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Thank you. Unfortunately, upon testing, I realized it is waaaay too hard. The jelly spawnboxes work overtime and you end up being unable to get back to the surface without pure luck.

Nice work. Good art and design overall. 

Really nice art and level design. Did you make those

Interesting game. Well done. 

Charming little game. Thanks for joining the jam!

Hah, whoops. I thought nobody was rating it, but I guess ratings just don't show till the jam is over.

Thank you for playing and rating. Cheers!

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thank you! Any way I could ask you to rate the game? No ratings for us yet.


Really liked the intro, the art, and the overall style. Super duper crazy short though.

Nice style, nice theme usage, very simple but elegant character design. I liked your entry quite a bit.

One of the most original games I've played in this jam yet. Very nice work.

Excellent style. Extremely difficult.

I'm a big fan of 1bit art. Reminds me of the good old days. Thanks for making this game. 

Most of all I enjoyed the character designs, though I was unable to figure out how to beat this game.

Good work!

Really fun little game. Hard as hell too. 

I really enjoyed the art and aesthetic overall. Nice work.

I liked the pixel art. I got stuck pretty early on, but it was pleasant nonetheless.

Excellent art style. Your artist is top notch.

Clever single button control scheme, nice gameboyesque style.

My only complaint is it's a bit too hard too quick. Otherwise, very solid entry.

While not complete, the art that you have done is very good. Especially the backgrounds. 

Excellent style overall. Music, concept, and visuals were all great.

Great art and style.

Pretty neat. The lighting effects were very pleasant, and your use of the theme was good.

I loved the style. The music and atmosphere was very well done.

Gameplay was a bit simple, and that zoom-out got intense. 

Overally a very good entry.

Really solid entry. The style was simple, but well done and smooth. And the way you used the theme was interesting and suprising. I dig it. Nice work.

I'm not ambidextrous and I have no friends, so this was kind of hard.

I really enjoyed the clean art style, but the music was kind of bad. 

Good entry all around.

Hey, this game was great. I beat it.

 That one button combat was excellent, and this game was oozing style. Very nice.  Also, I really enjoyed your music. 

Interesting little game. I found the simple artistic style pleasing, and unusual.

The jumping was a little counter-intuitive at first, but I got the hang of it and finished your game.

Nice work for the jam. Thanks for making it. Cheers!

Glad you liked the humor, that's mainly what I'm going for. Luckily there really isn't much else than the street and the one lady to murder, since this is a jam game entry. I will keep working on it and expand it into a full game soon. Combat is not central to the game though. It's more of a point and clickish adventure/puzzle game, with elderly brawling involved as well.

After the Jam is over and the results are in, I will probably have some more to show.

Thanks for playing!

You get bath salts from the trash can in the lobby on the ground floor. Combine it with the cat food, and drop the poisioned food into the bowl in the old ladies apartment, then leave. The cats will eat her alive, in what is hopefully a comic way. I'm trying to tow the line between funny and horrible.

That's exactly how you kill the old lady without suspicion. Exept the drugs are bath salts, not cocaine. Maybe cocaine would be funnier.

Glad you liked it. I'll watch the video in a bit. Did you figure out how to kill the old lady stealthily?

Seems like a pretty interesting game. Heavy Metroid influences can be seen, and I'm a fan of the unique lighting mechanic of using gunfire to illuminate the level. Good work.

Nope. That's not supposed to happen. Did you have a controller plugged in? The game automatically detects controllers and defaults to them, making the keyboard act wonky.

We spent so much time creating the underlying framework, we didn't get down to actually making much of a game. The maps didn't get made till about 2 hours before the JAM ended. Live and learn.