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New version posted. Fixed a bug that prevented proper reset of difficulty.


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Oh Jeez. My credits screen did not make it in my submission version. :(

I am Ethan Roberts, I am a local Portland amateur developer.

I made this game in Unity, using the Rigidbody FPS Controller standard asset.

I used Kenney's1-Bit Pack:

I used sounds from ZapSplat:

I also threw some stuff in from OpenGameArt:

I will update the program to link this info.

Running works like a charm! thanks! Like your game!

I really like this! Slick interface, awesome idea!

A bit too fast for me, I think. I am old. :)

I love your intro! Sets the right mood.

I got stuck because I cannot go up the stairs.

1920x1080 here

Awesome! I would love to check it out!

Yeah I ran into that on my next play-through and felt really stupid for commenting!

Yeah, that's fair. It was a bit harsh. I had been up for 52 hours at that point, so I might have been a bit grumpy, sorry about that.

Let me do a better, more coherent feedback:
I do think it would be more fun if the main things that your character can see were all in whatever your chosen language is, and things that people say or things that you read (like) signs were in random languages. That way you still have the element of "What is going on?" but you can also still progress.
As it stands, I open the program and get Japanese Kanji characters and nothing else. Am I in a menu? Am I in the game? I see buttons on the bottom, but I have no idea what is going on, so I am essentially hitting them randomly, which is not fun.

That being said, you made a text-based role playing game for a 48 hour game jam! I have MAD respect for that. I love the image you chose for uploading it, it is absolutely perfect. It called to me across 16 thousand other entries to have me try it.

Yeah, this one is it. This is AMAZING.

I love what you are trying to do! (also I am a sucker for Dungeon Crawls)

However: Needs some other way to feedback what is going on. Changing the text to a random language is cool, but if the text is the ONLY way to know what is happening, the game is unplayable. Sorry to be harsh.

Suggestion: better feedback on why some of your connections don't work, or why when I hit a number, the station does not always respond. Maybe start off slow and easy, so the player has a chance to get used to the setup?

Same. Fun tho!

I love your art style!

I wish that once you sold movement, and you are in front of the Lich Queen, your merchant would not continue moving forward until they go over the edge of the earth.

Cute! I love the tiles!

I like your art. 

I agree that this is not much of a game, but I see some potential here. Maybe you could add some alleys or something so that your creature can get to other streets? Eating different things evolves your creature in different ways?

But the big thing: If you are going to make a game where something eats things and gets bigger, take it all the way. That creature should have been eating houses before I was done. That was the pay-off I was looking for!

If you want to update this, I would happily re-visit it.

Creator: "This game is so bad! I am so sorry!"

Me: *clicks download link*

Site: "Please pay for this game!"


My anti-virus REALLY does not like this exe, but I finally got it to run and it is not a virus! (I think...)

Really fun! 

his hands are too big.

I do not feel like it was properly advertised that spawning code blocks increased the randomness. Still not sure what that means. I made it through about 10 levels, but was left scratching my head, wondering: "How does this fit the theme?"

Lots of fun! But you need to add a way to exit the game once you start...

Lots of fun! But you need to add a way to exit the game once you start...

Bold to subvert the controls. 

Honestly though, I think it was a poor choice. Not being able to control a game is more frustrating than fun.

Your visuals are smooth, and I like your monsters!

While I used SOME preexisting art and sounds, I created a bunch myself! All-Original voiceovers! Yeah!

Got it running. Very fun! I played all the levels and wished for more...

One thing you could improve: is that there is no way to exit it as an exe unless you tab out and close the application

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I have not been successful downloading the Windows exe either. Keeps telling me that there is a server error..

[EDIT] Nevermind, I am an idiot. Downloading it now...

Ok, submitted!

This is a pretty rough version. I am going to keep polishing on it, give it animations, sound, the ability to recognize when what you submit is not an actual word....

if you are interested, check back later at the above link to download an improved version!

I have been very busy on this project, Almost have a rough but playable version ready. Good news! My Wife thinks its cute! That means I have nearly completed my objectives!

Oh man! I am looking forward to playing this! I love playing as cats!

Wow! I love watching your little guy move! So expressive!

This looks neat! I like your graphics and animation!


Added camera control today, and made my game-board flexible in size. You can now input 10 "seed words" that I will scramble and hide amongst the random letters on the board. Then your penguins will stack up in the columns to collect letters, and those are the letters you use to form words and score points!

In general, the less common a letter is in the English language, the more points you score for using it, (like Scrabble,) however, If you collect multiples of a single letter, then each use of that letter scores bonus points.

Should have a rough version in a playable state in a couple of days, then I can start cleaning it up and balancing it.

New Screen Grab!