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Thank you very much for your feedback. 

Thanks, I'll not make the same mistake next Jam ;) 

Thanks for your feedback with one is very interested and useful. 


Thanks for your comment, it's very useful.  I will work on the platforming system (I had several good ideas from the comments) 

I thought about different subtle but I didn't implement them... :'( 

Very cool game, I love it. The mechanics are great. Good Job ;) 

Interested concept and great Job for doing this in two days, it's impressive.
I just don't understand why i'm dying sometime. 

I love it thanks dude 

Impressive !!! 

There is mine if you want to try :

Hi, I take my chance


I give you my game with black and white pixel art (downwell inspiration)

thanks for the feedback. I couldn't be disagree with you for the controls system I must work on it, your advice are precious. 


Great puzzle game with great idea with a beautif art 

Nice idea, I see a loot of game with the bullet mechanic but none of them had a scrolling 

I like the style of the game, It will be perfect on smartphone for two player ;) 

Really good pixels art, fun to play. 

Great concept. Impressive ! 

Thanks, you right for Downwell ;) 

For your game, I already rated it, I realy like it. 

Nice puzzle game. 

I want to see the fan art so :

I see a lot of game with this ideas of "one bullet", but this is the best 

Really nice game design. Great idea. 


I see you game, really cool I love it 

This is my game, a black and white fast platformer :

Beautifull concept impressived. Great work !!!

Really nice idea.
The game is really challenging (I give up) but I think I will go back on it later ;) 

Great Work !!!! (And I like the art too) 

A good idea for the theme. I like the way you think it 


This is my game, I hope you will like it :

I will rate yours even if it's not mandatory ;) 

Hi, this is my game

It's a fast plateformer, I hope you'll like it 

And as soon as I'm back home I rate yours ;) 

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Thanks for the feedback and the good ideas.  

I will works on it after the Jam ;) 

Thanks for the advice, I will do some test (has yesterday) after work ;) 

I live my game if you want to try it :

Thanks dude. I will play yours tonight after the work. 

About your vacation, I thought you make a good choice to go in the north, I hope you like it. 

And for Paris, I lived in a couple years ago. I'm totally agree with you about this city ;) 

Hi, this is my first Jam too. It's was fun 

If you want to check my game a fast platformer :

Thanks man

There is mine

This is a fast plateformer, I hope you will like it 

I'm in the same situation (just 2 rate). 

I will do your game (and the other on the topic) to help you 

If you want to check mine :


I put your game in my list :) 

there is my game :

I love this one ;) 

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For my game, "Only one" is the bullet, the minutes and the enemy. 

In the game there is several pnj but only one is the enemy you have to find him in 1 minutes and shoot him with one bullet