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The Lame Brain

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Wow! Twist ending...

....I mean.... I wish there were more stars in "Originality" to give you.

I have never ever played a game about shaving ducks before. I never knew that is something that I wanted to do. Well done Sir (or Madame), Well Done!

This is really well done, but I agree with DSongi, this game REALLY needs a way to tell how heavy people are before you put them on the boat.

I get it! There is only one color! Clever! Very polished, but I had to take marks off for originality because I have played Super Meat Boy.

Well done! You have some clever level design there, but you should space it out a bit. DEFINITELY take the time to develop this further, I think you have something here!

You wrote an impressive puzzle game in 48 hours. I am in awe. That is astounding.

Just a black screen here too, I'm afraid. I tried both the 64 and 32 versions.

I like this quite a bit, but I am not sure if I figured out the mystery or not? I put the photo of who I think is the murderer and the murder weapon down, but I don't get any feedback one way or the other.

Excellent concept! You should take the time to flesh it out and squash the bugs!

I love that when the timer runs out, you can still play!

I really like this game! You have an excellent voice, the books that save your game being relentlessly cheerful really made my day, and the combat gets pretty frentic with the addition of fireballs!

Design: It is not fun. it could be, there is potential here, but the play field should start larger, the bullets should start by moving slower, then ramp up to the current difficulty level. Also needs some polish.

Adherence to the Theme: One is in the title. There is only one yellow ball. I am not sure if you can only dash once, or if I just died so fast because of problems with the design. Half marks.

Originality: There is a passing similarity to Roboton, but with a dash mechanic? Pretty unique.

I like this game!

I would suggest making the zombies start out as 1-hit kills, and maybe increasing that as the game goes on. Right now it is a pretty steep learning curve. Fun idea tho!

Fun game!