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Yes. I am working on releasing on as we speak. 

I'm really glad you are looking forward to it. It's nearly ready for release! Check out the steam page and don't forget to wishlist! Cheers.

Looks like you are in luck MENTD, I am nearly done with a complete remake of Into the Underdusk - available on Steam soon! Check it out, and let me know what you think. Cheers.

Thank you for the kind comments and for playing. I have a tweaked HTML5 version I will release after the Jam.

Nice writing. Nice song. The gameplay was true to the game's name. Nice work overall :D

Excellent overall vibe. The art was simple but elegant. Very smooth animations. One of the most refined and clean entries I've seen yet. Nice work.

Really like the art and the title screen. Nice work. :D

Very cool idea. The art was quite good overall. Nice work.

Loved the art on this game.

Enjoyable game experience. Thanks for making this.

Interesting little game. I found the magic attack animation quite satisfying.

Fun game, and interesting take on the merge mechanic.

Aesthetically awesome. Nice work.

Really interesting MERGE mechanic. Soothing music and nice style. Great work.

Really interesting MERGE mechanic. Soothing music and nice style. Great work.

You alternate quickly pressing left and right arrows to peddle your bike. :D

Great art. I had a bit of a hard time understanding how to merge towers, but the animation and art was spot on.

Nice little game. I wasn't sure how it fit into the theme at first but once I saw the slimes combine it clicked. Fairly difficult all things considered. Thanks for taking part in the jam!

Thank you. Unfortunately, upon testing, I realized it is waaaay too hard. The jelly spawnboxes work overtime and you end up being unable to get back to the surface without pure luck.

Nice work. Good art and design overall. 

Really nice art and level design. Did you make those

Interesting game. Well done. 

Charming little game. Thanks for joining the jam!

Hah, whoops. I thought nobody was rating it, but I guess ratings just don't show till the jam is over.

Thank you for playing and rating. Cheers!

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Thank you! Any way I could ask you to rate the game? No ratings for us yet.


Really liked the intro, the art, and the overall style. Super duper crazy short though.

Nice style, nice theme usage, very simple but elegant character design. I liked your entry quite a bit.

One of the most original games I've played in this jam yet. Very nice work.

Excellent style. Extremely difficult.

I'm a big fan of 1bit art. Reminds me of the good old days. Thanks for making this game. 

Most of all I enjoyed the character designs, though I was unable to figure out how to beat this game.

Good work!

Really fun little game. Hard as hell too. 

I really enjoyed the art and aesthetic overall. Nice work.

I liked the pixel art. I got stuck pretty early on, but it was pleasant nonetheless.

Excellent art style. Your artist is top notch.

Clever single button control scheme, nice gameboyesque style.

My only complaint is it's a bit too hard too quick. Otherwise, very solid entry.

While not complete, the art that you have done is very good. Especially the backgrounds. 

Excellent style overall. Music, concept, and visuals were all great.

Great art and style.