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Fire your arm and climb!
Submitted by cerulean_dreams (@BrianSchutter), soundboi, dans_illustrations (@MasterDan118), John Tomblin — 1 hour, 52 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#1864.4294.429

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I agree with the others that it's a little hard to control, but I bet just putting in some practice would make it much easier. The concept is really interesting as well. Good job!


It's a little hard to control -- I can't figure out how to go up the first big wall in the game.  Am I missing something?


The intention is to use your arm as a platform and jump on it. I admit it is very hard to control though.


Not being able to go backwards makes for frustrating moments; if you go ahead of your arm by accident, you're done for, there's nothing you can do to stop the bleeding. Additionally, if you get yourself right next to a wall, there's also nothing you can do to progress: You can't jump without shooting your arm, and then your arm blocks you from jumping.

All in all, the controls are frustrating. Perhaps it could be improved by separating the moving and shooting controls. I know you were going for Only One button, but you also have Only One projectile.

Developer (1 edit)

Agreed. If we make any adjustments our top priority will be improving the movement and collision issues.

I agree. good work team!


maybe allowing for controlling with the position of the mouse where you are shooting could help.... But then you loose the clic at the right moment mechanic. Its kind of a trade off I guess. But I think overall it would serve the game to let the aiming free.


Great concept, but there are too many places where you can get stuck.

Since the game only has one bullet, you could have gone for a better control scheme, making the game a lot better in my opinion.


I agree, loved the idea, but the theme requirement was met by the one arm concept, a couple more buttons for turning around and aiming would have been appreciated. I enjoyed it while it lasted though. and gave it high marks in everything but design.


I appreciate you all playing it and commenting. We really wanted to make one button work, for the challenge of it, and I don't think we'll be patching in other buttons. That said, if we build a more fleshed out game on this concept I think we'll be using more buttons and/or cursor control for aiming. Legit.


Yeah I'm certain the game would be better with a different control scheme but it's a game jam and I don't see much harm in trying for a challenging interpretation of the theme.


Thanks for the feedback. While multiple buttons could've been easier I do think we could've made one button controls work with the game as is but ultimately we just ran out of time to properly implement it. The inability to move left or backwards is definitely a glaring issue that we'll likely fix if we do make any updates to it.