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I accidentally left the dev "skip room" button in my game's final build.  1 commenter found it.

This game looked really cool!  Very very open for a jam game.  It's unfortunate you ran out of time, but projects like this are hard to do well under such a punishing time constraint.  I hope you expand on it, because even with kinda janky controls it was a fun world to explore!

This game is awesome!  I love how it looked like you needed to use the key at an early door, but then you'd soon realize you needed to save it for later and find another way around.  Is it possible to win through any of the 3 locked doors?  I could only get the left one.  

Flawless game imo, hope it gets top 100 :)!!!

This game is awesome!  Simple idea but fun and elegant in it's execution.  The graphics are great, music is cool, controls are perfect.  The only bad thing I noticed was how if a block you need to step on is to the right, you can kinda see that it's kinda covering the block you're standing on even though it's blacked out, so that can give away the correct route sometimes.  Other than that tiny flaw it's great, especially for a  48 hours jam game! :)

I had fun with this game!  But there were still some kinda ehh things I noticed.

Hate to say it, but I think the controls are kinda bad.  :(  Not being able to backpedal in a top-down (well, kinda top down :P) shooter makes it feel awkward since you can't aim at a bad guy without either standing still or moving towards them.  Being able to shoot and dodge at the same time would make the movement more interesting and less frustrating, in my opinion.  That being said, the shooting is good.  The slowdown after each kill feels great and lets you more easily dodge incoming bullets, which is awesome I think. :)

I also noticed that, because of the level geometry, if you stand on the edges of the arena you shoot above the enemies instead of hitting them, so that's a small oversight.  

The rest of the game is solid.  The graphics are clean and cool, the camera angle is a little jarring but looks nice, and the music is excellent!  Swapping weapons all the time is exciting and frantic, perfect for this kind of game.

Overall I'd say it's a good game!  It would be really good, maybe perfect, if the control scheme felt better to play with.  As the developer, it probably feels very natural to you, but as a player it's tough to look past.  Having just one usage per weapon is enough for it to fit the theme IMO, so I don't think having everything on the mouse was worth it.  Of course, for a 48 hour game it's fantastic.  It might be worth it to try and get a beta tester next time, since you've already got music, art, and code down tight :)

The game is fun, even if there isn't too much going on.  :)  It might be more challenging if the person you're looking for wasn't the same every time?

Gonna be honest, even after reading the tutorial I have no idea how to control what I can or cannot see.  Also, the goal of the game isn't clear.  Is it just to amass a high score?  I'm not sure. :P

Short and sweet.  No complaints :)

The concept is really cool so I hope you expand on it!  I gave up after 10 minutes of walking around the office looking for the slat.  Maybe it would have been easier if there was a clue as to where the slat was, since theres like a hundred of them in the room?  Like, the lady remembered that it was near the mirror or something.  Still it's a really cool idea, done pretty well for a game jam! :P

dude this game is so hard.   took me like 60 tries.  man it was worth it, though.  granny goes in with the dance moves.  cant wait to see this game featured on Game Maker's Toolkit

The effects when you're going down the pit are so intense, it's awesome :).  There's no limit to how much ore you can pick up so there's never any reason to leave it behind.  Maybe having a limit would make you think about each pickup?  Right now its more of just a platformer where you need to keep track of your fuel instead of a resource management game, in my opinion :P

I thought my hud was broken until I realized that was the point lmao.  Very cute little game, it's a shame I got attached to the characters only for it to end so soon :(

What a strange game.  The only winning move is not to play.

Dude hush!  Don't let anyone know about the dev tool I forgot to remove :P

... .. -- .--. .-.. . / . .-.. . --. .- -. - / --. .-. . .- - / --. .- -- .

Hella fun game.  Had me fully engaged for atleast an hour before I gave up :P

Dude this game is hilarious, totally took some of the humor from the Impossible Quiz.  Was worth the money I paid for it.

This game is great, would be 10/10 if there wasn't occasional clipping and if there was an actual win state.  Other than that, it's a really cool idea done really well :)!!!