird puzzler, I think a lot of players haven't really seen the depth of it, and with a little scratch of the surface they decided to rate it as a simple unoriginal group breaking puzzler score attack game.

I had this issue in a couple of gamejams already and it's something that can really ruin the experience to a majority of players who will only play for 5 minutes or so. I'm happy that at least some people took time to understand the game and, supposedly, they liked it. I hope this time I learnt the lesson.

Hey! There is some cool stuff there, it's interesting to see other possibilities with the same engine. Keep the good work!

Also, I've made a game with GMS2! Here:

I really liked the level design here, I solved the game the two possible ways (which is quite incredible for a jam!). The difficulty is consistently progressive and everything is taught without words (I love that). The only thing I would mention is that on the right path the key is more of a burden that you carry everywhere whilst on the left one is part of the puzzle and feels better. Great work!

Very good puzzle game! The game starts very slow (a bit of repetitive levels) in the first few levels, but once grabaron appears, a lot of hard levels start to arise. Very very good job for 48 hours, I believe this has potential to become a bigger game.
I agree with other comments that said that the level design is good enough to present the mechanics so no text was necessary, a restart and undo keys would be very nice, also some visual differences for the boxes when they are grabbed.

Thank you very much for the kind words! It's true that the in game tutorial is a very sparing with words, although that's what the game is about (hahaha), I should make it clearer for a jam game, but you took time to understand the game and I really appreciate that. 

Well that actually a nice score already, but surely managing the red shapes you can achieve greater ones. Thank you very much for responding!

This was fun, I had a bit of troubles understanding the tutorial but experimenting with the game was fortunately self explanatory.  I wished the GUI was a little bit better, for example: from the building construction building I would like to know what resources I would get after the turn. Good work!

Hahaa, don't worry! The game alone is not very well explained, and that's a pity because it is  bit more complicated than it looks! Thanks again for playing! (I'm gonna try your right now)

Thanks for playing, though I might say that's a really bad strategy... You need to be making a maximum of green symbols (and you can get a maximum of 4 per group, and less in larger groups). Green symbols in the bottom left indicate when a new row is going to be created.  The goal is to survive as long as possible and with the higher score possible (my record is currently  around 20000). Anyway, thanks you very much!

Hey! You might like this one! It's a weird puzzler, it looks like a casual one but playing carelessly will make you lose very fast! Also if you have doubts about the

mechanics there are some explanations on the comments!

Thank you very much for playing! Yes, managing the red symbols is key for survival! A group of red symbols turn white, if a white symbol with the same shape falls next to it. I hope this makes it clear! And I was just wondering, what is your highscore? I'm curious.

There's a cute one in:

Although I use literally the words "destroy symbols" in the very rushed how to play, this game is about thinking before speaking, so what you are really doing is processing ideas to say them out loud, but couldn't figure out how to express that in a few words like the game proposes.

Very good speedrunner techniques! I enjoy finding the second ability (speed or jump boost) of the launcher before it was presented, I was very intrigued by the platinum medals so I started experimenting on the first levels. Had a lot of fun.

Thank you for playing! It is indeed a "complex" system for how poor the explanation is, I recommend you reading other of the comments or asking me anything in case you want to give it another shot!

This was definitely interesting, although I didn't like the timer mechanic at all because I think the rest already works very nicely! After losing in level 6 I didn't want to restart all over. I really liked the ability to draw my own my and I believe this can be expanded further, congratulations!

Wow, thank you very much. I tend to underexplain the rules of my games, but it can really be hurtful to them if the people playing don't have the patience to play a couple of times and unravel the rules.

Thank you for playing! Yes, I ended with very little time to make a nice tutorial (as the button said) and the how to play instructions were a bit incomplete, my bad! 

Thank you very much! Yes, when destroying groups, it's key that there is only one symbol of each kind inside the group, to turn them green and then having more chances to add rows to the board, to maximize the score.