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love it! great idea.  good luck finding the right balance of strategy and rng

Well, if it were up to me, my ending would be that when you purchase the final antivirus upgrade, ads fill the entire screen so that when they're cleared, the entire progress of the upgrades would be lost.  Sounds crazy, but after a player downloads all files, is there  even a reason to continue upgrading? (besides, of course, just for the sake of completion). Once a player downloads every document, each successive upgrade lessens the difficulty of the levels, making them easier and easier, until the fun of racing the timer is lost.  So clearing the upgrades would reset the difficulty, and allow replay-ability to your levels.  Also, it would be very funny. :p

Some context: I played until I unlocked all the upgrades (to the $50 one); and I also think the mechanic of clicking ads with a timer is already very fun already.  These notes aren't 'criticisms; I just had some ideas... ;)

Or there's always the simple 'end credits' method, where you thank the player for playing and return them to the main menu; you could insert this after a player completes all downloads. 

Thanks for your time!

PS- a bit of a random thought, but for the downloads, would you consider adding a coarse, but funny, drawing of the file we just downloaded; as a joke, of course. This could add a layer of comedy and distinction to each stage.  Just some thoughts.

Would you consider adding a dodge or a parry?

a solid game jam concept, although, in it's current state, not very original.  But, as a whole, very smooth, consistent game.

But i look forward to the way you tinker with darkness and viability. Remember, people criticize a game more when they want it to be good. 

Good concept, but the blade saws felt unfair, given that they were faster than you, and their movement couldn't be telegraphed.  

no problem.  Also, the flamingo song was really good

Ah, thanks! yeah, so my first attempt was 490 when I had no idea what was going on, highest attempt 12,260 after 7 or so plays; and now with this knowledge it probably will go up

Thematically appropriate, and movement pretty good.  But i had trouble finding my way to the end of the level.  When using shift to increase momentum, using the slopes to go fast,  i found myself flying of the map many times.  Maybe decrease the acceleration cap of the ball, or pull the camera back so you can see more of the level at the same time. But, not bad Raman.

This game is the bomb.... 

but seriously though, on my second run, the collateral of one building somehow destroyed the rest of the town... truly a one bomb experience

Great game.  Once you really understand the rules (after 5-6 playthroughs), it becomes intuitive, and more skill-based than a match 3 game.  

Question: how does the red to white transformation work? because if I knew, i could plan my moves ahead with greater purpose.

rude. We're supposed to be judging the effort in the game, the truck was fine. Your comment isn't professional.

Well... that truck caught me off guard... but good job.  interactive storytelling is a cool genre.  loved the orange flower field the most!

I finally did It! Once I lowered the rendering clarity in unity, the lag ceased.  good idea! I'm glad I stuck with it.  please add checkpoints, though


Very original. Great idea, an with some shadow effects or two dimensional enemies, it could make for a terrifying experience! what a game game game should be.

Unique experience.  But Hue! I'm not smart enough to judge the Hue!  nice job anyway... from here, once you have your interesting idea, focus on game feel and fun.  good work.

Great game.  simple and sweet.

Ok I got it once, please give more tips to nailing it, I really love the idea. 

I can't do it.  There seems to be a lag problem, where the notes play a quarter second after I play them.  I can read music and know about the lick, so I'm not just bad at it.  Help!

I agree. good work team!

A well made game! reminds me of the puzzle games I used to play on MiniClip.  Every level worked and was well thought out. Music and colors matched the chill mood of the game.  However, this may not perfectly match the theme of "one", but who cares, its a solid game.

cool, thanks!


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Relaxing music, colors and setting;  but I can't see the weight of passengers until I put them on the ferry, making planning ahead more of a trial and error than skill-based.

Ahh! I wasted my last word!  

(Mine was "Thanks" on the first one)

Good Game, sadly nostalgic for me,  I would have liked an ending for completion too

Cool concept, it looks clean too.  But,I unfortunately ran into too many bugs to finish it.  The jump, rope, and whip mechanics only worked half the time.  I guess I never saved my grandson!

The theme, colors, and general aesthetic are there. But the mechanic seems rather dull (dropping a light). I did like the way retrieving it lit up inaccessible areas. 

I feel that maybe the drop could have been a spacebar move, forward still w, and the camera rotation linked to the direction of the cursor (where the character always faces forward, and and the room moves around them).  Otherwise, the idea is solid, good work.

Beautiful. Thematically whole, and impressively polished; truly deserving of a gmtk shoutout.  

But it felt more like an art experience than a game, as skill only lengthened survival time, but didn't heighten the experience.

From here, I hope you deepen the mechanics*; because, frankly, there's a feeling of hopelessness, or inevitability, to the game, which fatigues players and dampens the desire to replay it.  But just a small increase to player options (through game mechanics), will increase that hard to quantify feeling of hope, of agency, within the player; because players need hope to keep playing and endless game.

*examples: tile power ups like bombs or time slow, or a tile currency system which clears the board after 100 kills

Thanks for your time!

Solid Idea. There is so much potential in the movement capabilities here; being able to jump and throw the shard after a teleport really opens the door for complex or advanced level level designs and strats.  Reminiscent of Celeste... I would play a full-version of this game.

Well the level design was petty poor, but i actually really liked the mechanic idea of always holding at least one of the keys down.  With a more interesting environment and polished movement mechanics, this could be like a super meat boy experience.  If anything, I see potential.

My favorite moment of any game, so far... was failing the 2nd conversation.  Great job!  

Nice look, but felt a little uninspired when it comes to the theme and  game feel.  However, the look is nice and polished.  Interesting, and kind of fun.

Nice look, theme, and visual clarity, However, the mechanics weren't completely clear, given that the only way I could survive was with an unintended glitch, where I could kill enemies by running around with a turret that I never place down.